A Little Meeting (Part of current ‘Marked Cards’ Arc)

“Just to make sure I have this totally clear…he was with -this- woman.” The Monetarist, entrepreneur, and secret Garlean sympathizer named Frandrin Mandrin reached out his hand and tapped the sketch of Haname that lay on his desk.  “And then, when confronted, Tray’ju killed your partner and shattered your face while this woman killed the other Balde with you.”  The lalafel leaned back in his chair as he tapped his bearded chin with all ten of his fingers. The elderly man was clearly having trouble believing the story.

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Beginner Witch Tips

WARNING: I am a sarcastic butthole and it shows through out this hot mess of a post. This is some random craft junk I have learned in my days of practicing witchcraft

Witch craft is not magic.

I don’t care what you have heard. Witchcraft is not magic. It can not turn your eyes different colors. It can not make you into a animal. You will not be able to control the weather or summon wind with your fingers. Ghosts will not do as you say. This is not Harry Potter. Case closed

Intent over tools

Do you think it’s gonna matter if you use a butter knife as an athame? Or you have to sub a white candle for another color because you don’t have the funds to buy that color? Or you had to leave out an ingredient because you don’t have it or you’re allergic? No, it’s not. Witchcraft (to me) is about mind over matter. If you are making an effort for your God/god/goddess/deity/elf/fae/etc it isn’t gonna matter what or how you got there, but the intent you had getting there

Cursing and hexing is up to you and your beliefs

Totally up to you if you believe that this is okay or not. However, if you don’t like this, do not go and tell someone else it’s wrong. If they ask you how you feel you can tell them it’s not your thing. If you do like this, do not go and tell someone else it’s fine and try to get them to accept it. If they ask you about it, you can tell them that you are into it

You do not have to have an alter

It’s up to you and your practice. And if you can where you are etc. If you want one and can not have one, draw one or, my favorite, Set up a pinterest board for your god/goddess/fae/elf/deity etc. and save things that you thing relate to them.

It’s not about fancy stuff

This goes back to intent over tools, as long as you are comfortable with what you are doing and using, do it and use it. I use salsa and yogurt containers, coffee filters taped together, M&M tubes, and envelopes to keep crap in. I use a 99¢ Wal-Mart bandanna to do spells on that I got from Girl Scout camp and it has rainbow peace signs all over it. Do I care? Nope. Does anyone else care or will they judge you? Nope. we are all in the same boat here.

Hand making things is way too underrated  

I LOVE hand making things. Whether you are good or bad at it, it is a good way to save money, and personalize it just for you. Example: I made tarot cards out of printer paper that I cut out and wrote the card name, and definition of what it means (to me) and I love them. Pencil wand? Yas queen. DIY cauldron out of play-dough? Frick me u p daddy.


You’d think I would have to include this bUT
Some things are okay to consume. Sometimes if taking a certain medicine you can’t consume that. Sometimes you are allergic to one thing, and in turn you will be allergic to that thing too. Sometimes you are pregnant and it’S HIGHLY DANGEROUS TO CONSUME THINGS WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT IT DOES

Never ignore professional medical advice and help in favor of witchcraft methods.

Case c l o s e d

Spirit workers

Not nice spirits can attach to people who have depression and anxiety more so than people who don’t

There are good and bad spirits. if one makes you feel comfomy, do not feel bad for asking it to leave/getting rid of it

Don’t ask your tarot cards every time you have a question

This happens a lot. Especially when you get a new deck and it’s so new and shiny and you can’t w a i t to get your grubby little hands on it and do crap >:D but you don’t want to get into the habbit of “ohgoshgollybatman I have to go to the store, okay let’s see if I’ll get hit by a car… oh and do I really need the applejuice..”  or “do I REALLY need this plant..” bc the answer to that is always yes duh

Divination is not for predicting the future

Now stay with me, it is for guiding you in the future. It can not tell you what day you are going to die, who you are going to marry, etc 

The future is not written in stone

Let’s sayyyyy you do a simple past, present, and future reading with tarot, and you get a bad reading for the future, it doesn’t matter. That is how it is going right now, now you can see what you need to change etc 

You dont need a fancy journal for a grimore or book of shawdows

Heckadoodle I use a binder and notebook paper so I can move stuff around. I just write with a pencil and pen, and color with dollar store crayons or collered pencils. 
Now, you may be thinking, “Oh but, it’s a nice binder right?” Lemme stop you right there. It is falling apart, needs to be ducktaped, has a picture of my doggo inside and I’ve used it for school for abouutt.. 7 years?
Summin’ it up: It don’t gotta be fancy

If you forget to blow out candles set a timer on your phone

I do this all the freaking time and I’ll leave a candle out, and then here comes mother. Closet underage witches know the struggle. Trying to explain why you have a burning candle left in your room. Or if you are adult and have to adult after a spell or whatever and leave the house and come back to the candle just sittin’ there. Burning away. (my mom did this once and it caught her table on fire)
Timer. Yep.

