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my FANTASTIC teacher didn't ever cover the civil war in class (had us read the chapter for hw but that's it) can you maybe do a timeline/list of important events? i feel good about the causes of the war and reconstruction but it's that whole bit in the middle that im a little iffy on

yeah no problem! but just to let you know, the apush test doesn’t care a lot about most battles, tbh, so don’t stress too much

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DBQ/FRQ First Aid (Precolonial to Imperialism)

Tomorrow, you will be taking the APUSH Advanced Placement Exam. Determining on what college you want to go to, at least a three is commonplace. I don’t know about you guys, but my biggest problem is going the length of an entire essay (for example if they want me to talk about Colonial Times through the Revolution, but they just write “1763-1781” I wouldn’t know what to write about). Furthermore, I’m going to list eras, what happening during them in chronological order and a very brief description of what they did. Keep in mind that many eras (such as the 1960’s) are important both in foreign policy and domestic affairs. I will divide them accordingly. The DBQ will not ask for specific years, but it’s better to have a general understanding of the era they are asking you about so you can throw in some “specific evidence” to get that 7-9 essay. This chart is also particularly helpful with the FRQ. Anyway, let’s begin.

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The very nice looking DuPont Royal Town Car of 1930 with beautiful coachwork by Merrimac. DuPont only built 489 cars during their 12 year existence. It had a straight eight Continental engine .

Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel

Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel (MMMBT) is the 4.6 mile-long (7.4 km) Hampton Roads crossing for Interstate 664 in the southeastern portion of Virginia in the United States. It is a four-lane bridge-tunnel composed of bridges, trestles, man-made islands, and tunnels under a portion of the Hampton Roads harbor where the James, Nansemond, and Elizabeth Rivers come together. It connects the independent cities of Newport News on the Virginia Peninsula and Suffolk in South Hampton Roads and is part of the Hampton Roads Beltway, a circumferential interstate highway which links the seven largest cities of Hampton Roads. 

What is this!? On my way out of the Pollard Memorial Library I noticed this case. Upon further inspection I found that it’s a part of the original Monitor. One of the first ironclad ships ever built and it famously battled with the confederate ironclad the Merrimac during the Civil War. These two ships fought to a draw and were later ingloriously sunk. However, they both were state of the art in their day and revolutionized naval warfare. Interesting piece of History here in Lowell!

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The town where the only sketchy thing that ever happens is 10 year olds sitting on the sidewalk trying to speak ghetto. 
You have officially entered a place where nothing happens (except some old lady attempting to smother her husband with a pillow. she failed.), welcome. “My town is so quiet and lame," 
"At least you don’t live in Merrimac…” …This is where I grew up. Damnit.