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I can’t stop thinking about the difference between relationship Walter has with the crew of the Covenant and that David has with the crew of the Prometheus.

Of course, in Covenant shit hits the fan much earlier when the solar flares hit the ship, but still. When the Captain dies, no one questions that Walter should be there to drink to him. (It’s an interesting mirror to the scene where Shaw and Holloway talk to Meredith in her ‘office’ for the first time, in which David is mixing and serving drinks and is basically treated as if he’s invisible to the humans) Walter is also there in the scene in The Last Supper - he holds back, but that’s obviously his own choice and he’s immediatly there when he’s needed and they thank him. No one seems to mind having him around. (In Prometheus, Shaw once says thank you to him. The woman David says is the only who ever showed him any kindness)  Walter’s even in their group picture.

David on the other hand. We never really see him interacting with humans in such a way. Let’s not forget, what level of sentinence or whatever understanding of emotion David has, he is designed to be more human than Walter. But…we usually see him show the greatest level of humanity when there are no humans around. Then he plays basketball, rides a bicycle around the ship, watches Lawrence of Arabia, dyes his hair, probably plays billard (why else would the balls already be on the table?)  

And this isn’t saying that David isn’t a social creature. In Covenant, he tries to befriend a fucking Neomorph and waits around to be there when the Xenomorph bursts out of Oram’s chest so that it will imprint on him. In Prometheus, he quotes Lawrence when they first land and shares that it’s from a movie he likes. After teasing Holloway about his ‘thesis’ he shares glances with Shaw, obviously happy that she’s smiling at his comments. He’s visibly disappointed when he’s brushed off or insulted - his facial expression when Holloway first invites him on a drink but then, when David declines, tells him he’s not ‘a real boy’ speaks volumes. He seems very pleased when Weyland introduces him to the crew and speaks warmly of him as his son - until he announces that David has no soul and marks him as something other and something lesser again.

Whether it is his programming or nature or an actual need - David is much more communicative than Walter, which makes sense, because David is designed to imitate human reactions and for that he needs interaction while Walter is designed to be less human, because people were scared of the David-model so he’s made to be more withdrawn. And yet the team on the Covenant is much more accepting of Walter than that of the Prometheus is of David.

So anyway. I found this an interesting difference of mentality in the Covenant-crew and the Prometheus-crew.

For a kiss to be really good, you want it to mean something. You want it to be with someone you can’t get out of your head, so that when your lips finally touch you feel it everywhere. A kiss so hot and so deep you never want to come up for air. You can’t cheat your first kiss. Trust me, you don’t want to. ‘Cause when you find that right person for a first kiss, it’s everything.
—  Alex Karev - ‘Something to Talk About’
(Season 2, Episode 7)
Grey's Anatomy Season 13, Episode 20: In the Air Tonight
  • Nathan: You're so fearless about so many things! How the hell are you still scared?
  • Meredith: I'm not scared. I'm making a choice. I'm prioritizing my family, my sister.
  • Nathan: Look, don't. Don't, please. Don't pretend this is still about Pierce. It's not. You're scared.
  • Meredith: Of what?
  • Nathan: Of him. Of letting him go. At some point, you gotta let go.
  • Meredith: I don't really want to talk about this.
  • Nathan: Yeah, good. I don't want to talk. I don't wanna talk about it. I don't want to talk at all, okay? I just want to... I want to move forward. I want to live my life 'cause I'm still here. I've still got one, and so do you.
Momma said to call if anything bad happens

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Before the Series

Dean’s age-17

Sam’s age-13

Reader’s age-3, almost 4

Nearly a year had passed since John had heard from your mom and it has taken a large toll on every one of the Winchesters. Sam was sad, Dean was worried, and John was angry. They were told that you’d be coming back into their lives soon but then your mom went radio silent, no longer calling, sending letters, she didn’t even tell Bobby where you two were or what you were doing.

It was like you just vanished.

John had tried to track you down a few times, however in order to do it properly he would have to investigate the deaths of your mother’s family, which took him away from finding out what killed Mary. He was torn and tried his hardest to do both at the same time, but it proved to be too difficult.

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anonymous asked:

Anyways, tell us about meeting Scott!

Lmao ok so I’m sitting at the hair station getting my hair braided. My friend just got finished with hers and he just casually walks in and she’s like “is that Scott?” So I look up and I’m like…yes. Yes it is. And she just STOOD there so I was like GO UP THERE. And I swear to god I was about to jump up from that chair. This poor girl. I was halfway off the seat and she’s like “do you want glitter?” And I’m like HAVING THIS INTERNAL BATTLE BECAUSE I WANT TO BE SPARKLY BUT WHAT IF HE LEAVES? But the glitter won and I ZOOMED from the seat as soon as she was done and went up to him. He gave me a pick at this point and was talking about Taylor getting ready and how she’s so excited for the show and how great ATT is and then he started talking about them as a business and their stocks and I was just like….okay Scott. Your stockbroker side is showing. So I tried to get a pic with him but he left to go see another group, so naturally I followed him. In this group he asked how we got our tickets and this one girl got them because she’s in the military so he started talking about all the stuff Taylor does involving the military and veterans (or something like that, I didn’t catch all of it) and we were like wow, we didn’t even know that and he’s like “yeah, there’s a lot of stuff that she does no one knows about.” And then he moved onto another group and I followed again lol. This girl was wearing an Olivia shirt so he started talking about Meredith and Olivia and some mouse game on the computer (??? He said to YouTube it) and how Olivia loves it and goes crazy. Even when the computer is off she’ll go over to it and paw at it and Meredith wants nothing to do with it. She just stares at her like “what the heck are you doing?” He kept calling Olivia “Dibbles” lol. So then another girl was like your daughter is amazing and he was like “thank you so much. We like her too.” And I was like “yeah you did a good job with that one” and he was like “thank you! We tried!” And he started talking about how much she loves us and how this preparty is the only preparty of its kind, that there’s never been anything like it and all the planning that went into it to make it special for us. I kept asking for a picture but I’m shy and quiet and I didn’t think he heard me, because he kept talking (I wasn’t interrupting, it was always during a break in conversation). Another girl asked him for one and he finally was like “sure, but She asked first, come here sweetheart” and pointed at me and then I took the shakiest picture of my life.

