Watching videos from Metalfest 2013 in Pilsen where I saw them for the first and last time…. I don’t remember much from that night, I didn’t know them well and I hate myself for that. But it was awesome night. It was raining, and hearing Replica while is raining is one of best thing, I think. And even according to rain, Tony was running around in the rain, happy, smiling. During their performance stopped raining for a while (it was raining whole festival, three days in rain and it was really annoying).
God I want come here one more time! They played Broken! My favorite song and I didn’d know it! I was so idiot! It was really awesome night. That atmosphere, all people… :3 And of course my best friend daughter-of-the-lights

They are my favorite band so I’m little bit crazy around that thing I’ll see them, only six days lefts!