I’m so worried about Tsukiyama right now because…

  • he believes that the old Kaneki will come back once he regains his memories but doesn’t realize that Kaneki will never be the same even if he remembers everything. As Sasaki said himself “A person’s personality is a result of the memories of the people they’ve met in life.“
  • he doesn’t know that his Little Hinami joined the Aogiri Tree or that she’s in Cochlea now. When he finds out, it’ll surely make him very sad.
  • the CCG is investigating his family and have already caught one of his servants and are torturing him!
  • AND LET’S NOT FORGET ABOUT HIS HEALTH! He may look good on the outside but that’s probably because he’s a ghoul and they recover faster than humans… but what about the problem with controling his kagune??
  • and also his depression… Sure, he is happy that Kaneki is alive but can you see how much his personality has changed. I mean, in the past Tsukiyama was extremely confident and even when things were going bad for him, he was barely affected. But now only the Quinx interrupting his conversation with Kaneki is enough to upset him. His depression is not gone.
  • AND ALSO WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH HIM AND HIS FATHER??? They haven’t interacted even once. I think they don’t have a very good relationship…

Imagine how angry he’ll be at the CCG. I mean, they’re to blame for all of the bad things currently happening in Tsukiyama’s life:

  1. the whole thing with Kaneki/Sasaki and his depression
  2. they’ve caught Hinami
  3. now they’re after Chie
  4. they’re after his family, too

This is too much. The lives of all of his loved ones, along with his, are threatened by the CCG. Let’s hope he doesn’t do something reckless that will put him in even more danger. But knowing Ishida, who knows what will happen next…

Any thoughts?

I want to be one of those people who have had so many reasons to smile, that smile lines have etched themselves into the weatherbeaten skin of their faces, like gurgling brooks tracing their way over the Earth’s surface.

bonesrnccoy asked:

how was your time/experience at destielcon?

Amazing, oh my god. 

I got to meet so many rad people. 

beestiels - Alissa is obviously awesome online, but even better in real life, trust me. She’s the bomb. 

winjennster - Jenn is hilarious and always up for partying. Plus she’s hysterical drunk tbh 

consulting-cannibal - Scout is literally one of the funniest people I have ever met in my entire life. She made the entire weekend - even if she had me fucking cracking up with her running commentary during the Smut 101 panel the entire time

euclase - To be honest, Licia is one of the coolest people you will ever meet. She’s down to earth, she’s chill, and I’m so glad I was able to meet her :)

teenagedirtbagcas - I didn’t get to talk to Janae a whole lot during DestielCon but from the times I did, she’s hella rad, and is a fellow DeanClaire shipper, so that was like the best moment of my life to learn that lol 

roboticerror & echoing-archives - I don’t think we really talked over the weekend, but their cosplays are amazing!!! Please go follow these cool ladies.

highermagic - holy shit, Rowan is awesome and super adorable in real life. I loved talking to her about ships and she definitely helped me get some inspiration, and is really sweet. She’s the greatest. 

garrisonbabe - obviously, I already knew Cami in real life, but it was a blast to hang out with her again :) 

bisexualdemondean - That’s right, I got to meet this amazing person right here. Be jealous. 

nestingdean - Fea is so cute and pretty like wow I love her 

literaryoblivion - Freck!! We didn’t talk a whole lot, but we shared a panel together and it was awesome

There were so many other people I had the pleasure of meeting this weekend and we had such a good time. I’m so sad that it’s over and I had to come back home, but the fun we had will forever be locked into my memory. My inspiration to read and write fic has returned after this weekend, and I’m so happy to be a part of this fandom. 

To those of you who came up to me and told me that you followed me: BLESS YOU. That was the coolest thing and I’m so happy for that. 

I can’t wait for next year! 