Elthina: My, my, such a terrible commotion!

Elthina leaves the Chantry only twice in the entire game. Once is to berate Sebastian, and as the scene is part of his DLC is not ‘the game’ proper. The second is here. If you only have the base Dragon Age 2 game, this is the only time you will see her step outside Chantry walls. Thus, this is the only opportunity to see her ply the trade that made her famous: diplomacy.

Elthina fucked up badly during the Qunari uprising, largely because she refused to leave the Chantry. The Chantry deliberately provoked the Qunari, yes, but Elthina could hardly have wanted events to play out as they did. Hawke was the only person to come out of that mess looking good. Where Elthina went wrong was a failure to know her enemy. What she thought was the conflict just starting to ramp up was actually the Arishok reaching breaking point. Had she gone to the compound herself, she might have realised this. Certainly Hawke could have told her – did try to tell her, but gave up when Elthina just kept claiming she would intervene ‘when it was time’.

This is different, though. Here, Elthina is fighting on her home turf. She has known these people most of their lives, and she is the direct superior of both. It’s in her power to manage this situation in any way she sees fit, so it’s interesting to see what she chooses.

I think we see here a clever and able politician – but one with no morals at all.

Meredith: This mage incites rebellion, Your Grace. I am dealing with the matter.

Elthina: Ah, Orsino. So frustrated. Do you think this is truly wise?

Orsino: I … no, Your Grace.

This is vicious. This isn’t just shutting Orsino up today, it’s effectively ruining any further efforts in this line. Orsino has adopted a very careful and deliberate tactic here: he is being ‘the good mage’. His position, by default, is awful: he is both an elf and a mage, and thus simultaneously a member of two of the most hated groups in Thedas. Getting a group of Chantry-going noble humans to listen to him is always going to be an uphill battle.

Thus, his strategy. Despite the desperation of the mages, Orsino is well-dressed, well-spoken and extremely confident in public. He has been addressing the crowd, not about Meredith’s crimes in the Circle, but about the crimes she is committing against Kirkwall’s citizens. The whole point is that he is wise. He is intelligent and well informed. He is telling the people of Kirkwall ‘what is really happening’.

In posing her question, Elthina has hamstrung him. He could insist that he does think this is wise, but in doing so he would be setting himself against the Chantry. Against a grand cleric. That would have the whiff of apostasy about it, and make him untrustworthy. Or, as he does here, he can agree with Elthina. He remains the good mage, then, but he can’t very well persist in telling the people of Kirkwall what Meredith really is, or he will again be defying a grand cleric. Without actually saying the words, Elthina has ordered him to shut up, forever, and he’s going to have to start all over again from scratch. Find some other way to bring Meredith down.

Elthina: Of course not. Young men, would you show the first enchanter back to the Circle? Gently, if you please.

Two things are noteworthy here. The first is that Orsino is not simply dismissed, rather he is effectively arrested: the Templars are returning a mage to his proper place in the Circle. He should not, really, be seen in the streets at all.

The second is that Elthina knows the Templars will not be gentle unless she specifically orders them to be. That means that she knows they will not be gentle once they are safely ensconced in the Circle. Templars are not gentle with mages. That is as it should be. But all of this should be occurring in the Gallows, not here. She is asserting both Chantry authority and Chantry propriety.

Meredith: Your Grace! He should be clapped in irons, made an example – !

Meredith, afflicted with red lyrium, is slipping. She doesn’t get it. She has been better at this in the past – an able partner for Grand Cleric Elthina. Her threat to Marlowe Dumar came in the form of a gift:

Meredith’s message was clear: Remember who holds power in Kirkwall. To drive home her point, she present Marlowe with a small carven ivory box at his coronation. The box contained the Threnhold signet ring, misshapen, and crusted with blood. On the inside of the lid were written the words ‘His fate need not be yours’.

World of Thedas II

No shouting in public, no direct threats, and something that the Viscount could not easily bring forth as evidence without revealing himself to be a Chantry puppet. Nice and clean. Just as it should be.

Meredith has been torturing the Kirkwall mages for years. As far as we know, Elthina has never stepped in to protect them. She’s done nothing to stop Meredith from making mages Tranquil, from locking them in their cells, from having her minions beat them or do anything else to them she pleases. Elthina does not care if Meredith has Orsino clapped in irons. She does care that she not announce she is going to do that in public. Do that, and Orsino looks right. The mage can never be allowed to be right, because if he is right then the Chantry is wrong.

Elthina: That’s enough, Meredith. This demeans us all, surely you can see that? Go back to the Gallows and calm down, like a good girl.

Here Elthina is finally forced to address Meredith. She hasn’t wanted to. She hasn’t wanted to diminish Meredith’s power. Meredith has ranted, and Elthina has crushed Orsino in response. But now Orsino is being hauled away, and Meredith is still talking. Since she’s not taking the hint, Elthina has to be blunt.

