Mercury Retrograde

Natal Retrograding Planets

Retrograde comes from Latin for “backward step.” Astrologically, the planets are felt on a more inner, deeper level and expressed more inwardly than overtly. They swirl on the soul lining rather than project through the body  

Born with Mercury rx:
Thoughtful, slips into meditation easily, speculative, reflective, constant conversations with the mind that are not verbalised, trouble grasping new ideas, uncomfortable in academic settings, slow processing of information, takes time to respond, shy, self conscious about communication, self critical, can have dyslexia

Born with Venus rx:
Approaches relationships and social encounters with seriousness, takes responsibility for others, has a unique portal of social ideologies and values, reticent to enter relationships and intimate experiences, creatively talented, attraction to odd and unusual romances, emotionally disconnected, nonmaterial

Born with Mars rx:
Trouble self starting and initiating, slow inertia, difficulty with self assertion and aggression, lost ego, high level of responsibility, self competitive, represses bouts of anger, difficulty finding passion, sexually compulsive and ritualistic, rage turns inward - at the self, misplaced fury

Born with Jupiter rx:
Extremely rich and broad inner life, slips into meditation easily, learns best in solitude, easy access to the internal divine guru, unique view of philosophy and the universe, excessive nature, easy weight gain, more concerned with inner riches than material, original belief systems, trouble interacting with others 

Born with Saturn rx:
Hyper diligent and responsible, streams of ambition and endurance, self contemptuous and critical, self demanding, places high expectations on the self, paternalistic, prefers to work in solitude, feels victimised, feelings of inferiority, need for security and safety, weak or absent father figure

Born with Uranus rx:
Spontaneous bursts of universal insights, unique and original domestic and social habits, views the self as the one who needs rebelling against, appears conventional but is quite eccentric within, makes abrupt and unpredictable sweeping life changes, highly acute intuition

Born with Neptune rx:
Swirls with internal imaginative imagery and fantasy, tendency to procrastinate, struggles turning vision into action, enjoys the use of drugs alcohol and hypnotics in solitude, compelled to raise the consciousness of other people, oversensitive, self sacrificial, requires copious time in solitude and meditative states, can fall into trances

Born with Pluto rx:
Believes one was born with a special purpose in life, struggles overcoming trauma, self destructive, intimate with the processes of life death and rebirth, challenged with their own internal depths, self regenerative, resourceful in the face of pain, provoked to heal and transform others, faces strong resistance from others throughout life


Mercury Retrograde this Week! The Myths about Mercury Retrograde! 

Mercury is turning retrograde this week and many astrologers will tell you to not do anything mercury related as it will be full of problems(travel,communications,information, arranging business matters)! 
But Mercury retrograde periods can actually be extremely beneficial and productive!
When any planet goes retrograde it is closest to the earth so it has more influence. It is also brighter in the sky at that time, larger, so it has a bigger influence. If the planet is in a good shape in the personal horoscope by birth, the retro times will rock-one will get a lot of business matters sorted out, things arranged and organised, skills developed, important negotiations and conversations, travel, etc! 
If Mercury is in a bad shape in the personal horoscope(which means that the person is naturally not good at Mercury things: organization and planning things, attention to detail, book keeping, information relaying, practical skills etc) then the retro time will be a time of catching up with all the problems caused by misusing Mercury. But that is a good thing too and you get to sort these problems and become more aware and proficient with Mercury things! 

The idea that there are more plane crashes, train crashes, etc. during mercury retro was proven false by a study that showed that the amount of crashes was the same regardless of mercury retro or direct.

I am naturally messy and disorganised and when Mercury becomes retrograde, I get to sort out the messy business things and also get a lot of Mercury business done! 

Communications, organization, socialising with friends and travel become predominant but all these require you to be more precise as Mercury is a precise and factual planet, if you are not naturally like that–then mistakes become more obvious during the Mercury retro period, if you are naturally detail oriented, practically skilled and ordered, then Mercury retro periods are just fabulous and totally productive!

by Astrolada


What is a Retrograde?

Retrogrades is a word given to the period of time where a planet looks like it is suspended in a stationary position then proceeds to travel in an apparent opposite rotation motion. During this duration of time the energy that the planet possess is often slowed down and become more subjective. 

What does it mean when I was born during a planet’s retrograde?

In general it can cause a minor setback for you in what that planet represents. You may find yourself struggling in that area, but it doesn’t mean you are doomed to failure in that placement what so ever it will be just more of an obstacle.

How do I know when my planet is in Retrograde?

