Mercury Retrograde

Transiting Mercury enters Retrograde Zone

Timetable (current events in bold):
Mercury enters Retrograde Zone, Sunday, March 26, 24:15 Aries
Mercury into Taurus (mulligan), Friday, March 31
Mercury at Greatest Eastern Elongation, Saturday, April 1, 00:42 Taurus
Mercury Retrograde, Sunday, April 9, 4:50 Taurus
Mercury’s Inferior Conjunction, Thursday, April 20, 00:20 Taurus
Mercury Rx back into Aries, Thursday, April 20
Mercury direct, Wednesday, May 3, 24:15 Aries
Mercury into Taurus, Tuesday, May 16
Mercury at Greatest Western Elongation, Wednesday, May 17, 1:39 Taurus
Mercury out of Retrograde Zone, Saturday, May 20

(NB: I’m going to begin to integrate the Sun/Mercury cycles into these interpretations, which is a very Aries thing to do - dive right on in.)

Since we’re going to revisit this final swathe of Aries, I thought it might be useful to write about how a malfunctioning Mercury in Aries might manifest:

Learning: Poor Ms. M has historically exemplified this during math classes. She reads the first half-dozen words of the problem and thinks she has a good grasp of how to solve it and can forge on ahead. Why, just a few days ago, at the ripe old age of 58, she solved a geometry problem using the radius when the problem specifically stated it was the diameter that was given. Oops. In other words, we assume we have enough data to work with, but we don’t. Perhaps we’re too eager to “finish the problem” first? Aries loves to be first!

Thinking: Again, because this is Aries, the problems are pretty obvious. Sometimes we have to make spot decisions based on little data - but not all the time! We’re in too much of a hurry with our reasoning processes, which makes us liable to overlook important facts. Going back to the math example, some of Ms M’s least favorite words are “Show your work.” If she’s right, why should she have to do that? Consider also that our thinking is adversely affected by any anger we have.

Communicating: We’re too loud, we’re too impatient, and we talk too fast. We’re more intent on showing off, expressing our anger, and/or moving on to the next topic. We don’t want to understand the other person, we want them to submit to our way of thinking.

Look at the house(s) where Mercury travels through, for there the problems will crop up, and there we’ll need to review and revise. There’s just one aspect, which is not surprising; this is a narrow slice of Zodiac, after all.

Wednesday, March 29, Saturn/Sagittarius trine Mercury/Aries, 27:44

First of three. This is a flowing aspect, between two planets that (although peregrine) are well-placed by sign. What could possibly go wrong? Well, combine the Aries egoism and the Sagittarian pomposity, and you get, “There is only one right way to think about life, and I’m the one who knows it!” This will come back to haunt you - just how much we don’t know, is going to be emphasized. Might be wiser (Sag!) to set an intent of, “I know there’s more to this, and I set myself to finding out just what that may be.”

Planets/Points affected lie between 26:44 and 28:44 of the yang signs Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.

Mercury Retrograde Cycle – Dec. 19, 2016-Jan. 8, 2017


The planet Mercury will be entering a retrograde cycle in the Earth sign Capricorn on December 19, 2016, until January 8 of 2017.  It is a period where Mercury “goes backwards”. However, this is an optical illusion.When Mercury goes retrograde, you can expect communications to go haywire.  This occurs approximately 3-4 times a year.

Mercury is the ruler of communication, clear thinking, as well as travel.  During the retrograde cycle, things may start to get ugly in these areas.

What to do:

  • Stay Calm.  Everyone goes through it and it effects everyone differently. Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini and Virgo, and those with Gemini or Virgo placements may feel the difficulties of the retrograde more than others. 
  • Try and go with the flow. Things are most likely not going to go your way since Mercury wants us to think backwards spiritually.  It wants us to re-evaluate our thinking and re-evaluate areas in our lives that may need some work.
  • Take extra precautions. 
  • Be good to yourself!

What NOT to do:

  • Refrain from large purchases such as buying a house, car, electronic devices, etc.  Most likely, computers may crash, cars may break down more than usual and travel will be more difficult during this period as well.
  • Do not enter new relationships. This is a time of reflection and re-evaluation.  Exes are likely to appear! Do NOT go back to them either, because it is likely the spark will die out after the retrograde is over.
  • Avoid large contracts or entering into a commitment.  Many started projects remain unfinished during a Mercury retrograde.
  • Don’t start a job. Things are not what they seem to be during a Mercury retrograde period!
  • Avoid moving in with someone. People may not be “themselves” during a retrograde cycle, and once Mercury goes direct, this person may be a totally different person.

Other things you can expect:

  • Deceitful people; especially with Neptune in Pisces.
  • Sleep deprivation is likely.
  • Greater stress is likely.
  • Slower thought process
  • Travel delays or traffic
  • More arguments with friends/family
  • Unhappy/more angry people

Best of luck everyone! 

  • Mercury signs represents reasoning, communication, and thinking.
  • Mercury in Aries: Quick thinking, very vague thoughts. Comes off as coarse and unrefined.
  • Mercury in Taurus: Slow, very precise. Hates admitting they are wrong.
  • Mercury in Gemini: Scatter-brained, entertaining too many thoughts at once. Excellent communicator.
  • Mercury in Cancer: Guarded, measured words. Thoughts clouded by sensitivity and worries.
  • Mercury in Leo: Authoritative and know it all. Idealistic and loves sharing their thoughts.
  • Mercury in Virgo: High-strung, receptive to appreciation. Open minded yet structured.
  • Mercury in Libra: Diplomatic and pleasing. Tactful and compromising.
  • Mercury in Scorpio: Truth seeking and observant. Passionate, helpful, and strategic.
  • Mercury in Sagittarius: Freedom of thought and has grandiose ideas. Optimistic and fascinating.
  • Mercury in Capricorn: Diplomatic and concise. Methodical and guarded.
  • Mercury in Aquarius: Frivolous and enjoys stirring reactions in people. Superiority complex and detached.
  • Mercury in Pisces: Gentle and vague. Indirect but observant.
  • To calculate your Mercury sign, use this link and follow the instructions. http: //
Karmic Meanings of Retrograde Planets in the Natal Chart

I found this on and I just wanted to share it with you because it is great information

When a  planet is retrograde, its energies are turned inward and becomes more  subjective. The energy is slower  manifesting in the external world, partly because the individual with  retrograde planets tends to think more deeply about the energies involved.  Many geniuses and leaders have retrograde   planets.