‘This demeans us all, surely you can see that?’ You can see the plea there. Elthina doesn’t understand what’s happening to Meredith any more than anyone else does. Meredith has always understood. She’s had Kirkwall under her control for more than a decade, and while people could hate her, no one could touch her. She never made these kind of mistakes.

But now Meredith can’t see her ally of many years here. She just sees a threat. Someone who is keeping her from doing the things she wants to do. It takes a battle of wills to get her to go. Nevertheless, unlike Orsino, she is permitted to leave under her own power.

Elthina has successfully reminded the people of Kirkwall of the pecking order: herself at the top, Meredith next, the Templar escort below that – and Orsino, their prisoner, at the bottom.

Elthina: Gentle people of Kirkwall … return to your homes, I implore you. This will not be solved today.

Of course, Elthina has just made damn sure that it won’t be solved today. Now, Meredith is a big problem. Unless you’ve got Zevran waiting behind a pillar with a very sharp knife, it’s probably not something that can be solved in a single day anyway. But Orsino’s purpose here was to spur people to action. To get the nobles to think and to talk. To begin taking the steps necessary to get rid of Meredith and install a true Viscount.

They’re going to need money. And an army. And a candidate. And a plan. They need to get started on this.

Note that Elthina is the only person in the city who benefits entirely from the status quo. The mages, obviously, are suffering terribly. Meredith, increasingly paranoid, needs to remove them and any other perceived threats to her position.

But Elthina? Elthina is exactly where she wants to be. She is managing a city in perpetual crisis. She is claiming to be a voice of reason and moderation. She is using ‘diplomacy’ on those who either have to obey her orders or outright rebel. She is earning unwarranted respect by ‘managing’ this situation. Where Viscount Dumar was stressed by the unrest in his city – because whatever his failings as a leader he did genuinely care – Grand Cleric Elthina is in her element.

This is what she wanted, and failed to get, from the Qunari presence: ongoing tension that would bolster her position and increase her reputation, but which is contained to groups she can control.

So Elthina is sending the nobles home. She does not want them to accomplish anything. She wants to keep things exactly as they are.

In The Last Straw Orsino is attempting to reach the Grand Cleric. She remains, as established here, the greatest power in Kirkwall. Tragically, he still believes his can move her to help him. She’s never going to help him. She’s never going to help anyone in Kirkwall but herself.

It is only the destruction of the Chantry and the death of Elthina that allows Kirkwall to escape.

Ethan dated Meredith, they then split. Meredith then got with Steven who was a friend of Ethan (so they are no longer friends) and when Steven and Meredith split, she got with kian who was also a friend of Ethan… so yep, they stopped talking too!

Meredith and kian have since split!

Now when the twins uploaded the YouTube video with Odell, kian did a Snapchat of him, Harrison and a few others watching that YouTube video… and a few days later, Harrison (who is a friend of the twins, jc and kian) did a snapchat and you can see Grayson with jc! Now Ethan was with Grayson that day, but you just couldn’t see Ethan in that snapchat! So Ethan could’ve either been with Harrison behind the snapchat, or with kian… then the same day kian tweeted that ^^^ and fans was/are assuming it’s about him and Ethan (not in a bad way) but saying that they are just gonna move on instead of having ‘beef’ with each other! And last night the twins was seen with Harrison and kian having lunch

Review of 13x23 “True Colors”

I have not said this since 13x16, but this was a great episode of Grey’s Anatomy.  Was it perfect?  No. But it did show us that the show we have loved for so long is still capable of bringing it.  I have a feeling this is going to be a long review, so grab a seat, and let me know what you think.

The episode opens with Meredith talking about those moments in life when everything seems to be going well. She says it’s as if the stars align. And we’ve all been there right? Literally, everything is perfect…so we’re just waiting for the other shoe to drop.  And in this episode, the shoe crushes them.  

It’s interesting that the last episode I loved was directed by Kevin McKidd because this one was, too. He is quickly becoming one of my favorite directors for the show.  I thought the scene where the Army soldiers show up at his door to tell him about Megan was so well done.  I know it was frustrating to not hear exactly what they said to him, but it is also realistic.  In life, there are often life-altering moments that we don’t see coming, and it is as if we are not fully experiencing them.  Our body is there, but our mind goes someplace else.  For Owen, he is thrown back into his experiences overseas, finding out Megan’s plane crashed, and the guilt of being the one to tell her to get on the plane.  He hears what they are saying, but he isn’t processing it correctly because of his PTSD. This is such a likely reaction from someone who has been through what he has, and Kevin impressed me with his delivery of it.

Stephanie returns to the hospital.  Webber signs off on her returning, probably so he can feel guilty later, and she jumps back in to work.  I am still trying to figure out the point of her suspension if they weren’t actually going to go anywhere with her supposed anger issues.  I guess in a roundabout way it led to her being on the rapist’s case because Eliza wouldn’t let her do Neuro, but other than that…

Alex is in L.A. imagining multiple scenarios of pummeling Jo’s husband.  I have to say, as much as I don’t want Alex in jail, a part of me was sad that he didn’t really leave him bloody on the sidewalk.  And this is a good sign for Jolex, even if Jo wasn’t even in the episode.  The fact that Alex envisions different ways of hurting the man who hurt her shows how much he still loves her.  

Then we meet our patients. April and Bailey are with Allison, and Deluca and Stephanie have Keith.  It looks like they were having sex in their car and one of them accidently hit the gas pedal, which causes lots of sex talk amongst the doctors throughout the episode. They never pass up a reason to talk about sex at Grey-Sloan.

Cut to Owen on the elevator. He is still very much in his own head. The muffled audio and focus on the sound of Owen’s breathing instead was an effective way to show that he is not registering his surroundings.  All he hears are his own thoughts.  The baby who choked on the coin comes in, completely blue.  Owen’s survival instincts are still there.  He may be rough and insensitive, but he saves her.