Edit: Oh, I totally forgot, I was also the audience favorite at the fanfic contest! I will be posting the fic I wrote soon <3

anonymous asked:

Not parks and rec related but my name is also Stacy and have you noticed that every character in movies/tv thats named Stacy is always the bitchy popular girl that no one likes?

i literally was just thinking about this b/c it’s pretty much true. but i dont let it get me down b/c ive met real life stacy’s who are very, very nice and are nothing like those mean tv stacy’s. but idk why there’s the dumb stigma around our name bc its not a bad name


vampire!michael (fanfic) ch.15

hey so I’ve been really shit at updating lately, but I was up north so I got some time to finally write a bunch, so here’s a second update. I hope you’re all enjoying this. feedback would be cool :)


Michael’s POV

I missed her, I did. But I knew, me being away from her was better than being with her, as much as she denied it. She should be with someone better, even Luke would be better for her than me. I know he has feelings for her, I see it in the way he looks at her because it’s the same way that I do. I don’t blame him. She’s the most interesting person I’ve ever met in my life. She has this way about her that just makes you feel warm inside. She’s so sarcastic, without being mean. She’s witty without making you feel stupid and she’s gorgeous without even trying. The way her eyes shimmer when she laughs, and the crinkles in the corners of her eyes which she absolutely hates. Her skin, so soft and effortlessly stunning, I asked her once if she uses a certain moisturizer to make it look that way and she just laughed, which meant to me that no she didn’t, it was just natural. How she was so naturally beautiful was a mystery to me. Most women that I’ve ever encountered in my life are either one or the other. They’re either beautiful, smart or funny, but never a perfect mixture of the 3. But Violet was, and it hurt me that things had to be this way. That I was this way. I wish I could be better for her. I wish I could be the kind of man who comes home and brings her roses, kisses her on the cheek and picks up our child, spins her around the room and tells her that she’s almost as beautiful as her mummy. But truth be told, that would never be the way it was, because I was a vampire. A stupid, dangerous, old vampire who for some reason she loved. She could’ve loved anybody else, I’ve seen the men that drool over her at school, I’m sure they would be a much better match for her. But she treats them like they don’t even exist, not in a rude way either, she’s just sure to say in the politest way ever that yes, she does indeed have a boyfriend whom she loves very much. My skin ached for her touch, the way she kissed along my chest, or my arm, or my neck. I was horrible to her, telling her I wanted her to stop those things, when really all I wanted was to be able to return the favor to her. I had never had that kind of touch, not for 65 years at least. Even then, loving Ruby was not the same as loving Violet. Ruby was cold, she was rude to my family, my friends, she wanted me for herself, she never wanted anyone else to be able to love me. Violet loves unconditionally, and that is her only downfall. I listened to her message about 40 times now, laying flat on the bed of the motel bed in buttfuck nowhere, wishing she was next to me, twisting my hair around her fingers and laughing when I’d  complain that it hurt. I was being an idiot if I was being completely honest, yes I wanted her to be safe, and yes I knew that Luke would keep her safe, but I wanted to be the one that kept her safe, that made her feel safe, and loved, not him. My veins burned with jealously at the thought of him holding her, of her lips against his skin, or the simplest thing of him making that beautiful laugh escape her perfect plump red lips. The lips that would press in a thin line when I’d argue with her about whether Nutella or Vegemite was better. Of course, the argument would end in me buying her a jar of Nutella and leaving it on her bed for when she got home from a lecture. My smart girl. I played her message again and smiled at the way my name rolled off of her lips. I fucked up. I really did. I needed her. I needed to go back to her before I went insane staring at the ceiling fan spinning over and over and over again. Suddenly my phone rang and I picked it up before even checking the caller ID.

“Hello? Violet?” I asked, my voice shaky.

“Hmm try again. I’ll give you a hint, first love. Took your virginity. Broke my hips. Put me in the hospital.” Her voice was like nails on a chalkboard to me, and I hadn’t had the indecency of hearing in 60 odd years.

“R-ruby?” I stuttered and sat straight up at the realization.

“Yeah loverboy, it’s me.” I could just see the god awful smirk on her face, the one where her lip would curl up past her teeth and the small dimple in her cheek would pop. “MICHAEL!” I heard Violet scream in the background and shot out of bed, standing up and shrugging my jacket on. I heard what sounded like a slap followed  by a bunch of mumbling and shuffling, then silence. “ I got your pretty little lady tied up here, she keeps whining your name in her sleep like some sort of pathetic dog. Anyways, you’ve got about 24 hours before I snap that succulent neck of hers and drink her dry.” I swallowed thick saliva, wishing I could be beside Violet right now, wishing I’d never got her involved in all of my shit in the first place. I knew this would happen, but I thought if I left her, that this would all go away. That Ruby wouldn’t get to her, but I was wrong. Shit, fuck was I ever wrong.

“Don’t hurt her Ruby. I’m fucking serious.”

