Iron Gaze by Valentina Remenar

And now I can finally post this… illustration of my character Ash which I did for the front page of my newly redesigned website It’s done from concept which I made up years ago…last year I drew it too, but I lost data from my drive, so I decided to draw him again. I like this last version way better than my 2 older versions, so I hope you like it too :D Done in Photoshop CC with Wacom Cintiq 27QHD, like usually.

I need to follow more blogs

I follow like a ton of blogs that don’t post anything and I wanna unfollow them all and follow blogs which post things that I like.

If you like the following things, reblog/like this post and I’ll follow you.

- Kpop (mainly Block B, BTS, EXO, b.a.p, got7)

- Anime (mainly romance, yaoi and sport animes like haikyuu, free, one piece, super lovers, junjou romantica, kuroko no basket… but anime in general)

- Music (metal, rock, etc)

- Blogs about cute, kawaii, aesthetic, grunge, tumblr, depressive… things.

- art

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