You don’t have to know a certain language 

This is more focused to me bc i am nerd but okie dokie
I know Latin from school, therefore I mix it into my spells (like some on @witchy-recipes-and-things) and provide a translation. I don’t want anyone to think you have to have a certain language for your craft.

How to Ouija

Tbh this is too long already so if you want another post on it tell me and I’ll make one and link it

Sigils can be drawn everywhere

In your phone case, in your wallet, in a shoe, under fingernail polish, under seats, wherever whatever-I can also elaborate more on this



When doing love spells, consent from the other person is a must. 

You can be a christian, athiest, pagan, whatever, and still do witchcraft

It is about the craft, not religion 

Witchcraft is not a religion, Wicca is

And you do not have to be Wiccan to partake in Witchcraft

Sage doesn’t have to be in cone shape to burn it

I put rubbed sage meant for cooking on a metal plate and torch the sucker Shane Dawson style but with one of the long lighters, then run around my house in my underware screaming “MAY THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPEL YOU BITCH” in Latin

When cleansing 

Trust your witch mother who is allergic to everything and is an asthmatic, open the windows and doors.
Also, as the smoke leaves you room through the windows or whatever, the spirits/bad vibes/etc leave with it

You don’t have to believe everything you read

Witchcraft is how YOU feel about things. No matter how other people feel about things

You can have your own corresponces for things

Like I think cinnamon is hot, deals with the sun, direction south, used for healing love etc., but it can be totally different for you

Divination doers do not have to be witches and witches do not have to be divination doers


Can not stress this enough. This is the best thing to do even if you can not practice your craft where you are atm. knowledge is power.

So here is a list I’ve complied :D (yes I’ve made all of these, I was too bored to ask people’s permission to add things, sue me) (All of the spells are all religion inclusive)

Learn you star sign with detail
Edible Flower List
Witch Tools
Tarot Meanings Cheat Sheet

Good First Spell-Calming Tea Spell
DIY Charcoal Pencil
Get Shit Done Bottle
Spell to Sleep
Sea in a Bottle
Protection and Calm Bottle
Find a Item You Lot

Referring to “When cleansing”, Line two, words 3-4, I am now your witch mother and if you ever have any questions feel free to ask! This list was requested from a witchling and if you have any requests feel free to ask :3

sekkiera  asked:

So, our physics teacher has the strange idea of motivating his students by letting each of us present a physical phenomenal we find interesting to our classmates in a 5-minutes-presentation. And now I need something that is interesting for everyone - even people that usually don't care for physics -, but has interesting facts for someone who's interested in it, too (preferably with an easy experiment). You don't happen to have any ideas, do you?

First of all, your professor is awesome for taking the time to do this. Of the top of my mind, the best one I have is Chladni figures.

Basically take a flat metal plate, fix it at the center and spray some fine sand particles on it.

Using a violin bow, gently excite any edge of the plate to magically witness these beautiful normal mode patterns ( known as Chladni patterns/figures ) forming on the plate.

Also notice that by pinching the plate at different points, the pattern obtained changes.

There is a whole lot of physics that goes behind such a simple phenomenon and I dare say we understand it completely. There are lots of questions on these figures that we have no answer for!

Hope this helps with your presentation. Have a good one!

Gif source video: Steve Mould

The fourth high school I went to had a metal plate screwed onto the ground in the art room so I unscrewed it and found a cement hole beneath it. It became known as [THE PIT] and my art portfolio class stored supplies in it to hide them from the less advanced classes because they always ruined them. Our teacher encouraged this and even hid things in there himself like oil paints and
Ink rollers.

We also stored snacks in there and once a person hid in there to hide for some reason.

“I have lots of scars and I’ve read speculations online of where they are from. So here it is… I have a scar on my face: I was bit by a dog when I was a baby but have no memory of it. I have two large scars along my spine: when I was a teenager I had markings removed which my doctor thought could be cancerous. I have a long scar on my left wrist and a metal plate underneath it. I fell off a horse 6 years ago and broke my wrist in 5 places - luckily modern medicine put it back together again because it was absolutely grotesque looking!” - Katherine Barrell

📷 by Dane Clark.


