“WHITE DEMON FALLING FROM THE SKY” Mississippi reaction to snow.

This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all week.

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Gypsy Queen By Michael Vermouth

“At one side of the parlors, with candelabra at the head and foot stands the magnificent silver-trimmed metallic casket. Hermetically sealed within, in all the barbaric splendor of a medieval Queen lays Mrs. Callie (Kelly) Mitchell, Queen of the Gypsies of America. Her swarthy face with its high cheekbones is typical of Romany tribes and the head, the upper portion of which is covered with bright silken drapery pinned at the back with pins, rests upon a cushion of filmy silk and satin. The hair is braided Gypsy fashion and the dark tresses shine. The body is attired in a Royal robe of Gypsy Green and other bright colors contrasting vividly with the somber hues usual under such circumstances. Two necklaces are around the neck, one of shells, an heirloom that was descended through generations. The lower part of the body is draped with “Sacred Linen” treasured by Gypsy bands for the use only when death overtakes one of their numbers. When the children arrive, each will put a memento of some kind in the casket and it will devolve upon the youngest child to place her mother’s earrings in the ear.” 

-Meridian Dispatch Newspaper Feb. 7, 1915-

Take a look at this man. He is a pathological stalker of women with physical disabilities. I refuse to conceal his identity when he was dumb enough to try and be my friend with his real profile. He has been harassing me for three months. I’ve been in contact with the police about it, including a detective. His usual manner is to create a fake profile posing as a disabled woman (pictures stolen from devotee porn sites) and attempts to befriend other disabled women. Once he gets their phone numbers, the calls start on an incessant basis. I’m not the only one who has posted on the internet about him either. Some of the common names he uses are Sarah Pace and Sarah Jennings. His actual name is Sam Jennings and he does not take no for an answer. I had to change my phone number weeks ago and he’s still trying to wiggle his way into my life. He’s been told no and to cease contact repeatedly. This man works for a church in Meridian, Mississippi. Do not leave him alone with females. His inability to take no for an answer makes him dangerous. Disabled women beware in particular. Spread this around. #disabled #amputee #arthrogryposis #women #stalkers

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