Back to Allison. April, Bailey, and Maggie are working on her.  Maggie says, “I hope the sex was good.”  April replies, “Is sex in a car ever that good with all those windows?”  And the Japril fandom freaked.  Guys, I get it.  It’s been eight weeks.  But this was not a dig at the 11x16 Japril scenes.  This was a genuine April Kepner reaction.  April, who was a virgin until she was almost thirty and has had sex with one man in her entire life, is definitely not an exhibitionist.  And I’m gonna get a little TMI here, but she’s right.  The backseat of a car is not roomy, seat belts end up in places they shouldn’t be, and then there is the paranoia that someone could see you.  I’m with April.  Car sex may be fun and hot at times, but there are many other places it could be better.

Allison wakes up asking if the guy she was with is alive, and at this point, the entire audience knew something was up, but of course, our Grey-Sloan doctors do not.

Jackson, Stephanie, Meredith, and Deluca are with Keith.  Eliza is there to complain about something, as usual, and Stephanie gets stuck with babysitting duty.

We have our first hint that Erin, the little girl who keeps wandering away, is going to have more of a story when Mer finds her digging through drawers in the hallway that they apparently don’t keep locked but are full of loaded syringes of epinephrine. Totally believable.

Arizona and Amelia give the choking baby a clean bill of health and Amelia gets her first hint that something is up with Owen when the parents ask to see him because he “pounded” on her.  Amelia finds him.  He snaps at her, but she doesn’t push him for more yet.  

Jackson and Stephanie are conveniently in the room with Keith when he wakes up. Props to Jesse Williams for pulling that tube dripping in saliva out of his mouth with no gloves. When I saw the spit drop, I gagged a little.  Keith seems like a sweet, concerned boyfriend.  Poor Keith, right?

Mer and Riggs find Erin in the radiology department messing with equipment.  Mer’s comments, “I know this girl.  She’s trouble,” and “Some people just need a nanny,” seem off to me considering she went off on a guy for mom shaming a woman in the plane episode who was just trying to do her best in the situation.  This feels like a similar situation and she has a completely different reaction.  Now, obviously this was just a moment they threw in there so Mer could see how great Riggs is with kids, but they still need to write her character consistently. They return Erin to her dad and Mer invites Riggs to dinner with her kids.  If I’m being honest, I’m still not completely sold on their chemistry.  I personally think Riggs and Maggie could have been interesting, but this is Grey’s Anatomy, so Grey gets the guy.

Then we get the scene by the OR board with Maggie, Deluca, Arizona, Stephanie, Jackson, and Eliza discussing Allison and Keith and sex.  There is a lot being said in this scene and the dialogue moves fast, so I had to watch it a couple times to see and hear everything.  Arizona says, “Car sex is only for when it’s new.”  Jackson adds, “Or it could be cheating.”  And again, the Japril fandom flipped out.  Ya’ll.  Again, this is not about 11x16.  Honestly, that comment is about Jackson and Stephanie having sex in the car after Bailey’s wedding if anything.  Stephanie picks up on it, too, I think, which is why she gives him a look and smacks his arm. Jackson and April were not technically together when he had sex with Stephanie, but he felt so bad about it, he went to tell April because he didn’t want her to hear it from someone else. Sounds like it felt like cheating to him.  There is more talk of how uncomfortable car sex is and then they transition to how sweet it is that Keith and Alison asked about each other.  They discuss whether it was love or not and Jackson says, “This isn’t love we are talking about here.  This was emergency sex, and they were just too damn horny to remember the parking break.”  Cue freak out number three.  Again, I think he is actually talking about this specific situation.  The camera didn’t linger on his face to show him deep in thought of his own situation, which Grey’s often does when lines have a deeper meaning. But if I force myself to read into this and relate it to Japril, I just think it means they are confused about what Montana meant.  Jackson and April have been talking about sex a lot in the episodes since Montana, so my guess it they are either having it or they want to be.  I didn’t get any negative Japril vibes from any of their comments about sex in this episode.  

Mer and Amelia.  I really wish they would have let Mer listen to Amelia in this scene.  If they are sisters, they should listen to each other, but Amelia is often told her problems are a result of her overreacting while Mer’s problems are real and should be dealt with.  I wanted this scene to go differently for once.  

Amelia sees Owen freak out on the baby’s parents and realizes he is not okay.  These two have had some great scenes lately, and this episode is full of more good stuff with them.  We find out Megan is alive.  I really think that this is setting up a season 14 story.  Megan showing up is something we all saw coming since season 12 (just like Jo’s husband returning), and it will create drama for at least Owen, Amelia, Mer, and Riggs.  I am interested to see how things play out with Riggs and Mer because Riggs loved Megan at one point.  It is all a bit too similar to Derek and Addison, but as long as it doesn’t take them 27 episodes to do anything with it, it could be good.

Brooke Stadler, huh? How does Alex know all of this? Did Jo tell him?  I think he said he hired a private investigator, but he would have had to have a name to investigate in the first place. Whatever.  I’ll let it go because the story is moving right now.  We all know it could be worse.

They remembered Teddy Altman!  Another small detail that made this episode really good.  

