Mercury Retrograde

Tomorrow: 9-9-9 and more

Hi! As you all may know, Mercury retrograde ended on September 22nd. Now that Mercury is direct, you can resume your plans, agreements and communications! (Mercury is still in its shadow until October 6th, so there may still be some remaining glitches from the retrograde). 

Mars enters Capricorn tomorrow, which you can find more information about in this video.  

As we discussed a few weeks ago, tomorrow, September 27th, 2016 is a 9-9-9 day. Here’s the post on that to read more about what it means and how it affects you. 

On Friday there will be a new moon in Libra. Here’s a post I made about a new moon in January that you can reference for tips on what to do on new moon nights. What’s special about Friday’s new moon is that it will be a Black Moon (second new moon in a single month). 

So because there’s so much energy this week, I would suggest you guys try to stay grounded. Do some yoga, and if you already do yoga daily then do some more. Meditate. Cleanse your crystals if you haven’t done it in a while. Make a crystal grid tomorrow and set your intentions with it while you meditate,and do it again on Friday. And if you’re feeling the energies tomorrow or Friday or anytime this week, send me a message and we’ll talk about it!

How to Prepare for the Mercury Retrograde

Beginning today (September 17) and until October 9th, Mercury will be going ‘backwards’. Mercury rules over communication, thought, and mental awareness, because of this, and the planet flowing backwards, it will throw everyone out of line, some more so than others.

What will it affect for each signs and how do I prepare?

Aries: Your health and over-all well being will be affected during this time. Be careful not to cause disputes with loved-ones, don’t put yourself in particularly dangerous situations, and make sure to not give into angry feelings.

Taurus: Try not to spend a lot of money during this time and also remain wary of how you treat others. Keep money saved somewhere safe during this time and make sure to only spend it during emergencies. Keep an eye on how your words affect people so you don’t do damage to particularly important relationships.

Gemini: You may find yourself feeling particularly lazy during this time and harsh in your treatment of others. Be sure to keep yourself motivated and make sure that things get done as well and quickly as they need to be. Don’t push people away during this time or you could lose them for good. 

Cancer: Don’t make any major decisions during this time, you may become overwhelmed by stress and end up ignoring or giving up on important tasks. Make sure you keep your head straight and make sure things get done during this time.

Leo: You may find yourself easily taking offense to others’ words during this time and reacting poorly to conflict, make sure that you remember where your heart is and don’t take what people say personally. Take time to yourself when you feel like lashing out. You don’t want to damage personal relationships during this time.

Virgo: A feeling of isolation will overcome you during this time and you will feel overwhelmed with responsibility. Remember that this feeling will pass and you are still accepted and adored by those close to you. Do not take any harsh feelings to heart or put yourself down.

Libra: Your love life may take a traumatic turn during this time if you do not take the precautions to keep it in line. Let your significant other know you love them and make sure to keep your friends close. 

Scorpio: Your past may be coming to bite you during this time, so make sure you remember where your heart is and don’t let confusing feelings damage what your have built. Keep your head on straight and don’t think too much until it rides out.

Sagittarius: You may find yourself feeling snappier and it will begin to affect how those around you feel more than usual. Make sure you watch your words and don’t let these retrograde feelings get in the way of what you have at the current moment.

Capricorn: Everything during this time may be a bit off, so make sure you keep a close eye on those most important to you. You may find yourself closing off and partaking in reckless behavior, so make sure you don’t let yourself get into too much trouble, it could be hazardous.

Aquarius: The only majorly affected thing during this time may be financial, work, or school related issues. Make sure you do what needs to get done, don’t over spend, and don’t get behind in your affairs. This time has a huge impact on your future, so make sure you don’t mess it up.

Pisces: Don’t make any major decisions during this time without first thinking through every piece of it. If you aren’t careful, you could damage yourself financially or socially. Keep your friends close and don’t close off from them too much, or you could lose them for good.


What is a Retrograde?

