Like I promised,  more TF2 sketches :D

(at this rate this blog will turn into a tf2 blog haha … >_>; )

Medic, Heavy and Pyro are the only characters I referenced before,  so the others look a bit derpy

+ bonus  quotes written by my classmate.  (the  really ugly handwriting is mine though, her’s is the clean one lol)


(also excuse the poor quality, I don’t have a scanner so I had to take multiple photos and patch them together <_<;;)


So, since I’m planning to go all serious portfolio mode on this one, I figured I should probably take notes.And then I figured, why not  share them with people. Who knows, even if I’m not a professional yet  this could be helpful for someone.

I’ll keep updating this when I have more.

excuse my messy handwriting  >_>;