You will need to view your birth chart so if you don’t have it saved anywhere click here to recalculate it. 

Once you do that in the column next to the degrees if there is a “R” next to it means the planet was in retrograde when you were born. You can have several or none retrograding planets when you were born. Above is my birth chart and you can see that there is a retrograde in Mercury and Saturn. 

What does each retrograding planet stand for?

Mercury: Those born during a Mercury retrograde may find themselves struggle in the social scene and be reluctant to voice their opinions/idea. Non-verbal communication is what they are succeed best with such as a creative pursuit. They are prone to being deep-thinkers and having the capability to draw their own conclusions, but this often makes them trapped in their own mind. 

Venus: Those born during a Venus retrograde may find themselves struggle with self-love and acceptance of oneself. In a relationship they can cause difficulties in it because they are prone to self-sabotage. The overwhelming fear of rejection may be present as well. Also people born in this retrograde may seek socialization more then others, but can be rather shy about it. 

Mars: Those born during a Mars retrograde may find themselves struggle to stand up for themselves in a conflict. They aren’t one to love competition because it can often bring discomfort. They are prone to fits of rage rather then healthier outburst of emotion. They can also come on too strong in certain situations. 

Jupiter: Those born during a Jupiter retrograde may find themselves with a different set of beliefs/morals and hold unusual perspectives. They prefer to learn how to behave from own experiences rather then what other people tell them. They also are not ones to believe in luck and because of that they are prone to constantly worrying about the future. 

Saturn: Those born during a Saturn retrograde may find themselves struggle with the feelings of guilt and self-doubt more so then others as well as feelings of anxiety in certain situations. These fears are internalized therefore not might be that apparent in those born with Saturn retrograde. They are prone to feeling as if they are letting people down and that they are not fulfilling their responsibilities despite the fact that they are doing nothing wrong. 

Uranus: Those born during a Uranus retrograde may struggle with change and have a distrust with new technologies or improvements. They also may hide their eccentric attributes of their personality. People with Uranus retrograde are prone to outburst of rage and/or rebellion and then carry on normally afterwards. 

Neptune: Those born during a Neptune retrograde may find themselves struggle with showing compassion and often hide their insecurities and spiritual side. They take comfort in being reserved and keeping their secrets private. They also tend to have a realistic outlook on life but is prone to thinking very negatively. 

Pluto: Those born during a Pluto retrograde may find themselves struggle with trusting others and fear being controlled, manipulated or betrayed more then others. They often desire power and control because of this fear. However, they often keep these fears to themselves rather then talking about it. 

What does it mean when a planet is currently retrograding and who does it effect?

You can expect daily hiccups of the aspects the planet rules. This effects everyone, but can really be more present in those who are ruled by that planet. 

When does a planet retrograde?

Click here to see future retrogrades!

Anything else I should know?

What is very important to note that a retrograde can cause obstacles in your daily life, but that doesn’t mean it controls you. If something goes wrong during a retrograde you can fix it, don’t use that as an excuse to not be proactive. Retrogrades happen all the time (it is very common) so don’t let that put a pause in your life. 

Mercury rETROGRADE!! pls stop send asks now :((
  • 1:the planet is moving "backwards"
  • 2:this means the energy of that planet is going "backwards"
  • 3:so communication, technology and our logical thinking will be affected.
  • 4:you can gain more insight by checking the house it transits* (don't send me asks abt this you can google the basics of what each house represents, just understand that it is moving "backwards)
  • 5:meaning that whatever that house concerns you will have to be EXTRA careful with ur logical 6th house = health = don't forget to take any mess you need, always have an aspirin on you!
  • 6:it will affect you the MOST if, the current Mercury sign conjuncts, opposes or squares your natal Mercury or Sun. Or if you have strong Mercury placements.
  • 7:it will affect you the LEAST if the current Mercury sign sextiles, trines or is unsuspected to your natal Mercury or sun. or if your natal Mercury is retrograde.
  • 8:basically you just have to think things through and check everything twice! You will be fine. No one is doomed.
  • *find transits in, extended chart selection.

Mercury has been in Retrograde since October 4th. This is a time when Mercury seems to be spinning backwards. Mercury rules communication, clear thinking, electronics, truth and travel, so when the planet goes retrograde, which means that it looks like it’s going backwards in the sky, all those things go backwards. They start to get ugly and tangled up.

It’s like everyone you know has suddenly gone mad! You might find yourself getting into bizarre arguments about nothing at all, you could find it hard to communicate or get your point across, your mind will be fuzzy at times and you can find yourself getting confused. Your computer, phone and other electronic equipment is more likely to go on the fritz. Plans you have made may go wrong. There can be travel delays, so give yourself plenty of time to get to places.

