I want teeth
longer than my fingers
and claws longer than those
and I want stars on my cheeks
and sunbeams tangled in my hair

I want to smile at strangers on the street
with a bounce in my step
and I want to intimidate
to freeze hearts
I want to awe

I want the guts
to be capable of filleting an idea
as it flips and squirms in my hands
while maintaining a mind
as open as the ocean

I want to burn
and destroy
and I want to build
and create worlds

I want to finish this poem
and I never want it to end
—  A.O.A.M. || Am I a Mess of Contradictions or Am I Just Closed Minded

I think it just now hit me how much Kubo fucked himself over. He doesn’t have the support of fans anymore (see: people burning books), and doesn’t have a good relationship with WSJ. Who’s gonna support his next work? WSJ knows he fucked up (making it easier for people to send hate messages straight to Kubo). Anyone besides delusional IH shippers won’t buy his next work, but even then they’re a very small fandom, and very few of these people actually buy books. Non-shippers haven’t even touched a Bleach book in years and only came back to say how much the ending sucked. With no one buying the manga, and WSJ being done with him, how the hell is he gonna make money off the new material? I say he should retire now and save himself the trouble of making a flop new manga.