“Ouu, Mikey’s got a potty mouth now eh? Don’t worry, I won’t go back on my word. 24 hours baby.” She blew a kiss through the phone and I felt like I may vomit. I threw the money for the motel on the bed and ran to my car. I drove straight to the house and went in without knocking. No one was in the living room, I opened Calum’s door, no one was there. Ashton and Scarlett were nowhere to be seen. Neither was Luke. I knew there was a possibility that everyone was at Dani’s apartment so I sped over there as fast as I could, swerving in and out of traffic. I pulled into the parking lot and ran upstairs, again I went in without knocking and there they all were, sitting around in the living room.

“She has her. She has Violet.” I stuttered again and collapsed on the floor. Dani ran over to me and sat on her knees.

“Who. Who has her Michael?” She ran her hand through my hair and pulled my chin up to look at her.

“Ruby. Ruby does. And she’s going to kill her.”

Violet’s POV

When I woke up and I was laying on a couch in a boiling hot room with my hand cuffed to a table. Sweat was dripping off of my forehead and into my cleavage. I sat up too quickly and got head rush.

“Easy darling.” I opened my eyes to her, Ruby. Sitting on the edge of a chair with a corona in her hand, sipping it slowly. “Don’t worry, sit and relax. Loverboy’s on his way. Probably scrambling to pick up my scent as we speak. If his memory is good, he’ll remember where we are.”

“Why, where are we?” My throat was dry and sore, I could barely get the words out.

“This was the apartment that we were going to buy together.” She smiled and my stomach started to tie in knots. “ We dreamt of fucking on that very counter, every single night, smashing relentlessly into me. He’s a good fuck, christ he is. Best I’ve ever had. But you wouldn’t know.” She licked her bottom lip and I thrashed against the handcuff. “Princess, you gotta relax. Don’t want you bruised and broken by the time he gets here or he’ll rip my head off.” She stood up and started pacing back and forth in front of me. “Fuck you smell delicious though, I have no idea how Michael hasn’t ripped into that gorgeous neck of yours.”

“I get it now..” I mumbled and she raised her eyebrow.

“Get what angel?”

“Everything. I get why he’s so fucked up, you’re a psychopath. You’re the one who killed Joesephine aren’t you? Because you were scared that he might fall inlove with someone who wasn’t you. And now, you’re going to kill me because he’s more inlove with me than he ever was with you.” I spat out and she flinched at the last words I said, lurching towards me and getting in my face.

“He’ll never love anyone as much as he loved me, we were eachother’s first loves and I’ll be damned if I let some whore get in the way of that.”

“But you told him to kill himself! You said he was a monster and shunned him forever. I don’t understand, why wouldn’t you just suck it up after you got home from the hospital and you too could be together still!”

“Because, while I was in the hospital, with my total of 12 broken bones, someone came in while I was sleeping and turned me. Miraculously healing my bones. But I had a curse now, I wanted to suck the blood out of my little brother, my brother who I loved more than anyone in the world. I wanted to literally pin him down and kill him. DO you understand how terrible that feeling is? I practically raised him from a baby, like my son. I had to abandon him, because I was too scared that one night I would just be too hungry, then sneak into his room and rip his throat out. Michael was the only one I knew that was like me..a vampire. I figured it out before, he was acting weird, staring at my neck a lot, commenting on my pulse and shit like that. I saw him chugging from a blood bag one night but I never ran because I was utterly inlove with him just like you are. But he hurt me, and everything changed. I found out who changed me, some vampire named Yazmin who worked at the hospital as a nurse. She felt sorry for me, because I wrote in the reports that my boyfriend beat me almost to death and then ran off. When I got back home from the hospital, I was fucked, I was a newborn again and I had barely any control over myself. So, my anger got the best of me, I told Michael to go fuck himself and to leave. I regretted it everyday since then. Now, I want him back. He’s mine, no one is allowed to love him the way I do. No one could. Not even you.” She poked my chest and I took a deep breath. She was evil, that wasn’t a lie, but she was also just a girl who could never let the first love of her life go, I could relate. I felt a little sorry for her deep down, but I still didn’t really understand her story. Why wouldn’t she just apologize to him? Why wouldn’t she just try and get him back without forcing herself like this? “He doesn’t want me you know? Because I’m a vampire. I heard him talking to Ashton one day when I was lurking behind them at a pizza shop. He straight up said that he hated my guts.  So I knew, that if he didn’t want me by choice, I’d just have to make him love me again. And now I have the perfect leverage…you.” She leaned back in her chair and put her hands behind her head, her long blonde hair was tied up now into a ponytail. “Boys are silly.” She chuckled and drank from her beer. “What I’m wondering is why baby Lukey isn’t here suckling from your nipple like he always does-”

“Shut the fuck up, you don’t know anything.” I grit my teeth together, remembering that she is a vampire, and it would take her about .5 seconds to kill me.