The retrograde began on October 4th and will end on October 26th.

I just need to begin with - DAMN YOU, MERCURY RETROGRADE!

I know it hasn’t officially started yet, but I know it’s already taking its toll on me and several others out there. So, after many blunders today, I decided to make this spread. Perfect for this… astrological pain in the ass!

Here’s an explanation of the cards:

1. You, during the mistake - Time to take a step back and see yourself from a different perspective. Something lead you to that point. This will give you a glimpse.

2. Root of your actions - A deeper look into your intentions. Were you drawn to something? Or was it merely a mistake? Did you know you were going to feel like an ass after the fact? (I didn’t, really.)

3. How people see you now - This is a big one. Embarrassment comes from what we think others are going to think/feel about us. This comes from the mistake, hence the card’s position. So, how do people feel now it’s over with? Have they moved on, or are they still thinking about it?

4. How to get over it - You can’t linger on this forever. This card will offer up some advice.

5. What to learn from all this - Well, you can imagine you won’t do it again. But maybe there’s something else to take away from this crazy experience.

Remember, we cannot escape Mercury retrograde, but we can learn to accept that shit happens and move on from it. Hopefully, this spread will help in those tough situations! Good luck!

Mercury Retrograde, What is it?

Hi, can you explain what this Mercury Retrograde thing is all about? I’m so interested!

We all hear something different when retrograde appears but the traditional advice is “Don’t travel, Don’t sign contracts. Don’t marry. Don’t touch electronics!” 

Mercury Retrograde is a special time that happens about 3-4 times a year and lasts about eight weeks total with a preshadow phase, retrograde phase and post-retrograde phase.  Mercury prepares to go stationary retrograde at 13 degrees Gemini on May 18 and lasts until June 10 turning direct on the 11. The planet mercury doesn’t literally slow down and start moving backward, it’s moreso an optical illusion.  Mercury Retrograde occurs when it is moving backwards, into its shadow, which causes communication, scheduling, transportation and judgment to become cloudy or error prone.

Mercury travels through the two hemispheres of our consciousness going into the underworld of our psyche, the subconscious. Our Right brain is more in tune with the spirit world and is controlled by the our intuition, psychic sensitivity, long term memory, and emotions. Going into the underworld of our psyche is often challenging but needs to be done for clearing and healing. If you were to summarize Mercury retrograde, it is teaching you to slow down and reevaluate your situations right now. It’s a tremendous growth period especially for your inner relationship with yourself as well as your relationships with other people.

This retrograde is in Gemini which is the first home to Mercury making it a pretty special retrograde of emotional intensity. Always watch your thoughts during retrograde and realize they will especially be a burden during the feisty energies of Mercury retrograde. Retrogrades tend to affect Mutable signs the most but everyone is usually affected in some form or another. 

Mercury is the ruler of Communications, therefore when retrograde prepare for miscommunication, Things get lost, your mail goes to the wrong person, arguments, car rage, people act batshit crazy, electronics go haywire.
You tend to use “RE” actions such as reevaluate, reinvent, renovate and reform.  You revisit old patterns, old wounds, old relationships and  people from the past randomly show up all to help clear and heal. 

Many people dread retrogrades because not everyone likes seeing behind their own face and what lays hidden underneath their mask.It can bring up discomfort, old wounds, old relationships and even fights in relationships. It is sometimes a difficult period for people but through their struggles it is also a rewarding challenge-based period for growth and renewal. Mercury teaches us to slow down, let go, release and go within to heal. So we can integrate these new revelations and reinvent ourselves. 

Always get ready for the next lesson, Mercury Retrograde is full of them

Mercury in Retrograde (October 4-25)

When Mercury is in Retrograde

-Start anything new.
-Make important decisions
-Buy computers, appliances, TVs, radios, etc.
-Travel without back-up -plans
-Sign contracts
-Buy a car
-Negotiate a contract
-File a lawsuit
-Start a new job
-Begin a new class
-Go on a “first” date
-Expect things to move quickly
-Do not take anything for granted


-New projects to fail
-Angrier people
-Crazy drivers
-More accidents
-Computer problems and breakdowns
-Computers crash
-Software develops unexpected glitches
-More mistakes
-Slow mail
-Letters get lost on the mail
-Games of phone tag
-Wrong directions
-Missed appointments
-Dead cell phone batteries
-Telephone service snarls up
-Machinery breaks down


-Finish things you started awhile ago

-Get together with old friends

-Double check any paperwork especially contracts


People born with Mercury Retrograde might have a much better time dealing with the pros and cons during these times rather than people with direct Mercury. They might even find these times to be going smoothly for them. These people have a more acute thinking process and are able to think outside the box. They can be quiet and more withdrawn than someone with Mercury direct. As a result their sense of humor is a bit quirky. Roughly 18% have Mercury in retrograde.


