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A song Win Butler dedicated to those who are “really in love” last night at Coachella.

“In the suburbs I / I learned to drive / And you told me we’d never survive / Grab your mother’s keys we’re leaving / You always seemed so sure / That one day we’d be fighting / In a suburban war / Your part of town against mine / I saw you standing on the opposite shore / But by the time the first bombs fell / We were already bored / We were already, already bored / Sometimes I can’t believe it / I’m movin’ past the feeling / Sometimes I can’t believe it / I’m movin’ past the feeling again”


Arcade Fire - Afterlife

I was already convinced that these Canadians were the best band of our generation many years ago, but I get jitters and sweaty palms when I see a new single popping out into the world. Like many of you, I have that deep sense of momentary panic, the opening chords, sensing our song-by-song-built relationship so pure, simple and blood-built boil might slip through my fingers.

Each fresh oeuvre is ready to drop my cell phone number over simple sentences that might actually feel my awkward privacy. Time for another bout. Run through the trenches. Wild travel through unknown lands of the ‘future’.

They’ve criss-crossed the globe performing for a million strangers who all feel this same pulse between us, a connection. Weird how you can love someone so much without really knowing them. An ongoing relationship that feels like we’ve joined a journey together on every piece, natural, native, and intrinsic.

Reflektor LP is out in a few days on Merge Records. I’ve ordered two copies.