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Are you going to release the tail recolors of your mermaid sim? Just want to know, because I want them sooo bad

Yeah I am lmao I have the files done (I recolored a seashell bikini top too) but there are like 0 mermaid poses to use and I tried learning to make poses and @sebastianvictorian is a witness to the mess I made. I am gonna see if I can use some other poses for them so pray sisters

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon.

Saluting the lake in Mermaid Pose. My two closest friends and I went on a last minute roadtrip to Oregon for my friend Ruel’s birthday. When we went to Crater Lake, the plan was to bike the 33 miles around the lake. I think I only made it a few miles because it was almost all uphill, and I still am not good with higher altitudes. Ended up riding back downhill to the car and drove alongside my friends as they still biked. They made it 16 miles till they called it quits. Hope I can come back and try it out again.


Create a Mermaid !

This Mermaid is a made to order piece and will not be created until an order is placed.

Everybody seems to really enjoy my Mermaids , so I decided to create this listing so people could help me create a unique piece of Art.
As you can see by the photos there are several
Styles and poses of mermaids available . Feel free to mix and match from each of these different styles, or if you have any new ideas that I can incorporate I will be happy to do so!

When you place an order for a mermaid I will contact you shortly afterwards to discuss and finalize any customization options or special requests you may have. Feel free to contact me before hand to ask any questions as well . Keep in mind when ordering that I make every single piece by hand , so each piece will be unique and special.

Completion times on this piece should generally be about 2-3weeks . I will issue a tentative completion date at the time of purchase.

The mermaids in the photos range in length from about 23" - 29" so sizes should vary within those parameters . Almost all of these mermaids have a shoulder width of around 5" and their hands spread to between 12" - 14" wide. Sizes will definitely vary depending on which customization choices are made.

My Mermaids are built using a wire armature skeleton , which is then layered with several different textiles to create the desired costumes , skins , and textures. The mermaids all feature face masks that are sculpted using polymer clay and hand painted using acrylic paints. Some of my mermaids have had hair in the past or a hat/crown , those are definitely options you can choose for your mermaid as well.

Let’s get creative people ! Please ask any questions you may have , and thanks for looking !!!