The Jackson and Maggie elevator scene.  Guys, go back and rewatch this scene.  Maggie is 100% talking about her views on Mer and Riggs.  This is her reacting to the small scene at the beginning where she watches Mer and Riggs switch badges because they have each other’s.  She is sitting behind the nurses’ desk and the camera shows her briefly.  She is clearly still hurting.  She says, “Maybe they are in love or maybe they were just horny.  It doesn’t matter.  We all love, we all get horny, and we all get hurt.  And then we come through to the other side.  And we get to help them do that.  We get to help them find love again…or screw again.  Either way.  But I think they’re in love.  I choose love.”  That entire ramble was her inner debate over whether Mer and Riggs are in love or just screwing.  That is why she uses we to describe it.  She is a part of what she is talking about.  She is the one who got hurt that she mentions.  But she is choosing to believe that Mer and Riggs love each other because that makes it hurt less.  This is not her hinting about sex or love with Jackson.  And he is just letting her talk.  He evens says he has no idea what she is talking about.  And he barely looks at her when they have scenes together.  They have been in scenes often since 13x12/13x13, whenever her mom showed up. There have been zero looks, zero lingering touches, zero moments of slow music playing in the background.  We miss Japril so much that people are reading into these scenes.  Stop doing that!

Then, Allison shatters all their illusions that she was having some lust filled car sex by telling Bailey, Maggie, and Jackson that Keith kidnapped her and tried to rape her. They call security and Jackson realizes that Stephanie is with him.  I know not everyone liked this, but I, for one, appreciate his concern.  She is his friend, and she is with a dangerous man. I would be surprised if he wasn’t concerned.  I also want to add that the guy playing creepy Keith is a great actor.  He was believable as both the concerned boyfriend and the psychotic killer.  Great casting.

Alex lets Paul go without saying anything.  Just like Megan being transferred to Grey-Sloan, this is a set up for next season’s drama.  These are those seeds that Debbie was talking about.  

When Keith stood up and held that scalpel to Steph’s neck, I really wanted her to punch him in the liver. She’s a badass.  I wanted to see her take him down.

Owen sleeping on Amelia’s lap was the sweetest thing.  We need more loving moments between our main couples.  This episode had no fighting couples or relationship drama, and it was one of the best of the season.  I hope someone who matters is paying attention to that.  

For Japril lovers, watch the scene where Bailey is giving instructions to the security team and calling for a code orange again.  They deliberately show April is in the room with Allison, then Jackson comes in and announces Keith and Stephanie are missing.  The camera pulls away, but if you watch Jackson, his eyes are in that room on April.  It’s a small moment, but it’s there.  

Jerrika Hinton was fantastic in all the scenes with Keith.  The scenes on the stairs and in the hallway they were trapped in had me on the edge of my seat not breathing.  And then Erin appeared.  “Hi.” Creepy Keith asked her name, and I started freaking out.  Where has this fantastic storytelling been all season?!  

Mer took learning that Rigg’s fiancé is alive better than I would have.  But she makes a good point.  If it were Derek, she would want to know immediately.  As much as I am not into Griggs, if they do this story right in season 14, it could be really compelling.  

Jackson and Maggie sit on the gurney and talk about Stephanie.  Jackson is stressing.  I get the question of why isn’t he worried about April and Harriet.  But, come on, he specifically knows Stephanie was with him because he left her there.  He feels responsible.  This doesn’t take away from the fact that he cares about April and Harriet and wants them to be safe, but this story is about Stephanie right now.  And as much as my Japril heart wants him to go check on his girls, I just pointed out that he saw April.  He knows she is okay right now.  They showed April in that room for a reason, so we knew Jackson saw her. They didn’t make a big thing of it, but it happened.  And again, nothing about this conversation between the two of them is anything to freak out about.

As hard as the scene where Keith tries to start the fire is to watch, I have to say I am so damn proud of Stephanie.  It’s violent, and it’s ugly, but how badass is it that she literally set a rapist on fire? Unfortunately, he didn’t burn fast enough to take the crazy out of him.  His last act alive is to purposefully set off an explosion, and Stephanie selflessly tries to stop him.  Now this may be a spoiler, and I apologize if it is, but we know from the BTS pic that Sarah Drew posted that April, Jackson, Ben, Bailey, and Webber more than likely operate on Stephanie in the finale, so she is probably not dead at this point.   I say at this point because I think she does die in the finale.  

I know this is a long post, and if you have made it this far, thank you for sticking in there.  I do have one more thing I want to talk about, though, and that is Japril.  Or rather Jackson, April, and Stephanie.  I know that so many of us are waiting for the finale to come through for Japril to decide if we stick around for season 14.  I’m with you all on that, but I want to throw something out there I have been thinking about. Maybe I’m overanalyzing or maybe not, but here goes.  