Retrogrades is a word given to the period of time where a planet looks like it is suspended in a stationary position then proceeds to travel in an apparent opposite rotation motion. During this duration of time the energy that the planet possess is often slowed down and become more subjective. 

What does it mean when I was born during a planet’s retrograde?

In general it can cause a minor setback for you in what that planet represents. You may find yourself struggling in that area, but it doesn’t mean you are doomed to failure in that placement what so ever it will be just more of an obstacle.

How do I know when my planet is in Retrograde?

You will need to view your birth chart so if you don’t have it saved anywhere click here to recalculate it. 

Once you do that in the column next to the degrees if there is a “R” next to it means the planet was in retrograde when you were born. You can have several or none retrograding planets when you were born. Above is my birth chart and you can see that there is a retrograde in Mercury and Saturn. 

What does each retrograding planet stand for?

Mercury: Those born during a Mercury retrograde may find themselves struggle in the social scene and be reluctant to voice their opinions/idea. Non-verbal communication is what they are succeed best with such as a creative pursuit. They are prone to being deep-thinkers and having the capability to draw their own conclusions, but this often makes them trapped in their own mind. 

Venus: Those born during a Venus retrograde may find themselves struggle with self-love and acceptance of oneself. In a relationship they can cause difficulties in it because they are prone to self-sabotage. The overwhelming fear of rejection may be present as well. Also people born in this retrograde may seek socialization more then others, but can be rather shy about it. 

Mars: Those born during a Mars retrograde may find themselves struggle to stand up for themselves in a conflict. They aren’t one to love competition because it can often bring discomfort. They are prone to fits of rage rather then healthier outburst of emotion. They can also come on too strong in certain situations. 

Jupiter: Those born during a Jupiter retrograde may find themselves with a different set of beliefs/morals and hold unusual perspectives. They prefer to learn how to behave from own experiences rather then what other people tell them. They also are not ones to believe in luck and because of that they are prone to constantly worrying about the future. 

Saturn: Those born during a Saturn retrograde may find themselves struggle with the feelings of guilt and self-doubt more so then others as well as feelings of anxiety in certain situations. These fears are internalized therefore not might be that apparent in those born with Saturn retrograde. They are prone to feeling as if they are letting people down and that they are not fulfilling their responsibilities despite the fact that they are doing nothing wrong. 

Uranus: Those born during a Uranus retrograde may struggle with change and have a distrust with new technologies or improvements. They also may hide their eccentric attributes of their personality. People with Uranus retrograde are prone to outburst of rage and/or rebellion and then carry on normally afterwards. 

Neptune: Those born during a Neptune retrograde may find themselves struggle with showing compassion and often hide their insecurities and spiritual side. They take comfort in being reserved and keeping their secrets private. They also tend to have a realistic outlook on life but is prone to thinking very negatively. 

Pluto: Those born during a Pluto retrograde may find themselves struggle with trusting others and fear being controlled, manipulated or betrayed more then others. They often desire power and control because of this fear. However, they often keep these fears to themselves rather then talking about it. 

What does it mean when a planet is currently retrograding and who does it effect?

You can expect daily hiccups of the aspects the planet rules. This effects everyone, but can really be more present in those who are ruled by that planet. 

When does a planet retrograde?

Click here to see future retrogrades!

Anything else I should know?

What is very important to note that a retrograde can cause obstacles in your daily life, but that doesn’t mean it controls you. If something goes wrong during a retrograde you can fix it, don’t use that as an excuse to not be proactive. Retrogrades happen all the time (it is very common) so don’t let that put a pause in your life. 