Originally posted by misunderstood-adventures

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (ft. Steve)

Content/Warnings: angst; fluff

Words: 1645

A/N: I’ve got a Bucky Barnes soulmate AU here for you. Obviously a bit of an AU from canon, but hey, I couldn’t help myself. This is set after CA:TWS. It was requested by anon for 15. Your soulmate’s scars appear on your body (and vise versa). Enjoy, guys!

Part 2

You have had the ugly scar that ringed around your shoulder since birth. It was jagged, and looked old, as if it had happened a long time ago. Your parents were concerned, understandabley, and only slightly less so when the doctor stated that it wasn’t yours, but rather your soulmate’s instead. You seemed to always be getting some sort of new scar. Most faded, but there were some that looked suspiciously like bullet wounds. And you couldn’t help but notice that other than the scar around your shoulder, your left arm never received any sort of marks compared to the rest of your body.

The first person you ever showed that scar to, outside of your parents and the doctor, was Steve. You had first met Steve, or Captain America, as he was better known, when he was fresh out of the ice. Fury requested that you take him in, teach him about the new world he lived in, until he could get on his feet. Steve was the perfect gentleman, and despite the fact that you were born decades apart you struck up an instant friendship. You had ended up showing the scar on accident, when you had left your room in a tank top in search of your hoodie.

“Y/N?” Steve had asked, brow scrunching together in curious confusion, eyes finding the noticeable scar immediately. “What happened?”

You shrugged. The feeling of discomfort you expected never came. Probably because Steve was never one to make anyone, least of all you, uncomfortable. “Don’t know. It’s not mine, it’s my soulmate’s.”

“Oh,” He said simply. You thought you caught a glimmer of sadness in his eyes, but you didn’t pry, and neither did he.

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He doesn’t want
my good heart in my good body
he wants my mouth
on a plate
metal fork clicking against his tongue
my lipstick staining his gums

He wants to touch me
where it hurts and only
where it hurts

He wants to take me home
He wants to carve me up
into something metallic
something sharp
wants to carve me up until I’m
small enough to swallow gasoline
and talk to God

Every night he sharpens his steel on
the hipbone he made from me

Kisses the mouth he took
the one that says his name right
and doesn’t bite

Sometimes he calls me baby and I
swallow my own tongue

Sometimes he hands me the knife
just to watch me give it back.

—  SHARP, by Caitlyn Siehl


Pairing: Bucky x pole dancer reader

Summary: Every Friday night the reader disappears from the compound and the team gets curious, deciding to follow her. They are shocked when they see her as a pole dancer at a very exclusive club.

Words: 3509

Warnings: Smut. Pole dancing. Sexual harassment. Violence. Oral sex. Fingering. Swearing. Spanking. NFSW gifs.

A/N: Hey everyone. Sorry this took so long. This fic is based on the song Maneater by Nelly Furtado. Feedback is much appreciated. Let me know if you want to be tagged. Enjoy.


You applied your red lipstick, staring at your reflection in the mirror. You pulled your trench coat tight around your middle, before grabbing your bag and heading for the elevator. With a ding, you stepped out on the first floor, where a few members of the team were present. You silently cursed yourself for not going to the garage instead, but FRIDAY would have let them known anyway. Sam wolf whistled when he looked up at you.

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FINALLY COMPLETE! To go with the Ashi illustration, here’s one for Jack. I’ve never done an Akira parody illustration like the many I’ve seen over the years, so since Jack had a bike, I figured I’d try my hand. 

Humans Are Weird - Prosthetics

So, I’ve just binged on a bunch of “Humans are Weird”/”Space Australia” posts and I’ve absolutely fallen in love with the ideas and the concepts, and I figured I’d toss my hat into the ring with something I haven’t seen much (if any) of - Humans with physical disabilities. I’m of the thought that some aliens are like starfish, and can just regrow their limbs after a period of time if lost, and other aliens will retire their crippled to more ‘homely duties’ with assistance by other aliens, or that some aliens will be rid of their crippled in search of a physically strong race.


Zan’via had dealt with humans on their travels before, having even crewed on a few ships with small teams of humans on a few missions. And they could say that they were impressed: while a lot of the stories they had heard were true, there were many more things that he had not heard of but had seen that had left him thoroughly surprised and, in some cases, even somewhat scared.

They never expected to encounter anything like this.

To be fair, all the captain had asked of Zan’via to do was to go retrieve the ship’s head of security (a human that all of the crew referred to as ‘Chief’) for a pre-landing brief. And the Chief’s door was open upon reaching his berthing, so Zan’via didn’t feel the need to knock.