“Oh I know enough, I’ve seen you two. He even holds your goddamn bags for you when you go shopping, he laughs at all of your jokes, ‘V’ this! And 'oh V’ that! Honestly you’re blind as a fucking bat if you can’t see he’s head over heels inlove with your ass.” She laughed and I looked at her blankly. There’s no way Luke could be inlove with me, I was nothing special. I was surprised that Michael loved me back, let alone another person. “Come on Violet, really?”

“I-I’re a bitch.” Was all I could spit out. She said nothing, just sipped from her bottle with a shit eating grin plastered across her face. I looked down at my feet and prayed that Michael would come bursting through that door any second and snap this bitch’s neck. She wasn’t saying anything, just staring at me and smirking, like she was planning something, something big. If she didn’t hesitate to kill Joesephine, she wouldn’t hesitate to kill me either. I wondered how long she had been watching us for, how many times she’d watched him wrap his arms around me, or kissed me, or hold my hand wishing that it was her. I felt bad for her, but she was also a psychopathic killer. The only sound in the room was the clock ticking on the wall. Come on Michael. Something inside of me was worried that he might not show up, or that he might not be able to hurt her. I know he’s said that he hates her, but I find it hard to believe, it was his first love after all. I wondered what she’d been doing all these years. I wondered why she was simply lurking in the shadows from afar, watching him, and making sure that no girl ever got close to him. But the thing is, if she loved him so much, she should want him to be happy, because that’s what I want for him. All I want is for Michael to be happy. Though, I’d prefer if I was the one who made that easier for him. Sweat was trickling down my forehead, neck, legs, back, everywhere.

“Ruby!” I heard pounding at the door and my chest tightened. “Open this fucking door right now!” She put the bottle down on the table in front of me and sauntered over to the door.

“Well hello handsome.” She licked her bottom lip and reached up to wrap her arms around his neck but he pushed her arms off.

“Don’t hello handsome me. Where is she?” He pushed her and she clutched onto his arm and dug her nails into his skin, he flinched.

“Not so fast baby. Where’s my kiss?” She stuck her lips out and he turned his face away from her, she grabbed his chin and pulled his face down to hers, smashing her lips onto his. I thrashed at the handcuffs. I closed my eyes, I couldn’t watch him kissing someone else, it made my heart ache and my throat feel dry. The sound of her lips on his made me want to throw up right on the spot, I started to feel nauseous. I think it was a mix of the man I loved kissing someone else, and the fact that I could probably swim in a pool of my own sweat. “Mmm you seem happy to see me.” Her voice made the hair on my arms stand up.

“Where’s the key to her handcuffs? You have me now, let her go.” Michael begged, running his fingers seductively up her arm.

“They’re in my panties. Gonna have to fish them out.” I watched as he stuck her hand into the front of her jeans, vomit started bubbling up in my throat. Her head was tilted back and she smirked over at me. “Mikey I missed your fingers.” She whimpered and the bile in my throat came into my mouth now, I puked all over the floor. Puke was seeping into the carpet, I looked up and Michael’s fingers were in her mouth. I heaved again, my back arching and vomit covering the entire carpet now.

“Let me go get her handcuffs off now and we can finish this.” He growled at her and I dry heaved this time, I had already completely emptied my stomach. He crouched down in front of me, he brushed the puke covered hair out of my face and tucked it behind my ear. “Baby..Violet..look at me. I’m getting you out of here. Luke and Ashton are downstairs in the lobby. When I get you out, I want you to run to them okay?” He whispered and I nodded. “I love you. I’m so sorry.” He pressed a strong kiss to my forehead and pulled my wrist out of the handcuff. He helped me stand, my knees weak and shaky. His hand was on my lower back and he drew a heart before pushing me slightly. Ruby was standing there with her arms crossed across her chest and a grin on her lips.

“Bye bye.” She waved. “It’s been fun doll. Kind of sad I didn’t get to taste that sweet blood of yours.”