Natal Retrograding Planets

Retrograde comes from Latin for “backward step.” Astrologically, the planets are felt on a more inner, deeper level and expressed more inwardly than overtly. They swirl on the soul lining rather than project through the body  

Born with Mercury rx:
Thoughtful, slips into meditation easily, speculative, reflective, constant conversations with the mind that are not verbalised, trouble grasping new ideas, uncomfortable in academic settings, slow processing of information, takes time to respond, shy, self conscious about communication, self critical, can have dyslexia

Born with Venus rx:
Approaches relationships and social encounters with seriousness, takes responsibility for others, has a unique portal of social ideologies and values, reticent to enter relationships and intimate experiences, creatively talented, attraction to odd and unusual romances, emotionally disconnected, nonmaterial

Born with Mars rx:
Trouble self starting and initiating, slow inertia, difficulty with self assertion and aggression, lost ego, high level of responsibility, self competitive, represses bouts of anger, difficulty finding passion, sexually compulsive and ritualistic, rage turns inward - at the self, misplaced fury

Born with Jupiter rx:
Extremely rich and broad inner life, slips into meditation easily, learns best in solitude, easy access to the internal divine guru, unique view of philosophy and the universe, excessive nature, easy weight gain, more concerned with inner riches than material, original belief systems, trouble interacting with others 

Born with Saturn rx:
Hyper diligent and responsible, streams of ambition and endurance, self contemptuous and critical, self demanding, places high expectations on the self, paternalistic, prefers to work in solitude, feels victimised, feelings of inferiority, need for security and safety, weak or absent father figure

Born with Uranus rx:
Spontaneous bursts of universal insights, unique and original domestic and social habits, views the self as the one who needs rebelling against, appears conventional but is quite eccentric within, makes abrupt and unpredictable sweeping life changes, highly acute intuition

Born with Neptune rx:
Swirls with internal imaginative imagery and fantasy, tendency to procrastinate, struggles turning vision into action, enjoys the use of drugs alcohol and hypnotics in solitude, compelled to raise the consciousness of other people, oversensitive, self sacrificial, requires copious time in solitude and meditative states, can fall into trances

Born with Pluto rx:
Believes one was born with a special purpose in life, struggles overcoming trauma, self destructive, intimate with the processes of life death and rebirth, challenged with their own internal depths, self regenerative, resourceful in the face of pain, provoked to heal and transform others, faces strong resistance from others throughout life


Mercury Retrograde: What You Need to Know!

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What is a retrograde?

Retrograde is a phenomenon where a planet appears to be moving backwards from our position on earth. Because the planet appears to be going backwards,  there is a period of time where the planet’s energy has a reverse effect on us. Think of retrograde as a planet going on vacation, and there’s no one to fill in for it.

What is Mercury retrograde? How does it affect me?

Three to four times a year, Mercury enters a period of retrograde, which usually lasts 3-4 weeks. Because Mercury is the planet of communication and technology, anything falling under this umbrella may spin out of control. This may lead miscommunications, failing transportation, broken technology, etc. There may be difficulty reasoning, or at least may take you longer.

Be advised that Mercury rules listening, reading, speaking, writing, technology, transportation, business, negotiation, and travel. These areas of your life may be compromised because of Mercury retrograde.

When is Mercury retrograde?

In 2016…

  • Mercury will retrograde in Taurus on April 28th, and go direct May 22nd.
  • Mercury will retrograde in Virgo on August 30th, and go direct September 22nd.
  • Mercury will retrograde in Capricorn on December 19th, and go direct January 8th, 2017 (ending in Sagittarius).

In 2017…

  • Mercury will retrograde in Capricorn on December 19th 2016, and go direct January 8th (ending in Sagittarius)
  • Mercury will retrograde in Taurus on April 9th, and go direct May 3rd (ending in Aries).
  • Mercury will retrograde in Virgo on August 12th, and go direct September 5th (ending in Leo).
  • Mercury will retrograde in Sagittarius on December 3rd, and go direct December 22nd.

In 2018…

  • Mercury will retrograde in Aries on March 22nd, and go direct April 15th.
  • Mercury will retrograde in Leo on July 26th, and go direct August 18th (ending in Scorpio).
  • Mercury will retrograde in Sagittarius on November 16th, and go direct December 6th (ending in Scorpio).

In 2019…

  • Mercury will retrograde in Pisces on March 5th, and go direct March 28th.
  • Mercury will retrograde in Leo on July 7th, and go direct July 31st (ending in Cancer)
  • Mercury will retrograde in Scorpio on October 31st, and go direct December 6th.

