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The worst thing is when someone picks Lucio or some other healer at the beginning, then I pick Mercy and then they immediately switch to a DPS. Like, having another healer on the team is SO helpful. I mean, I can solo heal just fine usually, but it's much less stressful when there's a backup healer in case I die, y'know? Having two healers isn't a bad team comp.

  • -Mei and Angela(Mercy) Are having lunch in the Watch point Gibraltar cafeteria-
  • Mei: Ugh, I hate him so much.
  • Angela: Who? Jamison? He seems a little unhinged but I sense a kind heart in there somewhere.
  • Mei: No! He is rude, crude, and smells. And He's so... so... so bad!
  • Jamison: -walks through the cafeteria with Mako. Seeing Mei, he gives her a smile and a wink before he and Roadhog find a table.-
  • Angela: Mei... why are you blushing?
  • Mei: I'm not! My face is red with anger! -was blushing-

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I accidentally fell of the Ilios map as Mercy and I remember seeing a video of this happening to someone else and I was desperately looking around hoping someone noticed so I can fly to them and as I thought all hope was lost, Roadhog appears over the corner in the middle of heavy fire and looking down on me like some type of angel. I fly to him, heal him up, boost, he got some kills and we ended up winning! He was really nice too and added me as a friend so that was nice :D

♡  Mercy76 Week ~ Day 3 ~ Family ♡

An alternate universe where Jack Morrison and Angela Ziegler are single parents. They meet on a spring day, as Jack’s adopted daughter Lena gets into a fight with Angela’s son Jamie. 
Though their kids tend to fight a lot, the parents get along and start taking a liking to each other ~ 
In the end they create a weird little family, and Lena and Jamie start getting along (especially to cause some mischief together)!