         According to Martin Schulman, in his Karmic  Astrology:  Retrogrades &  Reincarnation, Vol. II, retrograde planets tend to break the time  barrier.  The individual brings memories  of prior lifetimes into the present incarnation.  There  may be feelings of a “blending of lifetimes” characterized by the person  attempting to resolve issues that still appear to be unfinished.  The memories can be so vivid that the person   does not recognize them as “memories.” In Schulman’s words:  “He is living in a dulled phase of another  time zone whose irresistible magnetism seems even more important than his  current life.”  The individual keeps  re-living the experiences that relate to the particular retrograde planet.  

        Retrogrades operate through multiple  dimensions at the same time.   Thus, the  person may “be either behind or ahead of himself in this life while still  another part of self is not yet in this life at all.  In addition to this lack of synchronization  with chronological time, which in itself would be enough to upset most  individuals, he also experiences on still another plane, a rather unique  orientation in space.”  (Schulman)

         Schulman’s definition of a “Retrograde individual” refers to  having either:  1) 3 or more retrogrades  in the natal chart, 2) any one of the personal planets Retrograde, or 3) even  one single Retrograde planet near the Ascendant or Midheaven (the 10th house cusp is called the Midheaven).

        Again quoting Schulman:  “The Retrograde planet, with its powerful   karmic lessons being brought forward in this life tends to emphasize the matter  or form side of life, throwing man into the more primitive parts of himself  where his struggle for survival amidst the conditions and people around him  becomes predominant over the fulfillment of his Soul.  This becomes even more heightened in the case  of the inner [personal] Retrogrades (Mercury, Venus, & Mars) through which  man deals with the very same intimate, personal, and private parts of himself  which he has been struggling with since his beginning in time.”  

         It  is comforting and encouraging to know “that soul and spirit are above the laws  of karma” and all difficulties can be resolved.   Much spiritual growth can take place through the overcoming of the   difficulties involved with Retrograde planets.


The SUN and MOON  do not go retrograde.

MERCURY RETROGRADE – turns the mind inward, giving a  tendency to repeatedly go back over prior events and lessons.  The thought process is based in the   subconscious rather than the conscious mind.   This means the learning process  is more Right Brain than Left Brain; you absorb the essence rather than the  details.  For this reason, you are likely  to score lower on standardized and/or facts-oriented tests than those students  not having MERCURY RETROGRADE.  

         PARENTS,  BE ALERT – The child with MERCURY RETROGRADE is likely to be made to feel  and told that he/she is less intelligent than he/she really is.  This  child’s learning process is different, not less intelligent.

        The MERCURY RETROGRADE individual is  capable of tapping into the collective unconscious and of perceiving knowledge  from prior times.   This process is  unconscious.  Because you know more than  you can consciously communicate, frustration may set in.  You may become preoccupied with the form of  your ideas, creating barriers to the essence of your knowledge.

         Creative  outlets that require non-verbal communication, such as music and painting, are  an excellent means of expression for MERCURY RETROGRADE.  Many of our musical geniuses have MERCURY  RETROGRADE.  History is also a natural  outlet.

         MERCURY  RETROGRADE KARMA:  Relationships – with a tendency to  react to others “as if” they symbolize persons from the past.

VENUS RETROGRADE – indicates difficulty in  expressing freely your love and affection for others.  You may feel that you lack emotional  fulfillment and tend to interpret life’s events through the lens of “how much  am I loved or deprived of love?”   Emotionally based relationships can be difficult because you tend to  internalize and thereby exaggerate hurts.

         VENUS  RETROGRADE KARMA:  Relationships – reveals that your soul  carries memories of past life painful relationships and a great  misunderstanding about the nature of love.   The prior life intense emotional pain may result in a present tendency   to cut yourself off from fully experiencing the richness of love—out of fear of  being hurt once more.  You will tend to  react to the present as if it is the past, thereby pre-programming your present  love relationships.  You tend to block yourself  from happiness by trying too hard to achieve it.

         PARENTS:  Encourage your VENUS RETROGRADE child to engage in all activities that add beauty,  art, and love to his/her daily life.  VENUS  is the planet of beauty; teach your child to think and create in terms that  focus on enhancing life’s situations.   Loving an animal may be helpful; just make sure the child is also   learning to love people freely and within the present context.

MARS RETROGRADE – shifts the outward thrust of energy  characteristic of MARS and directs it inward.   You will tend to expend a lot of energy reliving internally your past  experiences.  Because you are constantly  to the past, you may inflict past life roles upon the persons in your present   life’s environment.  There is a strong tendency to place priority upon  fulfilling your spiritual desires, resulting in neglect of the physical body’s  needs.   An intentional focus on holistic  growth is needed.  Sexual experiences  can be less fulfilling because your energy is turned inward.  However, sex that is deeply rooted in love   between two partners and that strives for a mutual spiritual orgasm can be a  much more natural expression for MARS RETROGRADE.  

         MARS  RETROGRADE KARMA – indicates your actions  tend to be an effort to recreate situations from your prior lifetimes. You may expend energy in attempting to find people  in the present who can symbolize those who fulfilled you in the past.  You may try to act out all that you could not  express in prior lifetimes.  You may   over-react when your efforts fail to produce your desired results.  This over-reaction can result in “coming on”  too strongly, only to have people pull back.