In 2020…

  • Mercury will retrograde in Pisces on February 18th, and go direct March 9th (ending in Aquarius).
  • Mercury will retrograde in Cancer on June 17th, and go direct July 12th.
  • Mercury will retrograde in Scorpio on October 13th, and go direct November 3rd (ending in Libra).

Who is affected by Mercury retrograde?

Everyone is affected by Mercury retrograde, but at varying degrees. Those who have their Sun or Mercury in Gemini or Virgo, or are Gemini, Virgo, or Mercury dominant may feel a greater effect. Anyone who has their Sun, Mercury, Moon or Ascendant in the sign Mercury is retrograding in will be the most affected (for example, when Mercury retrogrades in Taurus, anyone with a Taurus Sun, Moon, Mercury, or Ascendant will feel a greater effect). However, no one “escapes the wrath of Mercury retrograde”.

Those who have a Gemini Sun, Moon, and/or Ascendant are forced to rethink where they are most comfortable in life, and to clarify their communications so there are no misunderstandings.

Those with a Virgo Sun, Moon, and/or Ascendant will be troubled by the miscommunications brought on by Mercury retrograde. However, they are granted the opportunity to analyze their relationships and how they communicate with others. They may analyze everything to death, because Mercury retrograde brings about an air of slower reasoning. They may also find themselves unable to tolerate disorder.

Everyone can expect to be affected by misleading information, miscommunications, missed appointments, traffic, misplaced work, and broken promises. Those with their Sun, Mercury, Moon or Ascendant in the sign Mercury is retrograding in will experience these miscommunications and other issues more.

What should I do/not do?

DO take this time re-organize, re-assess, re-think, or re-do anything without taking action.

DO pay back old debts, clean up paperwork, follow through with promises.

DO expect to think slower and process information slowly.

DO be patient with yourself and others.

DO focus on physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing

DO make sure you get enough sleep, as sleep-deprivation will add to the confusion already brought on by Mercury retrograde.

DO backup all your data and information on your computer.

DO NOT start a new relationship, job, or long-term project

DO NOT enter a binding agreement. This includes any sort of contract or verbal agreement.

DO NOT fix any automobiles or technology. Try to wait until after retrograde, unless it is an emergency.

DO NOT travel unless it is out of your control.  If you must, expect great stress in this area.

DO NOT have surgery or make medical appointments, unless it is an emergency. Health comes first, so if it’s an absolute emergency, try to avoid it.

DO NOT make any rash decisions. If you cannot hold off on making an appointment or decision, make sure you ask plenty of questions.

Each year, Mercury favors an element. In 2016, it is earth; in 2017, it’s earth and fire; 2018, it is fire; in 2019, it is fire and water; in 2020, it is water. To solve problems that occur during retrograde, consider looking at the element of that year:

If Mercury favors air…

• Talk to a lot of people and ask questions.

• Research, research, research!

• Go with the solution that supports your research.

If Mercury favors earth…

• Be practical about finding a solution.

• Stay within your limits.

• Try sticking with the status-quo when suggesting solutions.

If Mercury favors fire…

• Apply new and innovative solutions to a problem.

• Be creative.

• Don’t be shy when suggesting a new solution.

If Mercury favors water…

• Follow your intuition.

• If research tells you one thing and your gut tells you another, follow your gut.

• Start listening to your instincts and intuition.

And most importantly, DO NOT STRESS OVER RETROGRADE! The more you think about bad things happening, the more likely they are to happen!

Good luck!

