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For a kiss to be really good, you want it to mean something. You want it to be with someone you can’t get out of your head, so that when your lips finally touch you feel it everywhere. A kiss so hot and so deep you never want to come up for air. You can’t cheat your first kiss. Trust me, you don’t want to. ‘Cause when you find that right person for a first kiss, it’s everything.
—  Alex Karev - ‘Something to Talk About’
(Season 2, Episode 7)
“And then I was like OK I have to tell you about my cat! I told her I had a Scottish fold named Grayson and she was SUCH a Meredith. And Taylor was like “Is she a bitch?”
—  Taylor talking about Meredith with (wonderlandtay) in loft 89.

“What’s interesting for us is that Maggie has been a piece of story that we have had and known about since Season 4 — well, honestly since the beginning. That was one of the original pieces of story since the beginning with the Richard-Ellis dynamic, but it’s been a piece of story since Season 4 when we talked about introducing her. We were going, "When’s the right time?!” and we were holding it forever. I kept going, “Not this season, it’s not right.” After a while, I was like, “We’re never going to introduce it. The show is going to end without it.” Every time I thought the show was going to end, I was like, “Ah!” Then we hit this moment in time and I remember walking into the writers’ room and going, “You guys, it’s time.” And all the writers knew exactly what I was talking about. It’s going to be interesting to see how it plays out. Because we’ve all known about it for so long, it’s always been layered in. It’s not a thing where we’re going in and backdating. It’s literally always been layered into the story line. We can literally go back and pull out moments of the show and I’m excited to do so, and point out where it was talked about. It’s not going to be so hard to do.“-S.R. (x)


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Confession:  I had recently replayed DA2, and during the final battle with Meredith, I had forgotten from previous playthroughs that she will stun everyone and talk about mages, and the Maker. So when it happened, I was like “okay then”. But then, a few seconds later, Aveline comes barelling towards Meredith (as she is talking) and starts attacking her!!! Meredith does nothing at all (as this wasnt supposed to have happened)and just keeps talking!! Turns out, having a ring with Stun Immunity WILL WORK ON THE FINAL BOSS! I couldnt take the fight seriously at all after, because every single time Meredith would stun everyone, Aveline wouldn’t stop and would just keep hitting her. She did no damage, but still…. She truly is the “Woman-shaped Battering Ram”. 

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Gabrielle Union shares how she felt growing up as a minority.


ALEX AND JO IN EVERY EPISODE || The Sound of Silence (12x09)

But I also know, and I have known for a long time, that Jo loves you. “Post-It on the wall” loves you. Don’t ignore that.