Rules the Eternal  Self, the Planet of Wisdom

Jupiter is a source of enthusiasm, optimism, and the urge to seize the  opportunities offered to you in life.

JUPITER RETROGRADE turns its energy of expansion  inward, so that much inner growth takes place, often through spiritually  oriented studies.  JUPITER RETROGRADE tends to procrastinate and to plan, then  re-plan, to the point of failing to get anywhere with the thoroughly planned  project.  JUPITER RETROGRADE offers the opportunity for a highly spiritual  incarnation. You must seek your own Truth; for, the mundane and status quo is  likely to leave you feeling discontent.    You are a free-spirit and  cannot follow happily in the footsteps of others.  Great wisdom and prophetic ability can be  present, especially as you attain spiritual maturity.  JUPITER RETROGRADE can bring many déjà-vu   experiences; you can feel at home anywhere on the planet. 


The planet of self-discipline,  SATURN’s goal for you is perfection.

SATURN helps us  bear our karma and successfully pass our tests.  Until we willingly accept  self-discipline, we experience SATURN as feelings of limitation, deprivation,  delay, and disappointment.  SATURN’s  true desire is to grant us wisdom and compassion.

SATURN RETROGRADE is your signal that you are re-doing a lifetime.  This incarnation is your 2nd chance; thus, you will feel the burden of dealing with two lifetimes at  once.  You can, therefore, experience  inner doubts about your self-worth and your ability to overcome  difficulties.  The good news is that your  soul knows you have achieved the spiritual maturity required to re-do  successfully a lifetime.  You have in  prior lifetimes advanced through great personal struggles and sacrifices.  Now, as you learn to flow with SATURN’s  discipline, you will be rewarded with enormous wisdom.  SATURN is comfortable in RETROGRADE motion, and  as you flow with it, you develop the capacity to tap into all of your past life  wisdom and talents.  SATURN RETROGRADE is a sign of an old Soul who has advanced far on the  spiritual path.  Now, you have incarnated to perfect what you have learned. 

         SATURN  RETROGRADE KARMAthe re-doing of a  lifetime, with the extra weight that entails.  SATURN RETROGRADE will be serious about  getting it right this time.


URANUS RETROGRADE – creates difficulty in being  aware of and expressing your inner individuality.   There can be a rediscovery of ideas from  previous lifetimes.  URANUS RETROGRADE  gives you a compelling sense of responsibility toward personal growth because  you sense that human progress as a whole is enhanced as well.  You  are a forerunner of the future, very tapped into the richness of life.  You must be original; you must explore the  new; you must share your ideas with others.   You are a free spirit and  cannot be bound by seeking to have others understand what you are about.  Your path may be long and crooked, but you  can know extreme happiness while traveling it.

         URANUS  RETROGRADE KARMA – relates to karmic  family and societal difficulties. In  your efforts to both relate to others and to reform, your unconscious mind can  be transformed.  URANUS RETROGRADE can  play havoc with relationships because of your changeability, which can make you   appear hypocritical.  Your mental and  emotional bodies may struggle with each other, as you know you need to do one  thing while feeling that you need to do another.  URANUS RETROGRADE would have you lift your  consciousness above the emotional/mental bodies and focus on the intuitive  body.

NEPTUNE RETROGRADE – gives the desire to unveil mysteries and to expose religious shams.   You will have an intuitive awareness of  your subconscious mind, but may have difficulty making conscious  attunement.  NEPTUNE RETROGRADE attunes  much easier to the subconscious/unconscious when the focus is diverted by the  use of a tool, such as astrology, or while the conscious mind is occupied with  the task at hand.  It is, therefore, important to listen to and heed insights  that appear to come to you from “out of the blue.”

         NEPTUNE  RETROGRADE indicates the urge to view the material world in terms of its  significance to the Soul and its growth.   Thus, NEPTUNE RETROGRADE offers you the opportunity to achieve a very  advanced stage of spiritual evolution during this incarnation.  NEPTUNE RETROGRADE requires that you live in   the material world while remaining separate from it.  To  others, you will seem to lack the common sense that motivates the behavior of  others.  Instead, you vibrate to a  higher music, possessing a direct attunement with your Soul.  You are much more in touch with the cosmos  than the material world and know far more than you can express in words.

         NEPTUNE  RETROGRADE KARMA – You are living through a karma of learning how to distinguish between the dreams that will  bring true fulfillment and those that simply appear to do so.  This learning process can mean that you  attempt living one dream after the other.   Because NEPTUNE RETROGRADE, functioning on the personality-centered  level, can be confusing, you may tend not to trust your intuition—even though  you are highly intuitive

PLUTO RETROGRADEturns its transformative energy even more deeply into the   superconsciousness, bringing about an inner illumination long before you are  able to give it expression in the outer world.  PLUTO RETROGRADE indicates a carry-over of psychic powers from  previous lifetimes. These powers are  to be used in constructive ways only.   You will feel the struggle humanity is going through within yourself—humanity’s struggle is your struggle. You are aware of and feel responsible for  lifting your conscious awareness so that the consciousness of humanity can be  thereby lifted.

         PLUTO  RETROGRADE KARMA – A karmic debt is  owned to humanity stemming from the age indicated by the sign in which PLUTO is  located.  This debt is to be paid  through selfless service to humanity.  Tremendous spiritual growth is possible;  you have the opportunity to rise above the karma of the human race and step off  the wheel of rebirth.  PLUTO RETROGRADE  joins NEPTUNE RETROGRADE in asking that you live in the world, while remaining   separate from it.

