Nintendo is building a theme park. Fingers crossed for a petting zoo. Here’s what was trending this week:

  • In entertainment: The nine planets of Asgard are in alignment and Svartalfheim is retrograde in Hawkeye’s stars through June, this is the dawning of the Age of Ultron (Age of Ultron). Sadly, it’s also the waning of the age of Mindy. Plus, a happy ending for Orson Welles’ unfinished film if an Indiegogo campaign can change where the story stopped. 

  • In excess: A parade of famous people at the Met Gala, each more nearly-naked than next, but, you know, for the art.

  • In the Game of Thrones: You either win a majority of the seats in Parliament or try to form a ruling coalition. Yesterday’s UK election pitted the raw animal magnetism of Labor Party leader Ed Miliband against David Cameron’s conservative Tories. The royal baby, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana looked on and laughed at the antics of her future vassals—or, possibly, the Queen’s dogs.

  • In music: Barvura and ballon at the ballet. Plus, Our Lady of Moxie, Taylor Swift (taylorswift) hit the road on her 1989 Tour of the world. And Miley Cyrus’Happy Hippie Foundation to fight homelessness and advance LGBT+ rights. 

  • In things not to go chasing: Waterfalls. Also, robots.

  • In school: But not for much longer. Good luck on your exams, Tumblr!

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Image via suppermariobroth.

The reason for Beyoncé’s Met Gala tardiness last week has finally been exposed, and it all went down in an elevator (but not like last year, not like that!) Longtime hairstylist Neal Farinah explained to Us Weekly the singer wanted a last-minute hair change on their way out of her apartment building. She originally had “an Asian-inspired chignon,” but the singer felt it was too “costumey.”

“She looks at me and says ‘Neal, I want to change my hair, will you change my hair?’ And I said, 'Honey, there could be cameras in the elevator.’ She says, 'You have five minutes.’ And I said, 'Girl, what do you want me to do with the hair?’ And she wanted a high ponytail. With Beyoncé, she looks at herself and she says, 'This isn’t right, let’s change it.’”

So it was changed. Because, Beyoncé was worth the wait. (x)