Placements most likely to...

BE ARROGANT: Leo/Scorpio Rising, Aries Moon

CRY WHEN ANGRY: Pisces Mars, Leo/Aries Moon

BE PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE: Scorpio Sun/Mercury, Pisces Rising, Pisces/Cancer/Gemini Mars

FLIRT UNCONSCIOUSLY: Gemini Rising/Venus, Scorpio Mercury

BE SADISTIC: Scorpio/Aries/Virgo Moon, Pisces/Scorpio Mars

CHEAT: Sagittarius/Scorpio/Aquarius Venus, Pisces/Libra Mars

BECOME FAMOUS: Leo/Gemini Sun/Rising

HAVE AN ATTITUDE: Leo/Aries Moon, Aquarius/Gemini Mercury

BE MISCHIEVOUS: Capricorn Moon, Scorpio Sun/Mercury

PLEASE OTHERS: Cancer Moon/Rising, Capricorn Mercury, Taurus Mars

BE MASOCHISTIC: Pisces Moon/Venus/Mars, Cancer Moon

HAVE A HIGH LIBIDO: Scorpio/Taurus/Libra Venus, Aries/Sagittarius Sun

BE MELODRAMATIC: Libra/Pisces/Leo Moon, Cancer/Virgo Mercury

BREAK THE RULES: Aquarius/Gemini Moon, Sagittarius Sun/Mercury

PROVOKE: Aries/Aquarius Venus, Capricorn Moon, Scorpio Mercury

ACT ON INTUITION: Cancer Moon/Rising, Pisces Mercury

BE STINGY AND CUTTING: Scorpio/Aquarius Mercury, Gemini Moon

STAB YOU IN THE BACK: Pisces/Gemini Sun, Scorpio Moon, Virgo/Gemini Mercury

OVERREACT: Leo/Aries/Sagittarius Moon, Aquarius Mercury, Gemini Rising

BE A GOOD LISTENER: Capricorn/Taurus Mercury, Virgo Moon, Libra Sun

CHICKEN OUT: Libra Moon, Cancer/Pisces Mars, Scorpio Rising

SHOW STRENGTH UNDER PRESSURE: Taurus/Capricorn Moon, Scorpio/Aquarius Mars, Aquarius/Virgo Mercury

GO WITH THE FLOW: Pisces Mercury, Cancer/Sagittarius Moon, Aquarius/Sagittarius Mars

BE EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE: Scorpio/Taurus/Libra Rising, Taurus/Libra Venus, Scorpio/Aries Mars

Fun Astro Facts

  • Promient placements in fire signs/houses usually make people funny
  • A lot of aspects to Jupiter, especially harmonious ones could create this as well.
  • Neptune gives a blurry aura to everything it touches. For example: people with sun conjunct neptune may have an undefined hair color, everyone may see it differently in some way. They may also have a confused sense of self.
  • Transits or SR’s where Saturn is in the 6th house can make it a rough time for your health.
  • If Saturn falls in your 12th house though, it makes it a rough time for you mental health.
  • Aries placements are accident prone.
  • People with taurus mars and aries venus are always slightly aggressive when interacting with others but struggle being direct and expressing anger.
  • Mars in earth signs are very patient and persistent, especially in capricorn.
  • Prominent gemini/mercury in the chart make people eager to learn and may be “book eaters”.
  • The main difference with sagittarius/jupiter placements is that they prefer to learn through experience or apply asap their recently acquired knowledge.
tag yourself: astrology edition

-loud and outgoing
-center of attention
-appears very self-assured
-popular af
-life of the party
-needs constant validation

-sensitive with capital S
-mom friend™️
-stay-at-home > parties
-kids!!!! pets!!!
-complains 2 much
-#1 cheerleader

-never stops talking
-knows tea about everyone
-cancels plans all the time
-always invited places
-knows everyone
-naturally good at school

-aesthetic af
-just as pretty irl as online
-so sweet but kinda shallow
-everyone wants to be (with) them
-always has a bf/gf

-athletic captain
-doesn’t take shit
-ambitious as all hell
-2 blunt sometimes
-can be oblivious
-has never asked for help, ever

-so!! many!! friends!!
-teachers/adults love them
-the best stories/memes
-always travelling
-larger than life
-charming to the point of manipulative