I did not write this but you can message me if you have any questions :)

Retrograde Planet Guide

Retrograde planets are planets that appear to physically move backward in the sky at the time of birth in a natal horoscope.  It is only illusion as the planets only appear to move backwards in the sky from a point seen on earth.  They do not physically move it is only optical illusion.  During the Retrograde the planets are as close to the Earth as they ever are during their orbit.

Planets in retrograde motion symbolize karma.  Retrograde symbolizes an internalization of the planet’s energy, thus making us consider their energies more.  The planets energy becomes a part of our consciousness through Retrograde in a birth-chart.  For this reason planets in retrograde effect people at a great level.  

Mercury is already apart of our conscious and it’s nature is internalized by nature.  As Mercury rules the lower mind and communication it is a part of a persons conscious nature.  Retrograde still effects it, but not as deeply as the other celestial bodies. It is a different story from the other planets as there effects are greater.

The deeper influence of Retrograde planets are felt from Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.  Why is this you may wonder.  The simple answer is because all of these planets are planets that don’t represent an integration into our conscious thinking naturally.  

Sun, Moon and Mercury together are all naturally part of a persons singular consciousness in this lifetime. Mercury and Moon represent thinking of the lower and higher mind, and the sun is the other part of a persons conscious. Only Mercury can be retrograde in the normal consciousness because Sun and Moon cannot be retrograde in a birth chart.

Below is the list of planets and each of there Retrograde symbolic meaning.

Now what the planetary retrograde means by planet.

Thinking may have a non-linear and differing quality then other peoples.  The thinking can be more insightful.  The mind goes over experiences more. Learning is different and information is processed through subconscious thinking patterns as opposed to conscious thinking patterns.  

Doubts may center around learning, and this person can struggle with communicating their thoughts.  This can be from a reduced sense of confidence in the validity of their ideas.  Communicative reactive skills may be slower, as the mind needs to process incoming information different then others.  Sometimes the mind works so differently people may believe this person possesses a learning or speech disorder due to their offbeat mind and communication style.

Due to abstract thinking partners these individuals have a tendency to be their own best teachers. They ask lots of questions and have trouble accepting things at face value.  Mercury retrograde learns at a different pace then others due to their different thinking process.  Mercury here works best expressing itself through the hands by doing music, drawing, or painting instead of verbal communication.  

Mercury Retrograde karma centers around a past life where the person could of relied to much on others for teaching.   They may not of asked enough questions to enhance their learning.  They may of communicated things out of context and now are to learn to “think twice.” about what they communicate.

Venus in retrograde people may appear deeper then the standard Venus sign. They may be more introverted then then a normal Venus can be.  Socializing isn’t superficial and relationships are very important and taken very serious.   They don’t make social contacts just to be social, their relationships have purpose.

These individuals may have troubles communicating love or being affectionate in expression. Can ask a lot of questions around love.  May wonder a lot about commitment and loyalty.  Struggles can center around a reduced sense of self worth believing they are good enough in love.  Can come from thinking themselves into despair regarding being worth love.  Self esteem of the person suffers in many cases.

Life may be seen and measured in terms of value of love.   They may be wrapped up so much in the fear around losing love they don’t put themselves out there.  Forming the bond of a relationship can be problematic due to their self sabotage tendencies within thinking.  Opening themselves up to believing relationships are good for them despite their fears can be troublesome especially in early years.

Overindulgence in eating (food is a luxury seen from Taurus after all) can be a problem with Venus retrograde.  They may emotionally eat to make up for the lack of human companionship due to holding themselves back.  Loneliness may be a problem due to their troubles communicating their desire or affections for another.

The Karma of Venus in retrograde centers around past lifetimes where relationships and love may of been misunderstood, neglected, or troublesome. The current lifetime tends to carry on pain from the previous life love endeavors.

Mars likes to fight by nature but internalized retrograde Mars needs to sort out whats its fighting for.  Needs to seek and internal purpose that they think is worthwhile.  More times then not they relive actions they have lived in their lifetime in their head.  This person can work hard and more efficiently when given a second chance at retribution for their mistakes.  This individual can be one that works so hard at retribution they forgo taking care of their vital needs.

Not accomplishing goals can cause over-reactions as a result of the the internalization of their shortcomings.  Sexual side can be more internalized and their lovers may feel they are selfish.  

Karma for Mars retrograde can center around reliving actions already lived in prior lives.  There may of be a desire to attach to people that represent something from a previous life.  This may also mean recreating situations by living somewhere or doing tasks again in this life that can from a previous one.

There can be a perpetual feeling of living past lives, and coming back to accomplish missed deeds in a prior form. Shortcomings and failures may subconsciously be relived with a desire to to relive the past life in this lifetime.

Since retrogrades rule internalization, Jupiter retrograde symbolizes internal expansion of the person.  Morality, ethics, and philosophies come from their own internal thinking.  Others may think their belief systems, morals and philosophies are not of the norm.  They may struggle with higher education and be prone to being self educated more.

This retrograde offers an avenue for a higher spiritual nature in life.  They may be inclined to compile their own idea of religions.  This can be done by picking over infusing pieces from their own morality and other religions they are inspired by into a pseudo-religion that makes sense more to them.  Luck may not come so easy to them, so they think more about what they can do in the moment to make good things come to them.  

The karma of Jupiter Retrograde may come from blindly following other philosophies, religions and morals in a previous life without consider your their own personal values with them.  They may of also taken on education others recommended for them, failing to follow their own interests in a prior life.

Fear and self doubt can rule their life.  These people can possess a conservative approach in life.   They fear losing and fear rejection; causing them to not want to take chances.  They can feel stuck between a rock and a hard place.  Limitations are brought on by their own doing.

Saturn in Retrograde can produce a person who fears letting people down. The odd twist of fate is that they really let themselves down.  Following strict guidelines can be very different for Retrograde Saturn.  These people may feel nervous about fulfilling expectations others have of them.