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Mercury in retrograde: how it influences your Mercury sign
  • Aries Mercury:your communication skills are aggressive as is, combined with retrograde your will be good at getting your point across, but not so good at showing empathy and keeping your opinions unbiased. You may be disorganized at this time.
  • Taurus Mercury:your organization is about to be A+, but your goals may be a bit hazy. Your may loose sight of the finish line and get discouraged, loose ambition. Surround yourself with uplifting people.
  • Gemini Mercury:say hello to stutter city. You are going to be all over the place. This is going to be a good time for slowing down, chilling out, and going with the flow. Don't get ahead of yourself.
  • Cancer Mercury:you are going to be pretty bad at making decisions. Everything will have emotional influence. Try not to base your decisions on everyone else's opinion. Focus on yourself.
  • Leo Mercury:please please please keep yourself in check. You're probably going to have a major ego boost, but you may not always have the best ideas. Think things through a bit more thoroughly during this time.
  • Virgo Mercury:you're going to get messy, but you're going to have amazing ideas. Write everything down, EVERYTHING.
  • Libra Mercury:your eyeliner isn't going to be on fleek for a while. You're probably gonna fall into a funk. I prescribe maximum pampering at least once a week, so you might feel a bit more like yourself.
  • Scorpio Mercury:your gonna feel like nothing is going your way. Your grades might faulter some, but your social life might spark. Embrace new relationships, and try to censor yourself a little more.
  • Sagittarius Mercury:you're going to want to talk... A lot... About everything. You're probably going to say a lot of stuff you shouldn't. Go with the flow, keep apologies ready, and try to think before you speak.
  • Capricorn Mercury:everything is going to jumble together. You might loose track of yourself, que the existential crisis phase. Just because time isn't real and work is meaningless in the scheme of things doesn't mean you can gorge yourself and binge watch breaking bad. Try to sort yourself out.
  • Aquarius Mercury:this is basically a 3 week long period cycle for you. Mood swings af. All these emotions might confuse you, so try to calm down. Try to sleep more.
  • Pisces Mercury:you're going o worry, about EVERYTHING. Homecoming is coming up (will my dress fit? Does my date still like me?) quit questioning everything. It'll all work out.
  • Mercury signs represents reasoning, communication, and thinking.
  • Mercury in Aries:Quick thinking, very vague thoughts. Comes off as coarse and unrefined.
  • Mercury in Taurus:Slow, very precise. Hates admitting they are wrong.
  • Mercury in Gemini:Scatter-brained, entertaining too many thoughts at once. Excellent communicator.
  • Mercury in Cancer:Guarded, measured words. Thoughts clouded by sensitivity and worries.
  • Mercury in Leo:Authoritative and know it all. Idealistic and loves sharing their thoughts.
  • Mercury in Virgo:High-strung, receptive to appreciation. Open minded yet structured.
  • Mercury in Libra:Diplomatic and pleasing. Tactful and compromising.
  • Mercury in Scorpio:Truth seeking and observant. Passionate, helpful, and strategic.
  • Mercury in Sagittarius:Freedom of thought and has grandiose ideas. Optimistic and fascinating.
  • Mercury in Capricorn:Diplomatic and concise. Methodical and guarded.
  • Mercury in Aquarius:Frivolous and enjoys stirring reactions in people. Superiority complex and detached.
  • Mercury in Pisces:Gentle and vague. Indirect but observant.
  • To calculate your Mercury sign, use this link and follow the instructions.
Mercury Retrograde Jan. 5th

Mercury is all about pushing us out of our comfort zones…

Have a strict routine? Mercury will shake it up

Have a fight with a loved one? Mercury is showing you something you need to see within yourself. 

Overworked and stressed, then suddenly sick/injuried? Mercury is telling you to slow down, see the bigger picture.

Electronics breaking? Time to unplug and go within

Random events showing up? Pushing you outside of that comfort zone

Mercury retrograde is a cleansing period, you may feel the urge to clean out a closet, go through old things, get rid of bad habits, release a relationship. 

Mercury is here to say:Slow down, Step back, Focus, Look around you, heal reevaluate, reinvent ourselves and Awaken the renewal of spirit. 

Mercury Retrograde this Week! The Myths about Mercury Retrograde! 

