Mercy is a tad…sensitive when it comes to age.

Symmetra is the queen of ‘will-fuck-up-your-personal-life-for-shits-and-giggles’.

Pharah loves Symmetra, but she does scare her sometimes.

And Zarya just doesn’t know what’s going on.

For easier reading:


S - “You seem very fond of Miss Zaryanova, Dr. Ziegler.”
M - “Mhm.”


S - “She is quite a bit younger than you, is she not? Nine years, to be precise…”


S - “Ahaha, to think she was not even born when you went to school. You already knew that, of course.”


(Low-opacity text) - DESTROYER OF INNOCENCE


P - “What did you do?”

M - “Your innoceeeence”

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After seeing the Gency kids....I can't help thinking bout a Gency wedding.. o //w// o *gaaasp!!* then how he purpose to her???

[[I rememeber watching a segment of this korean drama with my mom and the guy had a very awkward proposal to the girl, it was very cute. This was the best I could remember from the korean drama.]]

[[Sorry I took so long to answer your ask!]]


Genji’s Delivery Service

Something I did in my spare time. I thought it would be interesting especially with how Genji plays if he was given a rescue function as an option along with his swift strike.

 Like for instances where a Genji ult wouldn’t suffice during certain moments of the game, use 10 percent of your ult and swift strike to rescue an ally that would make or break your supposed victory. 

Maybe a Mercy who has her ult but she’s bombarded by 4 enemy players and she’s about to die. Or a Roadhog who has the potential to wipe these annoying Attack type characters to clinch you the territory.

 I realized this would piss a lot of players off especially if they hate Genji and to give him another ability that could potentially be annoying. But it was fun to think about a WHAT IF and an excuse for me to draw XD.