Karma says that Saturn retrograde indicates that there was trouble fulfilling oneself in a previous lifetime, and it is to be relived in the current one.  Some with Saturn in Retrograde feel like they have more weight upon their shoulders then others.  Besides the fear of not pleasing others, they may subconsciously feel failing in this lifetime from the souls remembrance of failure in a prior life. Failure in this lifetime is a state of mind they create for themselves by their own negative self image carried over from a prior life or soul experience.

The current lifetime can be about using the wisdom of hardship to their advantage.  To realize that there is rewards for struggle, and retribution comes in the form of personal sacrifice.  Reputation and acknowledgment can come only when Saturn in Retrograde realizes the only person holding themselves back really is themselves.  Karma can be worked through but it’s up to them.

Internally their can be a great unrest centered around familiarity.  Instead of showcasing their originality to the world as an Aquarius would they can feel inclined to internalize what makes them original and unique.  Outside to the world they may seem like conformists, but consciously in there head it’s another story. This can stem from a childhood that may be symbolized a lack of self expression and individuality allowed.  

Internalizing originality gives a belief that others cannot take freedom from them.  A great struggle can exist in contradiction.  A feeling where this person may have to do one thing to conform, but really there is desire to be their original selves.  Embracing being a free spirit is something inside themselves they have aspirations, hopes and wishes for.  Yet the Retrograde gives them struggles in bringing it out.

People with Uranus retrograde may struggle and feel lonely because of this position.  Due to struggles expressing their individuality there can exist troubles being apart of social groups.  Struggles with assimilating with network groups, or gaining a following on networks due to internalizing their individuality that makes them unique and different is most likely.  

The Karma of Uranus retrograde can center around previous lifetimes where they expressed to much rebellious or individual behavior and didn’t consider their impact.

Neptune in retrograde can create a more hazy, confused and distorted perception.  Common sense may be a struggle as the physical world does not come easy to them.  Internally they challenge the idea of their compassionate nature.  While they may be more consciously aware of the spiritual side of life they be more apt to keep private.  

Since Neptune is water and contains psychic ability, Retrograde here may indicate a more psychic nature in the person.  This is because retrograde forces the outer planets energy to be absorbed into the conscious more.  This makes a person recognize Neptune’s intuitive and psychic ability and be more apt and develop it.  They are more likely to put it to use. The dreamy side of Neptune can be internalized as well, leading them to keep their dreams to themselves.

Karma dictates then in this life Neptune is retrograde to give the person a sense of the purpose of dreams.  Not just to act on dreams, but consider their validity in the real world.   The dream world and physical world can feel separate to them, making them feel they exist on two different levels.  Karma also shows here that person may of had psychic ability but failed to develop it in a prior lifetime.

Retrograde Pluto can make Pluto’s energy more consciously a part of the internal world of the person.  There can be inner intensity in their consciousness, along with thoughts that they either love something or hate it. Internally there thoughts may be very extreme in nature.  Yet to the outside world they keep them hidden.  

There can exist deep intuitive and psychic powers here since they are seen from Pluto.  They can be more a part of the persons living consciousness and not even realize their abilities are of a psychic nature.  Internally they may suffer with fears.  They can fear being controlled and manipulated.  

This individual can struggle showing their power in the real world.  This leads them to having the door open to being manipulated by others. They internalize the desire to have control of others and consider it’s value.  Yet coming out with it in the real world is reconsidered as the use of their power is now conscious a part of themselves.  They consider the effects of their actions more internally. These individuals may stop to consider how their actions help anyone.

Pluto in retrogrades karma centers around transformation.  In previous lifetimes the person may of had much power but failed to utilize it to transform others in a positive way.  Now they have a second chance in this incarnation to help stress the positive side of Pluto energy.  This is to use it to heal humanity instead of destroy or hurt others.

Natal Retrograding Planets

Retrograde comes from Latin for “backward step.” Astrologically, the planets are felt on a more inner, deeper level and expressed more inwardly than overtly. They swirl on the soul lining rather than project through the body  

Born with Mercury rx:
Thoughtful, slips into meditation easily, speculative, reflective, constant conversations with the mind that are not verbalised, trouble grasping new ideas, uncomfortable in academic settings, slow processing of information, takes time to respond, shy, self conscious about communication, self critical, can have dyslexia

Born with Venus rx:
Approaches relationships and social encounters with seriousness, takes responsibility for others, has a unique portal of social ideologies and values, reticent to enter relationships and intimate experiences, creatively talented, attraction to odd and unusual romances, emotionally disconnected, nonmaterial

Born with Mars rx:
Trouble self starting and initiating, slow inertia, difficulty with self assertion and aggression, lost ego, high level of responsibility, self competitive, represses bouts of anger, difficulty finding passion, sexually compulsive and ritualistic, rage turns inward - at the self, misplaced fury

Born with Jupiter rx:
Extremely rich and broad inner life, slips into meditation easily, learns best in solitude, easy access to the internal divine guru, unique view of philosophy and the universe, excessive nature, easy weight gain, more concerned with inner riches than material, original belief systems, trouble interacting with others 

Born with Saturn rx:
Hyper diligent and responsible, streams of ambition and endurance, self contemptuous and critical, self demanding, places high expectations on the self, paternalistic, prefers to work in solitude, feels victimised, feelings of inferiority, need for security and safety, weak or absent father figure

Born with Uranus rx:
Spontaneous bursts of universal insights, unique and original domestic and social habits, views the self as the one who needs rebelling against, appears conventional but is quite eccentric within, makes abrupt and unpredictable sweeping life changes, highly acute intuition

Born with Neptune rx:
Swirls with internal imaginative imagery and fantasy, tendency to procrastinate, struggles turning vision into action, enjoys the use of drugs alcohol and hypnotics in solitude, compelled to raise the consciousness of other people, oversensitive, self sacrificial, requires copious time in solitude and meditative states, can fall into trances

Born with Pluto rx:
Believes one was born with a special purpose in life, struggles overcoming trauma, self destructive, intimate with the processes of life death and rebirth, challenged with their own internal depths, self regenerative, resourceful in the face of pain, provoked to heal and transform others, faces strong resistance from others throughout life


Mercury Retrograde (19th Dec - 8th Jan)

Tomorrow Mercury goes into retrograde, which will last 20 days, in the signs Capricorn and Sagittarius.
As this retrograde will become closely aligned with Pluto, it is a time of deep self analysis and discovery.

