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Video Game Social Media Project

I am taking a Social Media course in this semester of school and we had to do a project. I chose the topic of video games since it is a BIG passion of mine! I noticed sometimes when you say you are a gamer to people they might think of you in a negative way or treat your wrongly or have a negative idea about it (it’s just been my experience if you all have different experiences I apologize and respect it). I wanted to change this because I truly feel video games aren’t as bad as people say they are. Like with everything video games comes with their pros and cons.

A big pro that hasn’t only been proven statistically but also personally is that video games helps reduce mental illness (depression, stress, etc.). In a study that was conducted, as stated by the Huffington Post, it was shown that video games helped 44% of teenagers to be cured of their depression/mental illness, and not only that but 26 of them said that they did not feel depressed when playing. I personally know this to be true because my mother (though she’s not a teen) has been playing video games for a while and it improves her depression and stress a good bit. Not only that but it gives me and my mother (and other family) something to bond over and stay closer to each other. I love that because not only that but it also gives us a way to spend time together not only with my mom but also with my family and it’s just nice!

So if any of you non-gamers are reading this or gamers too I would love if you take a glance and play some of my favorite games that I love playing! Also please feel free to give me some recommendations I would love to see/hear and possibly play what your playing! Don’t be shy either if you have any comments on my project (but I do ask to please be respectful!!).

1) Final Fantasy (by far one of my favorite series of all time!! Now they are all good but my personal favorite Final Fantasy is X :D) Trailer:

2) Assassins Creed (Favorite is Syndicate) Trailer (warned this is very violent and has blood so for you kids skip this please) Yes I love Evie btw but there is a Jacob one too this is just to peek your interest hopefully:

3) Metal Gear (Favorite is Rising Revegeance) Trailer (yet again be warned of blood and violence):

4) Kingdom Hearts (Favorite 2 or Birth by Sleep) Trailer Link:

5) Mortal Kombat (Favorites is Armageddon/Deception) BE WARNED OF BLOOD VIOLENCE AND GORE BIG TIME

6) Zelda (Favorite Twilight Princess)

7) I used to love Super Mario Galaxy, Mario Kart, and other various Mario games XD

And I can’t think of anymore rn but please do give me some recommendations I would love to hear what you guys are playing!! :D

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