When Mercury is in retrograde this means that Mercury appears to be moving backwards for about 3 weeks. However, the planet is not actually moving backwards. It cannot be any more than 28° from the Sun. To know if you were born with this position simply look at your Sun and Mercury sign on your birth/natal chart ( and if your Mercury sign is the sign before your Sun sign then you were born with Mercury retrograde. If your Mercury sign is the same sign or sign after your Sun sign then you have Mercury direct.

Ex: My sun sign is in Sagittarius and my Mercury sign is in Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign that comes before Sagittarius, therefore I have Mercury Retrograde. If I had Mercury in Sagittarius or Capricorn then I would have Mercury direct.

What the Retrogrades in Your Natal Chart Mean

Mercury retrograde: you are a sharp thinker with an offbeat sense of humor. You are cautious and thoughtful with learning new concepts and communicating with others

Venus retrograde: you take your relationships very seriously and value love highly. You are often reserved and avoid showing everything you feel. You are especially prone to feeling romantically insecure and desire a sense of balance

Mars retrograde: you often struggle with standing up for yourself and taking charge. You have strong desires but can crumble under pressure, but often find unique and creative ways to channel your energy

Jupiter retrograde: you have unorthodox beliefs and viewpoints. You plan things and worry about the effects of your actions more than most people. You learn from your own experiences rather than what others tell you

Saturn retrograde: you are prone to feelings of guilt and self-doubt. It is not uncommon for you to put on a brave front to hide internalized fear. You are often scared that you aren’t making the right choices

Uranus retrograde: you are uneasy with change and are inclined to hide your traits and habits that seem unusual. You are restless and follow rules even though you sometimes want to rebel against them

Neptune retrograde: You are often distrustful. Although you have deep spirituality, compassion, and vulnerability, you are uncomfortable with expressing them and try your best to hide them. Your fear of being let down causes you to push back big dreams

Pluto retrograde: because of your fear of betrayal and manipulation, you hide any parts of you that could be perceived as weak so nobody thinks you are easy to control. You sometimes struggle with taking charge

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio October 2014

Sometimes Mercury Retrograde gets a bad rap, but there ARE good things that can come out of it. Note that Mercury doesn’t officially go retrograde until the 4th but depending on what sign you are and where Mercury is in your chart, you might already be feeling this shift. It will go direct on October 25th.

Mercury rules communication, and when it’s retrograde, it essentially means that anything in the realm of communication is likely to encounter some static. And yet, it’s a necessary thing. You know how most people sleep around 8 hours a day? That’s 1/3rd of the day; Mercury tends to be retrograde about 1/3rd of the year. SO. Not taking a break during this time is the equivalent of skipping your sleep time. Especially if you’re a water sign!

One other thing to point out is this time, in October of 2014, Mercury’s going retrograde through Scorpio, which is an intense energy. So you may have hiccups that require you to dig a little deeper into yourself, and that can sometimes rub some raw wounds. In addition to all of that, October IS a spiritually sensitive time anyway, especially for folks who practice witchcraft or do any sort of witchery. This is a REALLY good time to be doing spellwork for healing long-carried burdens or deep wounds.

Okay, so, good things to do during Mercury RX;

  • (preferably before) BACK UP YOUR STUFF. You will probably lose a file or two during this transition.
  • rest! take a break! take a long bath, treat yourself to PLENTY of alone time as necessary, and don’t be afraid to say no and stay indoors.
  • reflect on plans you’ve made, how you’re doing in progress of those plans, also reflect on what you want to do yet in 2014
  • rearrange your schedule! there will likely be some delays and missteps with Mercury anyway, so try to be flexible with your time.
  • release! as you are reflecting and resting, if you feel the need to let some stuff go, now is a PERFECT time to do it. it could also be a good time to do banishing magic or anything cleansing. get rid of that stagnate, pent up energy.
  • write down any divinations you do for yourself. they will probably be a little foggy during this time, but writing them down allows you to come back and see what makes sense later.
  • reminisce. allow yourself to go back through old picture books, old music, or catch up with old friends.
  • keep in mind some people will have short tempers; try to take an extra breath before responding to crap.