You may feel deceived and stressed by friendships as new information and truths come to surface. BUT KEEP IN MIND that trying to be ‘the winner’ by forcing your perspective onto others is going to do you no good during this retrograde.

From the Capricorn Mercury ® to the Sagittarius Mercury ® there will be themes of power struggles and avoiding defeat. But you can avoid making outside situations worse by directing this energy into yourself rather than others. This is a good time to find out something about yourself, or to prove something to yourself.

So for the end of this year and begining and of 2017, try and reflect new information onto yourself. Find the truth from within YOUR soul, not from the ego of others.
Take responsibility for what is really going on inside you versus what you choose to express. Turn this into something that can give you freedom for the new year coming.

During Mercury Retrogrades,

Gemini/Virgo on the 1st house cusp: you may break out, have several consecutive “bad hair days,” lack more confidence than usual, feel particularly misunderstood, be unusually clumsy, bring your bad luck wherever you go.

Gemini/Virgo on the 2nd house cusp: you may be unusually wasteful, have wardrobe malfunctions, spend too much money (especially on frivolous things), misplace many of your belongings, feel the need to rearrange or redecorate.

Gemini/Virgo on the 3rd house cusp: you may find that technology and appliances malfunction around you, stutter or use the wrong words when you speak, misinterpret or mishear others, go in the wrong direction a lot.

Gemini/Virgo on the 4th house cusp: you may find that your house needs repairs / feel the need to repair it, be clumsier in or about your home, create more minor domestic accidents than usual, be more emotionally confused.

Gemini/Virgo on the 5th house cusp: you may experience a lapse of skill or interest in your hobbies, adopt many new hobbies / drop older ones, become very bored and restless, become temporarily passionless, complain more.

Gemini/Virgo on the 6th house cusp: you may catch a cold or experience an injury, experience (more) anxiety or generally diminished mental health, feel unusually exhausted / drained, become less responsible, become inactive.

Gemini/Virgo on the 7th house cusp: you may say things you don’t remember, notice behavior in yourself that you dislike or that doesn’t match your identity, feel detached from yourself, feel lonely, misinterpret yourself.

Gemini/Virgo on the 8th house cusp: you may accidentally reveal hidden information, become dangerously careless about darker energies or situations, realize / unearth profound facts or concepts, neglect or overdo introspection.

Gemini/Virgo on the 9th house cusp: you may question your philosophies and higher education, doubt your (or your teachers’) intelligence or spirituality, become restless, daydream more than usual, disregard the bigger picture.

Gemini/Virgo on the 10th house cusp: you may behave awkwardly or inappropriately before superiors / audiences, question how you truly want to be perceived, feel inadequate or far from being who you want to be, feel small.

Gemini/Virgo on the 11th house cusp: you may behave in an unusual way around friends / in groups, become detached from friends / groups / goals, question your peers / aspirations, feel lonely / purposeless / directionless.

Gemini/Virgo on the 12th house cusp: you may become preoccupied with your issues / secrets, have unusual dreams or nightmares, lose yourself in your thoughts more often, feel more isolated / confused / lost than normal.

Also look at the house Mercury is posited in.

New Moon in Capricorn 12/29/16

There will be a New Moon in Capricorn at 1:53am EST. The New Moon is a time for new beginnings, going inward into the dark in order to plant seeds and slough off all that we no longer need. Capricorn is a sign for plans - this is the perfect time to think about your New Years Resolutions, to plant seeds for 2017. The New Moon will be conjunct Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn. We may have been looking back in time this week (retrograde from Dec 19-Jan 8), in order to let go. We are all scaling our own mountains of success and destiny - this is the time to let go of any extra baggage, anything that’s holding us back, so that we may proceed forward on our paths. A time for goal-setting, for envisioning who we want to be in the public sphere, out in the world. What do you no longer need? Be specific, write it down. Tell the universe what you’ve decided to let go of, and what you’ve decided to be. Questions of career may be prominent at this time - we may be looking forward into the next year and wondering if we are on track for our greater goals in life. There may be a new start in the realm of career, a new beginning. Set your intention at this time: make your wishes, and the universe will hear you.

Mars will be conjunct Neptune in Pisces, and so our sense of drive is wound up with our dreams and ideals. We may feel as if we are acting on a plane that we cannot see - that we are imbuing our drive with emotions. Keep dreaming and imagining - and Mars will slowly do its work. Our energy is connected to the divine impulse at this time. We act when we feel called to.

Uranus retrograde ends on the day of the New Moon (Dec 29). It started on July 29th. The past four months have been an internal revolution. We are feeling a deep desire for change, specifically around how we assert ourselves and how we act (Aries). Internal shifts have been occurring so that we can be more independent and free. As Uranus goes direct, this energy will be freed up, and the changes we desire will begin to manifest in the external world.

-Pegasus Astrology / Lauren Crowley


A planet is in retrograde when it goes backward. It’s only an optical illusion, because it is impossible that a planet goes in the opposite direction of its orbit.

If someone is born during a planet in retrograde, it will appear in the chart like ℞ next to the planet.

