Write a scene in which a character’s last words are, “I find peace in the rain.”

I’ve always found peace in the rain.

It hides my pain and my fear from the world. It hides the tears rolling down my face.

It blends in with the river below me. The sound of water rushing to its next destination, always flowing, always moving, fills my ears. The drops of water landing on pavement and metal create a sound that mixes and combines with the river. Thunder and lightning add a beautiful harmony to the water, clashing and filling the sky. The music of nature was always beautiful.

My fingers are numb. I can’t hold on for much longer. My back is pressed to the metal structure on the bridge. The edge of the bridge ends under my feet. All I have to do is let go. Let go of my problems and my worries. Let go of the bridge. It’s the only thing holding me back.

The rain is pounding in my ears. A car passes by quickly, but doesn’t see me or try to stop me. It’s too dark and loud out here to notice much when you’re busy driving.

A gust of wind pushes against my back, urging me to let go. Water drips from my fingers and blends with the torrent of liquid staring back up at me.

I let go.

As I fall with the rain, all I can think is how nice it feels to be out in it.

I find peace in the rain.

5/16/15 - SCP238, “Building Complex”

SCP-238 is an enormous underground facility, with a single entrance on the island Shmidta to the extreme north of Russia.  Tunnel networks have been shown to extend for thousands of kilometers, with major “Junctions” under [DATA EXPUNGED].  "Oceanic Junctions" have also been observed to include several connections to [DATA EXPUNGED]. When originally found, the entrance was sealed behind a massive wall of bricks, covered in carvings. This wall was removed, and exploration began. Initial tests showed that the walls of SCP-238 were primarily fossilized tissue of unknown origin. Several structures within the facility led initial exploration teams to conclude that SCP-238 is or was at least half biological.

Shortly after discovery of a central chamber, reporting to consist of partially rotted flesh and badly decayed metal structures, personnel began to disappear, and numerous accidents claimed eight lives.  "Noises" and other hallucinations were reported, along with ████████, and other [DATA EXPUNGED].


Amelia: Did you hear what I said? My dear little Ellen’s about to turn three!

Mark: Amelia! Do you think this could wait? I’m at work.

Amelia: Oh, what a coincidence. I’m at work, too. She’s the cutest little thing. You should see her!

Mark: I’m sure she’s adorable, but stop calling me to gush over your daughter.

Mark: [growling to self at his desk]

Amelia: I know, I know, it’s your turn now. Go ahead, Mark. I know you’re dying to gush over you very own serious supernatural detective case.

Amelia: Look! Can you believe how big Ellen’s gotten? She can even ride her death scythe now! She follows me everywhere on that thing, like my own escort of cuteness~

never been you

kneecaps are bitter you open like the arch all metal structures with windows require elevators and maintenance but they sure do glint in sunlight and somewhere in new york a green lady is not smiling at all little humor strong arms you look like the ocean on a bad day all sick with salt and reeling ships i prefer the river and another river meeting and barges maybe a bridge across i hope the tower at pisa leans a little harder it sure is windy of all the places i have never been you and i should pack away life into a suitcase ditch work/life balance and retire to provance blooming flowers become painters werewolves and listen to our exotic lungs pale against the moon bow to sudden cassiopeia