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Hi I love your art!! For that drawing thing you did can I request mercymaker in B? It's ok if you don't, I'm sure you're busy! Have a great day ❤️

thank you sweet anon (/□\*)・゜true that i am busy but i’m trying my best with all the requests in my inbox and all these ship weeks happening :’D 

but here’s the lovely mercymaker for you  ❤ hope you have a good day, too! 

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hey dude!! just wanted to drop in and say I really love ur gency and mchanzo comics a lot!! whenever I see them on my dash I also go through a quick re-read of them because it's got all these nicely drawn expressions and honestly ur style is so appealing and evocative honestly I love u!! keep on truckin'!!!!! imma stop using exclamation points okay bye have a good day/week/year!!!!!!!!!!!


OHHH! Thank you so much! I cannot even.. *loses words and gives you a tight hug*

I am really glad you feel about them so! People’s feedback means a lot to me; it always helps me see better the good and bad parts in what I do and improve by this!

Here’s a small preview from the Gency comic! :3 And thank you again!

Ok but.. imagine German Bastion. They were (assumably) made in Germany and were there for most their life, so it would make sense that they would be able to understand the language.

  • Torbjorn getting Bastion a new voice box so they can speak and getting suprised that they speak German. He then proceeds to install English files on them as well
  • Bastion finding out that Rein and Angela also speak German and getting excited bc look!! someone who speaks my native language!! and they eventually become buddies
  • Bastion yelling/cursing in German whenever they’re angry, frustrated or ranting/venting about something. Rein and Angela are the only ones who understand and the former is like ‘who let this large metal child swear’
  • it was rein
  • Rein telling Bastion about German culture and traditions because they never really got to see all of that and maybe taking them to a festival or two?? he’s bummed out that they can’t try the foods though

feel free to add on!!

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I'd love to hear Tracer/Widowmaker/Mercy/Zarya/Sombra's reactions to having someone who has a crush on them or their current s/o using really stupid pick up lines on them.

I love the idea of the their s/o using dumb pick up lines on them. It’s so creative!

Tracer -
Lena was lounging on the couch, relaxing and watching TV. You dramatically strolled past her to get her attention.
“Hey baby,” You say with a silly grin on your face, “Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?”
Lena cracked up laughing, which sent you into a fit of giggles.
“Love, that was so lame!” She laughed. “I loved it.”

Widowmaker -
“Hey Amélie,” You say.
“Hm?” She replies, glancing up from her book.
“Did you sit in a pile of sugar?” You ask.
She gives you a confused look.
“Because you have a sweet ass!” You say with a smile.
She lets out a chuckle. “You are a fool.” She says, still smiling. You lightly slap her butt as you walk past.
“You’re my fool, though.” She smiles.

Mercy -
“Angela!” You yell, stumbling into the medbay.
“What?” She asked, clearly alarmed.
“Do you have a band-aid!? Because I scraped my knee falling for you!”
She looks up at you and laughs. She walks up to you and playfully slaps your shoulder.
“You had me worried!” She giggles. You pull her into a big hug and give her a kiss.

Zarya -
“Zarya, are you okay?” You ask. You do your best to look concerned.
“Yes?” She asked, kinda confused.
“You look ill.” You say, “You must be suffering from a lack of vitamin ME!”
“That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.” She says with a laugh, before pulling you into a hug.

Sombra -
The hacker was sitting at her computer, like always, typing away. You walk up behind her and wrap your arms around her.
“Sombra, are you a computer keyboard? Because you’re just my type!”
She tries to act serious and unimpressed, but you can see her smile. You lean in until your lips are against her ear, “Did you get those pants on sale? Because at my place they’re 100% off.” You whisper.
At that, she cracked up laughing.
“You’re lucky we’re already dating, mi querido, because those were awful.”