ID #22326

Name: Daniela
Age: 22
Country: Perú

Hi you all, I study Advertising Communications in college, my mother tongue is spanish and I would love to find lovely people to talk to as often as possible.

I love writing, reading, listening music, binge watching series, my new hobbie is learning about advertisement and I’m pretty curious so I really enjoy learning things and knowing about new people and places. Snail mail can be kinda expensive so I do prefer to talk over email and, even better, whatsapp since I think it´s more personal and I want to find people I can truly be myself with.

Some info about myself:
-I’m a redhead and here in Perú that’s not usual at all so I always end up talking to people that know me but I can’t remember.
-People ALWAYS tell me I look exactly like Mérida from brave, like even random people walking on the street.
-I like thinking about the world, existience, just thinking about it all
-I love animals with my whole being, I have a cat named Lilo
-I’m the middle child, still now sure how I feel about it
-I love sarcasm and Irony A LOT
-I would love to talk without covers with someone, like truly say the kind of things people never say even when they are feeling it.

Preferences: People over 16 years old, any culture, sexuality, orientation, gender, etc, I just don’t want racist (in any way) people, I firmly believe all humans should be equal. People that are okay talking in whatsapp :)


“She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.” (Princesses of the last few years.)