I think that in life, and in fiction, people meet for a reason.  Sometimes it’s a good reason.  We find friends, lovers, mentors, or just a helping hand or needed smile.  Sometimes we meet people for reasons that aren’t always good.  These are the people who teach us the hardest lessons.  They hurt us, they leave us, they damage us, but we come out stronger in the end.  I think that Stephanie was a part of Jackson and April’s life for a reason. Maybe the show didn’t get this deep with their connection, but I can’t help but wonder.  Stephanie joined the show in season nine.  Correct me if I am wrong, but the first scene that April and Stephanie interact in is the scene where April sets Jackson and Stephanie up for Bailey’s wedding.  This is obviously a significant moment between the three of them although none of them knew how significant at the time.  This moment leads to the car sex that Jackson calls cheating in this episode, and of course, that moment where April tells Jackson that all she can think about is kissing him. April unintentionally hurt herself by setting them up, but she acts like an adult and doesn’t treat Edwards badly.  We see this in the scene where she teaches her to run the pit.  It’s the same episode where Jackson and Stephanie are trying to have sex, but she mentions April’s name and he can’t go through with it.  “Kepner’s running me ragged.”   Instead of going with his feelings, Jackson dates (ignores?) Stephanie and April gets engaged to Matthew.  Stephanie being in their lives at this point helps Jackson learn a hard lesson.  He realizes while working on his first big throat patient that he loves and wants to be with April.  He stands up at April’s wedding (Thank God), but Stephanie gets hurt in the process.  The dynamic between the three of them has always been this cycle of hurting and learning from each other.  Stephanie seems to get over the hurt of Jackson leaving her, and we don’t see much interaction between the three of them until we get that awkward scene where Stephanie does the ultrasound and ultimately discovers Samuel’s OI.  I think it was completely intentional on the show’s part that Stephanie was the one to find this.  She tells Jo that she wished horrible things for them, although she would have never wished for this.  This is another time when they are in each other’s lives at a significant point and one of them hurts the other.  It’s not intentional, but it happens.  They hurt, they learn from it, and they move forward.  After this point, things are not good with Japril.  April goes to Jordon, Jackson is hurt by her, and she returns to an uncertain situation.  In 12x05, Jackson uses Stephanie to hurt April.  It’s subtle, but it’s there.  Her flirts with her just enough to get a side eye from April and from the audience.  The cycle continues.  For a bit, it seemed as if the purpose for Stephanie being in Jackson and April’s lives had been fulfilled.  April and Stephanie even seemed almost friends.  They work well together, Steph helps her with Tinder, and they banter in the on-call room when April is sleep deprived.  It seems as if they are all done hurting each other.  Until now.  So here is where most of this is just my theory or speculation.   There is a reason that Jackson is the one who left Stephanie with Keith.  This is another way one of them has hurt the other, but this way ends up being physical.  And I think that Stephanie being hurt and Jackson feeling guilty over it will be the last lesson he learns from Stephanie being in his life.  I think that Jackson and April are on the team that works on her in the next episode, but they aren’t able to save her.  Stephanie dying would be incredibly significant for Jackson since he feels responsible, and may prompt him to finally tell April how he feels. This is the last lesson.  I think that Stephanie had a significant role in pulling them apart in season nine, and she will have a significant role in putting them back together now.  As usual, I could be wrong.  This could all be coincidence and the writers may not have put this much thought into this dynamic.  Either way, we find out for sure in one week.  Try to hang in there Japril fans.  There is no excuse for the poor writing and continuity, but from the BTS pics and videos that Jesse, Sarah and Debbie posted, it looks like we will finally see them interact at least.  And if they let us down, then, don’t worry, I will have plenty to say about that.  

Mistakes Have Been Made

Summary: Y/n likes Ethan but rumors have spread that Ethan and Meredith got back together.

Warning(s): Language

Word Count: 934

Originally posted by talkinboutmyimagination

Y/n’s POV

I decided to surprise my best friends, Ethan and Grayson by coming over to their apartment. I hopped out of my car and took the elevator upstairs, walking over to the door before knocking. I had a huge smile plastered on my lips as the door opened, revealing Grayson.

“Hey Y/n! What are you doing here?” He pulled me into a quick hug while smiling, showing off his dimple. “I came to surprise you and Ethan. Speaking of Ethan, where is he?” I walked in, searching for any signs of his twin brother. “Oh, he left about an hour ago and said he would be back around 7. You’re more than welcome to hangout and wait till he comes back.” I nodded my head and sat down on the couch, Grayson sitting next to me.

It’s been about 45 minutes and Ethan still hasn’t shown up. It was currently 7:24 pm. I was strolling through twitter when I saw an interesting post.

A fan tweeted “There’s rumors going around saying that Ethan and Meredith got back together, here’s some ‘proof’.” Attached to the tweet was a few screenshots of tweets from Meredith saying things such as “This time its forever❤️💍 The younger the guy the better lol” and “So glad I got my 2016 back! Missed the vibe” Along with a tweet from Jack Dail saying “i dont understand how people can get cheated on and go back to that person… everyone deserves better than that shit”

I turned towards Grayson, showing him the tweet. “Did you know?” My voice was quiet. He swallowed slowly, shaking his head. “They’re just rumors y/n. If Ethan got back together with her, he would have told me.” I nodded my head looking back at the tweet, bitting my lip and not believing Grayson. “Listen, I know you like him but you haven’t said anything to him and he’s absolutely oblivious to knowing. Tell him when he gets back.” He offered a small smile and squeezed my hand, giving me some comfort. I looked up and met his gaze before nodding slightly and gaining some confidence.

8:09 pm. The front door opened. I quickly paused the movie that I wasn’t even watching because I was rehearsing what to say to Ethan. Grayson was asleep next to me and I saw Ethan walk in with Meredith, latched to his side.

“Uh hey y/n. What are you doing here?” I pursed my lips as tears blurred my vision. I quickly got up off the couch, grabbing my things. “Nothing, I uh I-I have to go.” My voice wavered and I shoved past the pair, walking out the door.

Grayson’s POV

I heard other voices in the room, whispering about what just happened. I jumped up from my spot, realizing y/n was no longer sitting next to me. I quickly looked around, noticing Ethan and Meredith standing by the door.

“What’s up with y/n?” Ethan asked confused. “You’re an idiot. Y/n likes you and you got back together with the girl that cheated on you?! How stupid can you be?” I rolled my eyes, not caring if I insulted either of them. Shoving my shoes on, I ran down the hall. I decided to take the stairs as the elevator would take forever. I ran into the parking garage, seeing y/n walking to her car. Running up to her, I pulled her into my arms. She broke down completely. Letting out a loud sob and burying her head into my chest. “Some fucking rumor, right?” Her question was muffled but I knew she was being sarcastic. I ran my hand through her hair in attempt to calm her down.