Finding the human with only their underclothes on wasn’t what shocked Zan’via. Seeing half of the human’s left leg on the desk across the room was.

“Christ mate, you should’ve knocked.” The human said with a breath of relief, having been caught by surprise by Zan’via.

“I apologise, Chief, I forgot that your species has reservations about being seen in a state of undress.” Zan’via responded, their eyes still fixed on the limb still resting on the desk top. The human noted this and sighed, reaching over to grab the leg and get it ready to attach onto his body.

“So, what’s up?” ‘Chief’ asked nonchalantly as he undid a few clips on the metal plate just below his knee and started lining up the connectors on the prosthetic limb with the plate.

“The captain has requested your presence on the bridge… what are you doing with your limb?”

“Just putting my leg on for the day.”

“I was not aware that your species had removable limbs…”

“Oh, we don’t. This is a replacement for the one I lost a number of years back.”

“But it looks artificial. I remember reading that humans can survive a number of injuries and heal back remarkably well.” To this, Chief laughed.

“Mate, there’s a difference between recovering from a few broken ribs and a large penetrating wound, and having your leg completely severed from just below the knee. Our bones can reform from breaks and fractures, our skin can seal back up, and some of our organs can and will grow back if we lose parts of them, but we cannot regenerate a large part of our body after an injury like that. And after decades of leaving people crippled after an accident or a defect leaves a person without an arm, or a leg, or a hand, we developed technology that allowed those people to regain their lost ability.” Chief finished clipping his leg on and rotated his ankle around to test functionality. “At first it was just to help people walk and move around, but as time went on, our prosthetic technology advanced to the point where we can replace entire organs without any loss in functionality. Hell, some of the replacement parts we’ve made can even exceed what the human body can do naturally.”

“But why?” Zan’via was still having trouble comprehending exactly why humans would want to do such a thing. Chief shook his head and stood up, beginning to put on the rest of his duty uniform.

“Because we believe that everyone should have the best quality of life, regardless of their circumstances. Just because you don’t have an arm doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to write or fly. Just because you don’t have a leg doesn’t mean you can’t run or jump or dance. Some people lose their limbs in accidents and find life afterwards hard because they can’t do things they once did beforehand. Others are born missing limbs, and never get the chance to do things ‘normal’ people can do. If we can provide a chance for them to live life like the rest of us, then why not?”

“I think I understand… somewhat.” Zan’via’s eyes then locked back onto the now-covered leg, then back up to the Chief’s face. The human could see what his companion wanted to ask next.

“Vee-Bee-Ess-Ess gone wrong, about six years ago. I slipped off a walkway on a Torian cargo vessle and my leg caught between a support beam and a storage container. Combat Medics had to sever my leg to free me. I was in hospital for a couple of months for healing and installation of the neural interface that allows me to move my leg the way I do, then another seven months in rehabilitation to learn how to walk again.” Chief then lifted his leg and rotated his ankle, then set it down and jumped and twisted around. Zan’via watched and just from observing, they could not see any major signs that the human was any different from any normal human. “Now I’m good as new, and have been kicking ass since.”

“I can see.” Zan’via backed up and let the chief pass them through the doorway as the pair made their way to the bridge. “Does it hurt?”

“The pain never really goes away, to be honest. Sometimes it feels like I’ve still got my old leg there, even when the new one isn’t attached. ‘Phantom Limb Syndrome’, they call it. But I manage, I’ve done so for six years so far.” The human then looked to Zan’via, and they could see the glint of determination in the human’s eyes. “If keeping my job and doing what I love meant that I had to have all my limbs fully replaced, then I’d do so in a heartbeat. Nothing can stop a human from a goal, nothing but death.”

Zan’via stood in place as the human continued on towards the bridge, dwelling over what the human had told them. The next chance they got, they would write it down into the ‘notes’ section of the manual in regards to humans.

Vee-Bee-Ess-Ess = VBSS = Visit, Board, Search and Seizure

Roman’s Kingdom

Ok, I saw THIS HEADCANON by @romanasanders a long time ago and I said I’d write a thing about it. If you want to know exactly how the story is gonna go, read it first haha. If you don’t, read it after haha. But here is my take on a really fun headcanon! There were already some great stories written using it, i’m just slow and try to write too many things at the same time :P

Logan rubbed his temples in frustration, he couldn’t handle this bickering for much longer. Roman and Virgil were at it again, just.. the name calling and the yelling… It wasn’t out of the ordinary, really. But Logan just really wanted to read. He lifted his head and saw the two of them shouting at each other right across the living room from him. He was about to interject when he heard Virgil say a comment that completely stopped Roman in his tracks.

