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Chapter 11 of Badger Blood is here!

In which Arthur Pendragon is Sorted into Hufflepuff, and shenanigans happen. Also, there are dragons.

This fanfiction is based off @deheerkonijn’s famous Aggressive Hufflepuff Arthur art series, which is a Hogwarts fusion AU.

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You: You can’t tell anyone Merlin. I’ll be executed if they find out. Please, swear you’ll keep it a secret.

Merlin: You don’t have to worry Y/N. You’re not alone.
He told you with a smile, his eyes flashing yellow

The sideways glance Merlin gave Arthur before laughing low and fond touched something warm and secret right at the center of Arthur’s chest. The sun was high and hot in the summer sky as clouds gathered and the faint scent of an oncoming storm mixed with that of the hot asphalt and car exhaust. Behind them, Arthur could hear the noises from the diner’s kitchen and, even farther back, the drone of cars on the highway. Hot, humid, and uncomfortably sticky – typical Jersey August day – and Merlin’s body was a press of warmth all along Arthur’s left side.
Of Flowers, Thunderstorm and Tranquility - Part One

So some of you might remember that like 8 months ago I posted a teaser for this Hartwin story and just never ever mentioned it again, except like a week ago? Well I now have part one completed! In reality, it’s supposed to be a one-shot, but I’d rather share what I have written already than wait some more. Anyway this part is like 4k, so I think it can justify being posted now XD Of course if you’d rather wait for the finish product, it’ll be posted as a one-shot to ao3 as soon as it is completed.

About the story: Much like Messenger of War this story is like my most precious baby. I have been thinking of this story for nearly a year now. A YEAR. I am kind of invested in this one. The idea came to me from a mix of things. Around the same time, I read somewhere or called Eggsy my sweet summer child, started listening to the song Snow Storm by Amarante and there was a thunderstorm and one idea led to another and here we are.

It is very much an alternative universe where there are only two seasons, Winter and Summer and the people inhabiting this world are divided into either the Winter Folks or Summer Folks (I never claimed I was original okay, sue me).

I don’t think I need to say much more, the rest will be in the story. Let me warn you though. While there is a basic plot to this, it’s way more about the world building and the developing relationship than it is about anything else. If that doesn’t interest you, maybe give this a pass.

I don’t think I have to mention how all of this is gonna be fluff though, do I? I mean, this is me we are talking about.

Tagging a few of my peeps (as always if you want a tag, you only have to ask) @sententiousandbellicose @beautyofthenightmares @dianyx @krissielee @mockingjaybeevicious @li-prouvaire @bulletproof-gentleman @codymthomas @agentdagonet @bouncybrittonie @insanereddragon @coloursflyaway @awesomehartwintrash

Of Flowers, Thunderstorms and Tranquility - Part One

It is first day of Winter, the wind blows cold, snow has started covering the forest in its white blanket and Harry smiles contentedly while stretches his arms above his head, back popping with a satisfying sound.

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