I pulled away from the hug, looking into her bloodshot eyes. “Let’s go back to your place, yeah?” I questioned. I didn’t want to leave her alone, knowing she was this upset. She nodded her head and let out a small hiccup. I opened the passenger door for her before sitting in the driver seat.

Ethan’s POV

Grayson was right. I was being stupid. How did I not realize that y/n liked me back? I tuned back into reality, hearing Meredith ramble on about how awkward that was and how she’s glad I chose her.

“Get out.” I looked up from the floor into her eyes. She looked shocked. “What?” She blinked, tears brimming her eyes. “Get the fuck out. I don’t want you here and I sure as hell don’t want to get back together.” I said more sternly. Giving up, she walked out the door and I slammed it after her. Hot tears were running down my face.

The only reason I started talking to Meredith again was because I never thought I had a chance with y/n. I felt alone and I never thought she would give me the time of day. We’re best friends and I thought she didn’t want anything more.

A/N: I don’t post my writing here on tumblr or any social media outlets as a matter of fact. I get scared that my writing will get judged too much and I’m always scared that people I know will somehow find my page but I was really inspired for some reason to post this. I guess I got some weird boost of confidence. Anyways enjoy! Please note that this is just an imagine. 😇

The Journey - Part Eleven

Previous chapters are HERE. Thank you so much @jia911 for your amazing help!

I want to use this space also to wish a super HAPPY BIRTHDAY to @milesislookingforalaska ! Hope you had a blessed day! 

Timeline for Part 11:

Guys I am so happy I decided to split this part into two chapters because it wouldn’t have been possible to explore everything I wanted otherwise. This one is my favorite so far, it has a lot of unseen scenes and these are my favorite to write. It takes place during the events of 11x14, when Amelia recklessly takes off her gloves during Herman’s surgery and Owen flips (I wrote his reaction to it) and also what I imagined happened between 11x14 and 11x15. Here goes!

The Journey – Part Eleven


“Shepherd, what are you doing?!”

Owen had got up and reached for the intercom before he could even notice what he was doing. From the OR, he heard Amelia’s distant voice.

“It’s so much easier this way…”

But Owen didn’t care how easy it was. After over fifteen hours of standing in that OR, going through an incredible exhausting procedure, Amelia Shepherd had finally made it to the near end. All she needed to do was place small radioactive seeds in the inside of Nicole Herman’s brain to make sure the chances of tumor recurrence were as close to none as possible. After weeks of closely following up with her plans, Owen knew the procedure steps by heart. The radiation level those seeds contained were considerably high, which demanded special gear to handle them. Even though the dosage was not life threatening, it could still be very harmful. As chief, Owen had to ensure the hospital staff took every precautionin n the book to guarantee their own safety before anyone else’s.

His head of neurosurgery taking off her gloves and exposing herself to radiation was a huge liability. It could cause a great deal of damage if she prolonged that exposure, therefore causing a big bureaucratic headache for Owen to solve, not to mention a very likely insurance problem.

But that was not at all Owen’s concern.  

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cookie talks about her ocs episode 13

A compilation of Meredith tidbits! (because why not)

- Prefers Refined and Plain types of food; dislikes Sweet. Most sweet foods are much too sweet for her palate (she was given a cookie once and almost gagged), but she adores soup and dagon fillets to no end. She’d make them every week if she could!
- She lived in a small village by the mountain as a child, until a wildfire swept through the area, destroying the village and killing most of the population. She was retrieved by others safely, but she passed out before she could see the damage. Several bodies weren’t found, including her parents’. Meredith was no older than 7.
- She has burn scars on her right arm and her back from the fire.
- Has an affinity for plants - her favorite flowers are lavenders and hydrangeas.
- Her favorite napping spot is under trees. (Does that also count as loving plants?)
- Doesn’t like particularly hot baths or showers due to the steam– the heat clogs her airway. She can do warm baths/showers but prefers cold ones.
- After the war, no matter who she reaches A-Support with, she leaves the priory and sets out to become a traveling merchant across the One Kingdom. She sells handmade goods, from food to flower wreaths. She’s quite the businesswoman, too!
- Not very emotional, but when something touches her heart, it’ll show. She doesn’t like being emotional in front of others, though, unless they’re very well acquainted with her. Additionally, when she’s with her s/o, occasionally she’ll have her (spontaneous) sentimental moments with them.
- In a modern AU, Meredith is Latino. More specifically, she’s Nicaraguan.
- Despite not being able to wield them due to her class, swords seem to catch her eye. If she ever was to wield one, she would most likely favor a Silver Sword, and perhaps a Ladyblade second to that. (see also: Priestess!Meredith)
- Mildly allergic to cats, but always willing to pet them when given a chance. After the war, she wouldn’t mind having some animals to care for, either; sheep especially, since her parents were shepherds, so she knows how to care for them.
- Is a very, very heavy sleeper. Almost nothing could wake her up if she doesn’t wake up herself. You would think she was dead.
- Not too bad of a singer; tends to sing softly when working and sometimes sings to cheer people close to her up. (It’s infectious, too– they may soon find themselves singing with her, at least quietly.)
- Seiyuu: Miyuki Sawashiro, English VA: Amanda C. Miller.

Good parents

pairing: Remus Lupin x Reader

 Prompt: Hey there can u write a rly fluffy Remus x reader? Where they’re married, he’s the DADA professor and she’s a potions professor, and they have a few kids at hogwarts? :) just fluffy and cute ! Thx!

Request: Yes, by anon

(A/N): I wasn’t planning on working on this until over three days, but guess what? I did and I loved the idea! I hope you like it!