“Fuck. Off.” I shouted and pushed her hard, she barely even budged. “You got what you fucking wanted, now leave me the fuck alone.”

She started laughing, I took one last look at Michael. He was rubbing the back of his neck and I could tell by the look of his eyes that he wanted to cry. I stumbled out the front door and down the hallway of the apartment, when I got in the elevator I collapsed on my knees in a pile of tears. Michael was going to stay with her because he wanted to keep me safe. I knew he couldn’t hurt her. He couldn’t hurt a goddamn fly. My shirt was ripped, my boobs spilling out the front of it, my bra strap was snapped and my hair was hard with my own vomit. The elevator doors dinged open and Ashton immediately saw me and came running over picking me up. I sobbed into his chest, I wanted Michael. I didn’t want things to be like this. Why did things have to be so difficult?

“Christ V, are you alright?” I felt myself being passed from Ashton’s arms to Luke’s but I couldn’t bring myself to say a word. I was at the level now. The Bella Swan level. The level where all I wanted to do was sit in the same chair and watch the seasons go by. Luke kissed my forehead and sat in the backseat of the car with me, stroking my hair and pulling it into a messy bun on the top of my head. I cuddled up beside him, barely breathing, no one said anything as I sobbed uncontrollably mumbling Michael’s name every so often. I was pathetic. I wanted Michael back. And if I wanted Michael back, I had to have a plan. But for now, I would cry and Luke would force feed me McDonalds or something until I got the strength to get out of bed. Goddamn it, I’m Bella Swan.

dustbunny105 asked:

What's your favorite fandom that you've drawn for?

This is a tricky question, since every fandom I’ve participated in has given me something I really needed.

Sonic was my gateway drug to socializing online. I have a lot of painful memories from that time, but it was still pretty helpful, and if not for Sonic I may not be drawing at all!

The Keroro fandom was something I stumbled on during a difficult time. I was dealing with a painful breakup, and a lot of things weren’t going right for me on top of it. Looking at the fandoms I was into after, I’d say I was happiest while I was in this fandom. Just in general I was in a better mood.

Reborn fandom may not have given me a lot creative-wise, but I met a few life-long friends during this fandom, as well as dealt with stressful moments. I learned a bit about myself though, oddly enough.

The Homestuck fandom was an overall toxic time for me. Not to rip on the individual fans, but this fandom was probably one of the worst I had ever taken part of, looking back. I spent most of it feeling lonely, and pretty much trying to FORCE myself to have fun, though I didn’t really realize it at the time. A lot of primo bullshit was going down in my life during that time, and oddly enough Homestuck is to blame for a bit of it, though I can’t go into it. I can’t say I didn’t have fun, and I met a few good people, but for the most part it was a horrid experience all-around.

The EEnE fandom was probably one of my quieter, calmer experiences with fandom, which is weird considering I was so ANGRY during my stay, but at least it wasn’t the fandom’s fault. The people were nice, and I got to engage in a HUGE amount of discussion during it, which is something I rarely get to do. People listened to my opinions, and it was…really, REALLY nice. Plus the fans were so friendly and sweet. Definitely the most civil fandom I’ve ever been in.

Now I’m at FNaF, which I must admit has given me the most creative energy than any fandom (arguably second to the Sonic fandom, but it’s a different vibe). This fandom helped me a lot, which is weird considering I didn’t plan to actually dip my toes too far into it. It pretty much staved off my depression for a long time (though my anxiety got higher), and this is the first time people have been interested in my stories and AUs in a fandom. At least interested enough to keep bombarding me with questions. It makes me feel like I can do something amazing. Like I can actually accomplish things, which is more than I could say for any other fandom I’ve been in (though EEnE is a close second in that regard.).

So the truth is I don’t really have a favorite, since each fandom I’ve taken part in has helped shape me as a person in some strange way since my teenhood. This goes for my drawing style too, as I’ve picked up tips and tricks all over the place. I think FNaF lets me experiment the most, since the bots can be depicted multiple ways, so in that sense it’s been the most fun and helpful, but I can’t really say it’s my favorite, since picking a favorite is damn near impossible.


“I don’t matter.”

I just wanted to put these side-by-side. I would love to see some more Connie and Pearl interactions (though perhaps less extreme than last time), they have quite a lot in common with their self-esteem/inferiority issues.


Well, I’m sure you deserved it 
sassing each other since day one 

62/365 Days of Outlaw Queen