That’s the Harmandir Sahib in Punjab, India, the holiest shrine in the Sikh religion and home to a kickass lentil soup. The “Golden Temple” offers free bread and rice 24 hours a day, every day, to anyone who wants it. About 75,000 people eat there on an average day.

Seriously, you simply go in, sit on the floor, and get served some delicious munch. All they ask in return is that you take off your shoes, dress sensibly (no sequin capes that say “Pussy Master” on the back), and don’t bring in cigarettes or alcohol.

It takes 15,000 lbs. of flour, 26,000 lbs. of rice, 2,800 lbs. of lentils, 300,000 metal plates, and 450 staff members (plus hundreds of volunteers) to make the kitchen run. The whole operation is supported by donations from around the world … and probably also, like, some pillars and concrete and stuff.

The 5 Actual Happiest Places On Earth


Wanted to do at least one of those crossbreed variants and since everyone seems to be doing mostly non-evolving/first form Pokemon I wanted to try a final stage evolution variant. And Rhydon doesn’t get enough love imo

Rhydon (Standard & Shiny) - Can be found in a variety of places from jungles to fields to volcanic areas. Intelligent but territorial.

Rhydon (Blaze) - Results of breeding with Blaziken family line. Primarily found in mountainous areas. Feathers are used for various displays of dominance and those on the head can be puffed out to give the appearance of being larger. The horn on it’s head has fused in such a way that it cannot learn Horn Drill anymore but now becomes an excellent stabbing tool. Extraordinarily aggressive.

Rhydon (Industrial) - Result of breeding with the Aggron family line. Body has developed more metallic plating to supplement it’s already sturdy hide. Often used in professional battle associations due to their sturdiness and high attack strength. Surprisingly, they are more docile than the standard breed of Rhydon though not as docile as the Static breed. They are also often partnered with security officers in wealthier businesses that can afford the breed.

Rhydon (Mountain) - Result of breeding with Tyrannitar family line. Solely found in mountain regions and any surrounding forests. They have developed extra spikes and spines as well as dew claws on their hind legs. Temperament varies greatly in individuals. Mountain breeds have been observed as being more family-oriented, living in groups as opposed to being solitary like many other breeds.

Rhydon (Static) - Result of breeding with Ampharos family line. Not often found in the wild, this breed is usually created by coordinators for contests due to the rows of beautiful gemstones that develop along the tail. They have a high aptitude for electric-based attacks and are the most docile of all breeds.

Other Variants: Treecko / Aerodactyl (A) (B) / Mandibuzz


Investors Group Stars on Ice, presented by Lindt, will be making its final stop this Thursday in Vancouver, marking the conclusion of its 12-city nationwide tour. This year marks the 25th anniversary of Stars on Ice, commemorating some of the finest highlights and audience-favourite performances of the premier figure skating tour. 

Stars on Ice features an unparalleled company of figure skaters and ice dancers, including Canada’s darling ice dancing team, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. After winning gold at the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver and two silver medals at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, the dynamic pair decided to take a break from championship ice and the rigorous intensity of competitions. With this newfound freedom, they’ve spent the past year taking on new career projects and reevaluating personal goals, while still performing shows for fans around the world. We had the chance to chat with Tessa and Scott about trying hip hop for the first time, their upcoming Gold Medal Plates tour, and whether they will be making a comeback next season.

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Ever wonder how ancient masterpieces have stayed gilded for thousands of years?  Objects were plated in precious metals long before the discovery of the electrical techniques used today.  Ever wonder how they did it?  Well, so did a group of Italian chemists who recently published a paper in Accounts of Chemical Research describing what they uncovered.  In a word, mercury.  Ancient artists used the element as a glue to adhere a thin layer of gold or silver onto a material of lesser value.  Read more about it here.   



okay but what if Buckys first scene in civil war is him taking down some mid-ranking hydra dude but the whole thing is like filmed from his pov? it could show just how silent and deadly he can be as he’s stalking the guy through a rundown old hydra base, like a highly trained cat cornering a scared and desperate mouse.
maybe he retreats up into the rafters for a better view of the place and stay one step ahead. the camera looks down to see his boots balancing on and walking along metal beams like a fucking pro, apparently indifferent to the multi-story drop below. not like it’d hurt him much anyways.
we see and hear everything as he does until he eventually corners his target and when he’s there, when he’s right up behind him the sound of that metal arm bursting into action explodes from the left hand speakers in the cinema. a symphony of metal plates shifting and electricity surging through circuit boards.
Bucky pulls the poor bastard into a headlock, holds him steady up against him and tells him that their numbers are dwindling, that he’s not gonna stop until every last one of them is dead. the traitor is about to choke out one last ‘hail hydra’ but Bucky cuts him off, tightening the arms grip on his throat and crushing it between the solid metal.
we see him let the lifeless body unceremoniously drop to the ground at his feet and that’s when we finally get to see him again for the first time in two years. the camera swings around to focus on his determined face, one stubbled cheek speckled with blood, before he turns and mutters out loud as he walks away, 'No thanks pal, I’ve heard enough of that to last a lifetime.’

Had surgery on Monday, had to get some screws and a metal plate. Feeling fucking radical! Thanks for all your concern.

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These are two sick examples of the new metal plating trend that is popping up  in boots, jewelry, belts, and  bags. Metal plating adds edge to any outfit. I found some amazing booties, shoes, and bags with metal plating at Asos. Check them out! My favorite trend of the fall/winter is booties. They add a industrial glamour to any outfit. Shout out to Olivia H. ‘14 & Julia S.'15. 

   Stay Stylish <3 Kat