“You have no power over me, Princey! You don’t even have power in your own realm! Hell, you aren’t even the King in a land of your own creation!” He spat.

The room fell silent and Logan took a moment to ponder.

“You know, that actually raises a lot of interesting questions.” Logan said softly and introspectively.

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Pulling Strings

Summary: You and Bucky set out to annoy each other during your respective down time and get more than you bargained for.

Prompt(s): Can I make a request for 1, 7, and 8? I can see them as perfect banter lines between reader and Bucky!

1. “That’s starting to get annoying”
7. Well, that’s tragic.”
8. “You’re seriously like a man-child.”

Warnings: swearing, that’s all. Just major floof

Word Count: 3993 I just cannot keep ‘em at reasonable lengths lately!

Author’s Note: I am the actual worst. I think I got this request in like, November from @captainmomofoshosho! And I started it then, but only got like 300 words in. Now here we are and I can’t stfu. My bad all around.

Originally posted by jlstreck

Everyone knows that you like to play piano when you’re stressed. Everyone knows not to disturb you. Everyone including Bucky Barnes, but after decades of following orders, Bucky does exactly what Bucky wants.

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josh’s asleep and i’m horny so here we go

No Title, just a Bucky x Reader One Shot

Warnings: NSFW, wrote this for myself so the character is based on me (physical appearance)

“What’re your kinks?” Bucky draped his flesh arm over the back of the couch; it almost rested on your shoulders. 

“W-What?” You nearly choked on your water. “What’d you say?” 

“Your kinks.” Bucky motioned to the tv where a sex scene was starting. “I’m just curious, that’s all. You don’t have to share.”

“I, just, I…” You could feel a blush rising to your cheeks. 

“I’m curious about the twenty-first-century kinks women have.” He shrugged his shoulders. “Curious if mine are still, well, a thing women are into.”

“Y-You could share them with me, you know, uh, i-if you wanted.” You hated yourself for faltering with your words.

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My Empire of Dirt

Summary: The Avengers, torn apart after the signing of the Accords, are faced with their greatest battle yet; the rise of Thanos.

What no one expects is for Thanos to kill Tony Stark in front of the Avengers’ eyes. Among them, stood (Y/N) Stark, screaming as her father lay lifeless on the ground, no longer breathing; no longer standing as Iron Man.

With the Avengers broken apart; will (Y/N) be able to assemble the broken team to avenge the man who brought them all together?

Pairings: Tony!father × Reader!daughter, Bucky Barnes × Reader

Warnings: Mentions of Suicide, Death, Angst, Heartbreak, Mentions of Sex, Fluff, Happy-ish Ending

Song: Hurt by Johnny Cash

I hurt myself today

To see if I still feel  

Fuck! Shit - God, (Y/N) - s-stop drinking! Stop doing that to yourself!” Steve grabbed the bottle of whiskey from her hands, prying the coping mechanism out of her reach.

The sour and vile taste of alcohol had seemed to be the only thing keeping (Y/N) alive for the last several hours. The whiskey slipped into her mouth, nullifying her, numbing all the pain of reality in favor of something more tonic. It seemed to be her only cure.

“You killed him …” She slurred, readjusting her body as she lay slump against the floor of the Avengers compound. “You blamed him for everything … now he’s dead … and your gonna’ blame him for that, too …”

“(Y/N) - you need to get up-”

“His worst fear was seeing all of you dead … he didn’t want to be the one to kill the Avengers …  but you … you killed him, Steve.”

She gripped her shirt tightly and bunched the fabric between her fingers as if the cotton material was a piece of her broken heart. She began to shake and whimper as a familiar pain shot through her chest. It was heartbreak. It was agony. It was hell.

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what if

and hear me out

the googles + bing, though robots, are able to grow plants between the wiring and metal


think how pretty that would look, especially with flowers

google blue: blue hyacinths blooming between the metal plates on his chest, glowing softly against the bright “G” on his shirt

google red: red carnations blooming in bursts between the wiring and metal plates on his chest and neck and arms, him trying to ignore them entirely

google green: moluccella laevis growing between the wiring in his arms, peeking through the metal plates sometimes

google yellow: marigolds blooming beautiful all over, he takes good care of them. they especially grow on his head, sort of forming a flower crown

bing: snapdragons that he tries to keep secret and underneath the metal, but they pop up, bright colors and all, beautiful and he cares for them oh-so much