Originally posted by maisiewillaim

Strolling through the the corridor, not being very fast, Remus Lupin was stooped by a voice that brought a smile to his face. 

“Professor Lupin!” The voice was amused, soft and sweet. Yet Remus knew that the same voice could be sharp, and that the eyes he would see the second he turned around, would be smaller due her smile. The man stopped and turned around, a smile plastered to his face as he saw Y/n. 

“Ah, Professor Lupin. Didn’t expect to see you here, tonight.” Remus said as a smile crept to his lips. His wife rolled her eyes in an amused way and together they started walking to the great hall. 

“Going to dinner?” Y/n asked, her voice formal, but the twinkle in her eyes told his she was far from serious. 

“Why, how did you guess that?” He said, mocking her tone. She grinned and placed her hands behind her back. 

“How was Max doing in class? I think you had him this afternoon.” Y/n said, asking about Max Lupin, their son. 

“Ah yes. He did good. We worked with bogarts and he did good. Didn’t you have Amelia and Meredith?” Remus asked her as he felt proud of his son. 

“Yes. The twins weren’t that good. Amelia kept talking and disturbing Meredith. She didn’t talk, though. At least not until ten minutes before class ended. They got a zero and I got to take five points from their house.” Y/n said with a disapproving look. “I think we should talk to them.” Remus looked at his wife, both of them and evil shine in their bright eyes. 

“We should do it right after dinner.” Remus said. 

“Won’t their friends be there?” Y/n asked with a raised brow. Remus nodded and smiled. 

“That’s kind of the point, darling.”


The two of them were quickly done with dinner. Dumbledore watched with an amused smile as they left for the Hufflepuff table. Amelia and Meredith were both in Hufflepuff, while Max was in Gryffindor and Isabelle, who was in her last year, was a Ravenclaw. 

When Remus and Y/n passed Isabelle, she smiled and waved at her parents. She was the only one who wasn’t ashamed of her parents. They both smiled and waved back at their daughter before searching for the twins. 

“Ahh! Meredith, Amelia. How are you both?” Remus asked as he plopped down next to Meredith. 

“Have you two been good, lately?” Y/n asked as she sat down next to Amelia. They both grew red. 

“We’ve been doing fine. Thank you. I think we should go to our room.” Meredith said with a fake smile as she stood up and pulled Amelia with her. 

“Oh please, not so fast! Your dad and I want to have a chat about this guy you like, Amelia.” Y/n said with a smile, making Amelia freeze. “He’s a Hufflepuff, right?” Y/n looked down the table. “There he is, Remus! He doesn’t have such nice hair as Amelia wrote, though.” Remus followed Y/n’s gaze. Meredith chuckled. 

“Oh and we haven’t talked about Meredith’s crush on Cedric Diggory?” Remus asked loudly, and the boy looked over to them blushing. “yes, that time you dreamed about him!”  Y/n added. 

“Mom! Dad! Please stop!” Y/n shook her head. “You two didn’t shut up in class. So why would we?” Amelia pulled her sisters hand. “Let’s go. They are sadists.” She whispered, trying to push away her blush. Meredith followed her sister as they both walked away. 

“Now, no one is going to tease them, or we can find out some secrets about you too.” Y/n said as she smiled at the other students. “Come on, Remus. We have to talk to them.” She took her husbands hand and pulled him with her, to the large doors. 


“I can’t believe you two! Why would you do such thing to us?” Meredith said, clearly angry. 

“You know how we deal with behavior that is out of control.” Y/n said with a rather stern look. “Your mother and I think both of you aren’t paying enough attention in class. We both love you, but you need to take all of this much more serious.” Remus added. Amelia blushed, knowing it was true. 

“I’m sorry.” She said. Meredith looked just as angry as before. “I’m not going to say a meaningless sorry while you two have basically told my crush I like him!” She snapped. 

“Really? That guy likes you. He’s just to shy. And you should totally say sorry because we are the best parents you could wish for.” Y/n said. with a smile. “But, suit yourself. We are going to our room.” She said and grabbed Remus’ hand. “Behave, okay?” She said. Remus and Y/n weren’t angry at their daughters, Meredith would say she didn’t mean it like that tomorrow. 


“So, do you have a lot of work before tomorrow?” Remus asked Y/n once they were at their place. “No, they need to give a presentation. I don’t think I’ll need to help much.” Y/n said as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “I hope you can take tonight off as well.” She said, her hand playing with his tie before pulling it off and dropping it. He raised a brow and smiled. 

“I think I could, if that’d make you happy.” He said as he pecked her lips. She closed her eyes and pulled him back to her lips. “I would like that.” She said in between kisses. 

Remus smiled at her as she ruffed his hair. “You look so pretty right now.” She grinned, kicking her shoes off and walking to the bed while undressing herself. “Don’t get any ideas, Remus. Not tonight.” She called from behind the door of the closet. “I am looking for something to sleep in. But I cant seem to find anything.” Remus smiled and walked to the closet, shutting it. “Guess you’ll have to wear your underwear.” He said. Y/n rolled her eyes and dropped herself on the bed. “Ugh, fine.” She said as she crawled under the covers. “But you better join me and cuddle with me.” 

Remus did without complaining. he smiled as she played with his hair. “We are great parents.” She said with a smile. He chuckled. “Of course we are.” he loved Y/n with everything he had, and she loved him with everything she had. The four kids kind of proved that. 

Before Y/n fell asleep, she smiled at Remus. 

“I’m so happy with our little life.” She said. Remus looked at her sleeping. 

“I am too.” He whispered, kissing her head before drifting off to a sleep, full of roses and moonlight.