-What matters most-

What matters most really?

What is it that you’re seeking

Searching? Finding for what?

What do you want, really?

What are you chasing all this time?

What is it for you that lasts?

After all

We are but a dust

Like the grass

Withers away

Cast down

Sweep by the wind

Sleeping forever in each graves

Decaying like the leaves

When they fall from the stem

Our life but a borrowed breath

Controlled, manipulated

We are but a walking death

Even the sun sets

Even the moon turns red

Everything has its appointed end

And the mystery stays

Because we never really know when

But what you packed inside your heart

Will forever stay

Even when the body is vanishing

Still, the memories

Always has its own way to breath

What you love

How you love

Will never be stolen

And if you have faith

Then, that for me

Is what really matters

//Me to You//


punkstevienicks  asked:

hey!!! Would you happen to have any HQ (or at least higher quality than the music video on YouTube) pictures of the scene in the gypsy music video where Stevie is dancing with the 3 girls and they are holding hands dancing in a circle around her? I know it's weirdly specific lol but it's inspired a new tattoo I want and I need a good reference pic. Thank you!!!!

Hey Chloe, I’m afraid I can’t help you, I don’t have any pictures of that particular scene, only screen caps.

There’s an extended video on youtube with decent quality, you’ll get 1280x720 caps:

I hope someone else can help you, and good luck with the tattoo. I think it’s a wonderful idea. ♥

anonymous asked:

bob looks so good with the maxis match you've used than the base game bob I'M SO SHOOK

“ hi kind nonny. i’m very happy you like my looks but all miss strawberrymark did was give me glasses for my bad eyesight & put this lovely skin on me. I’m still an adorable teddy bear 😊 ”

anonymous asked:

Oh, I meant maybe Novak because a lot of people think Cas' last name is Novak and Jack chose Cas as his father .. not sure tho if I like Cas having a last name but y'know

Ah, I see ^^

But actually I’ve never seen people refer to Cas as a Novak in canon!verse O.o I’ve only seen it used in AU stories (I did it before myself, as well), but for the actual canon story line … nope, I don’t think it’s very common!

Most people just call him Cas … or “Castiel Winchester” (my personal favorite ;))