Mercury is turning retrograde this week and many astrologers will tell you to not do anything mercury related as it will be full of problems(travel,communications,information, arranging business matters)! 
But Mercury retrograde periods can actually be extremely beneficial and productive!
When any planet goes retrograde it is closest to the earth so it has more influence. It is also brighter in the sky at that time, larger, so it has a bigger influence. If the planet is in a good shape in the personal horoscope by birth, the retro times will rock-one will get a lot of business matters sorted out, things arranged and organised, skills developed, important negotiations and conversations, travel, etc! 
If Mercury is in a bad shape in the personal horoscope(which means that the person is naturally not good at Mercury things: organization and planning things, attention to detail, book keeping, information relaying, practical skills etc) then the retro time will be a time of catching up with all the problems caused by misusing Mercury. But that is a good thing too and you get to sort these problems and become more aware and proficient with Mercury things! 

The idea that there are more plane crashes, train crashes, etc. during mercury retro was proven false by a study that showed that the amount of crashes was the same regardless of mercury retro or direct.

I am naturally messy and disorganised and when Mercury becomes retrograde, I get to sort out the messy business things and also get a lot of Mercury business done! 

Communications, organization, socialising with friends and travel become predominant but all these require you to be more precise as Mercury is a precise and factual planet, if you are not naturally like that–then mistakes become more obvious during the Mercury retro period, if you are naturally detail oriented, practically skilled and ordered, then Mercury retro periods are just fabulous and totally productive!

by Astrolada

Mercury rETROGRADE!! pls stop send asks now :((
  • 1:the planet is moving "backwards"
  • 2:this means the energy of that planet is going "backwards"
  • 3:so communication, technology and our logical thinking will be affected.
  • 4:you can gain more insight by checking the house it transits* (don't send me asks abt this you can google the basics of what each house represents, just understand that it is moving "backwards)
  • 5:meaning that whatever that house concerns you will have to be EXTRA careful with ur logical 6th house = health = don't forget to take any mess you need, always have an aspirin on you!
  • 6:it will affect you the MOST if, the current Mercury sign conjuncts, opposes or squares your natal Mercury or Sun. Or if you have strong Mercury placements.
  • 7:it will affect you the LEAST if the current Mercury sign sextiles, trines or is unsuspected to your natal Mercury or sun. or if your natal Mercury is retrograde.
  • 8:basically you just have to think things through and check everything twice! You will be fine. No one is doomed.
  • *find transits in, extended chart selection.

A planet is in retrograde when it goes backward. It’s only an optical illusion, because it is impossible that a planet goes in the opposite direction of its orbit.

If someone is born during a planet in retrograde, it will appear in the chart like ℞ next to the planet.

A person is considered “Retrograde individual” if she/he has three or more planets in retrograde, or at least one personal planet in retrograde, or even a retrograde planet near the Ascendant (1st house) or Midheaven (10th house).

The energy of a retrograde planet turns inner energy, and it’s unable to manifest outside.

Mercury retrograde: the communicative energy can’t be expressed, causing something like “talking with themselves”. The individual analyze everything, and could be more confident with talks face-to-face or in a small group.

Venus retrograde: love themselves more than love people. Creative, seek beauty and art, even when the outside looks like a superficial person. May have high standards in relationships, and struggle showing affection.

Mars retrograde: passive-aggressive, hide their feelings, ending in an explosion, like a volcano. May fight with themselves, and has low determination in front of people, even when in the inside is really responsible of their own path. May repress sexual instincts or just reject sex.

Jupiter retrograde: has own view in almost everything, but never talk about it. Philosopher, has a big world inside their mind, but feel alone when they can’t find the way of express it. Could happen that they are more interesting in travel in their inner world than in the outside.

Saturn retrograde: can’t represent the authority in front of others. However, they are very structured, building a wide wisdom and keeping a rigid routine. They even could restrict themselves away from things because it separates them from their goals.

Uranus retrograde: struggle with authority, can rebel with themselves but never with the real authority. A lot of unusual interest and habits, very creative and with out-of-the-box thoughts.

Neptune retrograde:  living in a dream, barely can see reality. May be an artist or just a person that lives inside their creation, great imagination, thoughtful and distracted.

Pluto retrograde: powerful, but not showing it. Profound and constant change, deep analysis, want to know everything about themselves and the other. Self-destructive energy.