A person is considered “Retrograde individual” if she/he has three or more planets in retrograde, or at least one personal planet in retrograde, or even a retrograde planet near the Ascendant (1st house) or Midheaven (10th house).

The energy of a retrograde planet turns inner energy, and it’s unable to manifest outside.

Mercury retrograde: the communicative energy can’t be expressed, causing something like “talking with themselves”. The individual analyze everything, and could be more confident with talks face-to-face or in a small group.

Venus retrograde: love themselves more than love people. Creative, seek beauty and art, even when the outside looks like a superficial person. May have high standards in relationships, and struggle showing affection.

Mars retrograde: passive-aggressive, hide their feelings, ending in an explosion, like a volcano. May fight with themselves, and has low determination in front of people, even when in the inside is really responsible of their own path. May repress sexual instincts or just reject sex.

Jupiter retrograde: has own view in almost everything, but never talk about it. Philosopher, has a big world inside their mind, but feel alone when they can’t find the way of express it. Could happen that they are more interesting in travel in their inner world than in the outside.

Saturn retrograde: can’t represent the authority in front of others. However, they are very structured, building a wide wisdom and keeping a rigid routine. They even could restrict themselves away from things because it separates them from their goals.

Uranus retrograde: struggle with authority, can rebel with themselves but never with the real authority. A lot of unusual interest and habits, very creative and with out-of-the-box thoughts.

Neptune retrograde:  living in a dream, barely can see reality. May be an artist or just a person that lives inside their creation, great imagination, thoughtful and distracted.

Pluto retrograde: powerful, but not showing it. Profound and constant change, deep analysis, want to know everything about themselves and the other. Self-destructive energy.

Mercury Retrograde: why everyone should not be afraid of it – how to get through it

When mercury goes retrograde, the energy of this planet turns inward. Mercury is the planet of communication, transportation, communities, thinking/thought processing, understanding, logic, reasoning, etc.

Most associate mercury retrograde with only bad things. Cell phones breaking, breaking up with your boyfriend/girlfriend, communication not being clear, technology mishaps, your car breaking down, etc. While these may be characteristics of a time when mercury is in retrograde, there are usually always benefits from it, if you take the time to look for them.

When the planet of thinking/communication’s energy is turned inward, this becomes a time for introspection. Mercury retrograde is a time for rethinking, re-planning, and reevaluation. This is why people tell you not to sign any agreements during this time or make any big decisions. It’s a time to rethink what you want, rethink if there’s anything else you could do, rethink the whole situation. Then when mercury goes direct again, you can have a well formed opinion or decision made, and be more confident in your choices.

Not everything is mercury retrograde’s fault. People like to use it as a scapegoat or just an easy explanation for the wrongdoings in their life. Mercury retrograde is not an excuse to say/do the wrong thing.

Mercury retrograde is like a cerebral vacation. Bad things usually happen during this time because your mind’s energy is not being forced outward, you’re entering a trance of introspection and meditation, so obviously expressing yourself properly during this time won’t be the easiest thing as opposed to when mercury is direct.

Take this time to rethink, re-plan and reevaluate things; look at the house mercury went retrograde in. Look at the sign mercury is in. Create your own mantras, rituals and new state of mind during mercury retrograde so you can feel more confident after.

Crystals to aid you in mercury retrograde:

• Amethyst
• Clear quartz
• Amazonite
• Celestite
• Blue kyanite
• Blue lace agate
• Smoky quartz
• Black obsidian
• Ametrine

mercury is retrograde yet again!

that’s right everyone! mercury has officially gone into its retrograde motion, appearing backwards to us for about three weeks. it stationed at 15 degrees capricorn, where it will appear backwards in our sky until it stations direct again and begins to move forward at 28 degrees sagittarius.

i’m sure several of you are feeling like ron swanson in that gif right now, wanting to smash your phone into oblivion. you’re not alone in this phenomenon, when mercury goes retrograde, many experience faults in technology: loss of service, crashes, miscommunications, and this can extend to larger vessels of communication like public transit and air travel. 

but really, the more common afflictions the majority of people face are simple bouts of fogginess, unease, confusion, and nostalgia. this is the time we (in kayla’s case especially) have weird friend requests on facebook from people we haven’t spoken to since middle school. retrograde seems to send our minds backwards as well, pining for days gone by, wishing to make right what has been laid to rest years ago.

many complain of trying to get back with exes during this time as well. 

this is a pretty overstated transit, admittedly; it is a (seemingly) new cultural trend to make a huge deal about how our lives are going to end three to four times a year. this is a joke i participate in because, again, it’s a joke, but it’s crucial to be levelheaded despite your brain wanting to overthink and overthink again. 

mercury’s motion through your own natal chart can show a more detailed look at how it will affect you, in which areas of life you may feel uncertainty and confusion and doubt and longing. but as long as you put your keys in the same place every day this month and don’t check up on the people who hurt you (opting this phrasing from the lovely ALB), you should get through this relatively unmarred! 

much love to you all, especially through the holidays and new year until mercury goes direct again <3

Leo, this ghost you’ve nicknamed terror is really called courage.

Virgo, you do not have to be liked to be powerful.

Aquarius, nothing is infinite unless you make it so.

Pieces, lay waste to the versions of yourself living in other people’s heads.

Libra, one day you will forget what it was to hurt like this.

Sagittarius, you do not need any excuses to love.

Taurus, you are the beautiful stranger that people tell their children about.

Capricorn, you deserve the light that is coming to you.

Gemini, your heart is a riptide.

Cancer, it does not have to speak your language to be beautiful.

Aries, sometimes getting out of bed is the strongest thing you can do.

Scorpio, let yourself close this chapter without regret.

—  topaz winters // little horoscopes for september
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Mercury Soul Evaluation

Mercury Goes Retrograde Today, Be gentle to yourself. 

