hands-of-fate-ocs asked:

Lumen was sitting outside with a small sharp piece of metal in front of him

Exedo was leaning against a tree nearby, looking at the ground. He was under a deep state of depression after Boogey took his son’s soul.


Primary Stress, female fronted black/crust band.


The Agonist -  My Witness, Your Victim


Why are people so fickle with genres? Like I’ve seen people go off on others for calling Lacuna Coil symphonic metal. Honestly a lot of styles just kind of overlap; symphonic metal has elements of classical music and opera and metal. It’s also kind of similar to gothic metal. Even if the person doesn’t get a band’s genre correct why get all butthurt about it? Heck, I’ve even heard someone yell at another for saying Within Temptation is symphonic metal. Is it not though?