Meryl ‘Walt Disney was a sexist, anti-Semite bigot’ Streep Joins Disney’s Upcoming Mary Poppins Returns

We already knew that Mary Poppins would be played by Emily Blunt and that Lin-Manuel Miranda would play her friend, Jack. Now we get word that Meryl Streep will join the cast as Poppin’s cousin, Topsy.

This news comes just two years after Steep publicly decried Walt Disney as a bigot, anti-Semite and a sexist during a dinner honoring Emma Thompson’s Golden Globes nomination for her role as – wait for it! – Mary Poppins creator P.L. Travers in – wait for it! – Disney’s Saving Mr. Banks.

While a quick fact-check of Meryl Streep’s speech reveals the MYRIAD of mistakes, misunderstandings and out-and-out lies, Streep has YET to apologize or make a retraction. I guess her feelings for Disney the man don’t effect her cashing checks from Disney the company. How nice for her.
Meryl Streep eyes New Mary Poppins movie

Hold the phone, you mean to tell me there is a good chance Meryl Streep could be in the New Mary Poppins movie with Lin? Excuse me while I fangirl…

Okay, so. Streep might play Topsy Turvy, who married Mr. Turvy, who’s Mary’s cousin. Since Mary goes to him to let the Royal Doulton Bowl be fixed, and after reading an article that suggested that story could be part of the movie,I’m now thinking there’s a good chance ‘Bad Wednesday’ could be part of the movie.

which I’m REALLY excited about, because it’s one of the darker stories in the books (the scariest actually, cause Jane and Michael get kind of abducted after getting trapped in that bowl and told they can never leave the place again by an old creepy dude but then Mary comes in and saves them.)

So that gives me hope that this movie won’t be too sweet like the first one, but everything else, like the plotline like Disney has mentioned and the way Rob Marshall seems to see Mary Poppins and her story, really make my stomach twist and turn for PL because there might even get more sugar thrown in the whole thing. 

I think I’ll now do my best to reread the books carefully in my own time so I can know more of topsy and her story, cause apparently Meryl is gonna sing too.

Also, since the Bowl belongs to Mrs. Banks, I am now thinking Mrs. Banks could be the personal loss…Which would make sense could Disney loves to kill off mothers, I’ve learned from some of you.

BUT: Variety was the first to mention this Streep thing, saying they had learned it from sources she’s in talks for it, so it’s not official yet. Not until Disney says it is.