GIFs Of Metal Slug’s Perfect, Intricate Pixel Art

Just look at these. Ah! Mwah! (Kissing noises, copious drooling.) The shading is so perfectly done and the images are so dynamic, appearing to breathe and pulsate in even the smallest parts of the design. And who doesn’t get a thrill from robot crabs, reanimated brain robots, and giant, tamed eel monsters? Metal Slug: you were one of the best, babe.

Source: Imgur user aphatmc and Metal Slug on Wikipedia

Study: Metal Slug 3
Huge Hermit

Metal Slug 3 (2000) Developer(s): SNK Sprite sheet can be found here and here. Sprite map can be found here and here.

NOTE: I was torn on whether or not to include the effects for Huge Hermit. In the end, I decided to post the versions with the effects, but you can click on each animation to see it without the effects! An interesting fact is that Huge Hermit also includes unique frames for closing the main cannon on it’s back, even though this is never used in-game. I’ll add this animation at a later time.