I will be honest, i’m like a kid getting ready for christmas break. I am in absolute chill mode and i’m happy with that. It’s so cold here, we’re hiberating lol.  I’ve been remembering the spirit of play, I’ve been doing a ton of work on the site but i forgot the simple things like letting go and PLAY. Take a moment and think about how you can bring the spirit of play into your world right now? 

Mercury is going to bring a lot to surface but remember that is just the past trying to say hi. Wave at it and let it go. Remember it’s like timetraveling. We’re revisiting the past but we’re not a part of it. Surrender to the changes and let go of the resistance the more it comes. 

Don’t be afraid to slow down, Mercury likes to get us out of our comfort zone in order to see what we’ve been hiding from. Learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable and expect the unexpected. Have patience and don’t resist as much as you can! 

Mercury is feisty but it’s because it’s trying to show you what needs to change. If you resist the change, you’re going to get dragged. Surrender to the change and you’ll rise above it.

Watch the themes that are coming up, this will help you see what needs soul evaluating and what needs to be let go of internally or even physically. 

It’s like hitting replay but then discovering “hey I need to do this, this and this, to move forward” That’s really what retrograde is about, purging the old and building the new foundation to create the new :D

Happy Sailing! Try to find the good <3


some words for the signs, during this delightful mercury retrograde …

aries: life of the party, you have plenty of friends - try bringing someone new into your circle. you’re never one to shy away from a bold move, even during retrograde. a fresh personality and perspective will serve you well. go with the flow of someone else’s energy - yours is stronger than ever now and it’s best not to let it overpower you.

taurus: child of the earth, you know what comforts you - acknowledge this without becoming too stagnant. during retrograde, plan to throw away some of your many possessions, especially the ones with bad memories. when retrograde ends, revisit those things you might not need and shed some of that excess, you may find yourself feeling lighter.

gemini: butterfly, quiet down and listen to the sounds that surround you. trade your voice for a pen and paper when your brain is too loud. your constant communication can be dangerous when your ruling planet is out to play. tread lightly when speaking, be calm. your words can be wonders or weapons. everything is temporary - just be patient for now.

cancer: soft soul, be honest with yourself. don’t tell them what you feel, tell them what you want to say. you are lucky to be gentle enough to speak your mind during this time. be brave, your truth is powerful, you will be fine.

leo: sunshine, they still hear you. your voice is loved and ever present. take a break from people pleasing - ask yourself what you need and then allow yourself to have it. that fire you share with others might be burning too brightly right now, dim your lights for a bit and bask in your own soft glow.

virgo: whirlwind, just because you want to fix everyone else’s problems, and even though you’re good at it, doesn’t mean you have to. the road to hell is paved with good intentions. mercury influences you heavily, don’t let it make you cold and angry.

libra: bleeding heart, take it easy and soon it will be calm again. the hurricane in your head will end. save some of that heartfelt advice you’re always sharing for yourself - this may not be the best time to hand out life lessons. above all, control your impulsivity during retrograde. all of your seemingly minor decisions have potential for major unseen consequences.

scorpio: fire and ice, don’t look back now. you have leapt and where you fall is where you land. accept what comes and know it will be just what you make of it. blue skies wait ahead. don’t let your temper become your personality, you often forget that your mood swings are swift and violent, but never lasting.

sagittarius: wild child, don’t be afraid to relax. during retrograde, your adventurous nature may take you somewhere you don’t want to be. you are delightfully reckless, hard to pin down, and stubbornly habit-driven. there is no need to change these things, but now is the time to think carefully before you act. take a night off.

capricorn: old soul, don’t deny mercury’s effect on your routines. even your best laid plans may go awry during this time, and this can leave you feeling helpless. harness the flexibility you possess - it is okay to want to be in control, but this particular retrograde has a tight grip on your sun sign, and it is in your best interests, particularly, to put off any big plans. save them for later.

aquarius: wise one, opportunities are always arising for you, weigh your options carefully during retrograde. trust your intuition, it is your strongest gift. your perfectionism can cause even a small mistake to bring you great distress, but your wit and wisdom will protect you. you know you are always ready for bigger and better things, learn to be more patient.

pisces: tender child, remember that pain is inevitable. dry your tears and make lessons out of missteps. let your troubles be your teachers. the waters might be still for you now, but you are the one who creates the worst waves. float along slowly until retrograde has passed - there will always be problems, but you don’t have to be the one who makes them for yourself.

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn...
  • 1st House: Overall, this isn't a good time for you. Meeting new people is a bad idea. You come off much different than you are. Turmoil is expected.
  • 2nd House: Money isn't your friend. You may not feel satisfied. You spend too frivolously at this time, or something happens that costs you much more money than expected.
  • 3rd House: This kicks your ass. You're having trouble communicating, and come off different than you are. You may not think enough or may overthink. You're impulsive, but will often regret choices made after the fact.
  • 4th House: The IC, relating to the home. Problems with children, family members, ect. Christmas probably wasn't much fun for you.
  • 5th House: Tbh, you're basically just bummed as hell.
  • 6th House: You're probably sick.
  • 7th House: Relationships aren't a good thing to get into at this time.
  • 8th House: An assortment of things. Also just a generally bad time. May get practically slammed with Karma at this time. Probably horny. Please don't do occult things rn.
  • 9th House: Don't travel you'll die. May go on real journeys (that usually end up being less than pleasant) or emotional ones that are just the same.
  • 10th House: Work may be difficult for you. If you're going in for an interview, you may want to delay it. Dispute between you and authority figures.
  • 11th House: You may be acting too selfless, or your actions are mistaken as being manipulative or trying to get favors.
  • 12th House: Odd dreams, maybe even psychic. Nightmares. Making enemies. Sexual endeavors gone wrong / you're horny.