-tough love™️ friend
-very responsible
-tries really hard
-doesn’t get enough credit
-has the best glo up
-can always count on them

-always changing their looks
-new version of them all the time
-unconventional life path
-diverse group of friends
-not most reliable

-does drugs….a lot
-writes poetry about their exes
-just wants to be loved
-makes others think they’re super innocent
-daydreams all the time
-avoids responsibility

-often forgotten about
-small but angry
-very powerful and turbulent
-can’t control themselves
-intuitive/psychic powers

Dominant Planets Moodboards

Sun Dominant:

“Inhale confidence, Exhale doubt.”

Moon Dominant:

“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they are never weakness.”

Mercury Dominant:

“Wisdom comes only through suffering. “

Venus Dominant:

“When home goes from being a place to being a person…”

Mars Dominant:

“Anything that gets your blood racing is worth doing.”

Saturn Dominant:

“Work until your idols become your rivals.”

Jupiter Dominant:

“Optimism is a happiness magnet.”

Uranus Dominant:

“Let’s make our dreams tomorrow’s reality.”

Neptune Dominant:

“We need fantasy, not to escape, but to survive in reality.”

Pluto Dominant:

“She loved mysteries so much that she became one.”

My (super honest) Take on the Moon Signs

Aries: Moody but energetic. Unaware of the other person’s feelings sometimes only because they’re total realists. Overall just A LOT of energy. 

Taurus: Calm and cool, very connected to family and somewhat cut off from people. Has witty moments and likes to make people laugh. Low key mean all the time though. 

Gemini: Very pleasant to be around, light and airy vibe. Can have very deep but also light conversations. Easy to get close to and will be there for you on their terms. 

Cancer: Brutally honest and if you’re good to them, they’ll be amazingly good to  you. Has very sudden mood changes that come as a surprise. Kind and caring to their friends (or acquaintances). 

Leo: Very egotistical and bossy. Has good moments and they’re very rare. Surprisingly hard to get close to. A little bit on the mean side. 

Virgo: LITERALLY THE MOST RESPONSIBLE WOW (maybe besides capricorn moon). Kind of a worry wart, and very analytical. Has a tough time with emotions. 

Libra: I know so many holy crap. Pleasant and serene vibe. I would say they’re both optimistic and pessimistic at the same time (depending on the situation one or the other). Really fair with everyone and tries to be a mediator. 

Scorpio: Has this struggle of wanting others to know them more deeply and yet won’t them. Quite creative and isn’t afraid of dark or mysterious things. Independence is a blessing and a curse with them. 

p: Sagittarius: Quite optimistic, (maybe) has an interest in other countries, travelling, or languages. Like Scorpio moon, independence is a blessing and a curse. Very intelligent but more prone to laziness. 

Capricorn: Uptight people to be around. Is very prone to negative attitudes. Probably the most responsible moon signs. Emotional matters are not their forte. Not a lot of sympathy for others. 

Aquarius: Truly doesn’t understand their own emotions. Especially when it comes to people. Astoundingly (no offense) has a lot of friends despite their emotional nature. 75% of the time they can be fine, other times they can be outright rude. 

Pisces: Supportive and sympathetic. Will be there for you thick in thin. A little bit out there, and low key lives in their own world. Lets people walk all over them unfortunately (only because they have a good heart). 

The Day You Were Born

*Note. This is a very minor factor in the human psyche, and not technically a component of the natal chart. Each day of the week has an energy which it imparts to individuals born on it, but it is vague and often a subtle undertone or theme rather than a prominent, overt, direct influence. This is closely related to the “mundane” matters of the 6th house, the everyday aspect of our lives, and how you approach or behave in that area. The planet ruling your day of birth may be interpreted to have increased energy or importance in your natal chart.


People born on Sunday tend to have well-defined identities, or at least a strong sense of self, and they deeply value their individuality. They can be very creative individuals, full of vitality and unique personal power, and they’re often well-liked for their radiance. Above all, their opinion of & belief in themselves drives them in their everyday lives. Their actions revolve around independent choice.

MONDAY || Moon

People born on Monday tend to be rather sensitive and emotionally responsive. Their feelings are deep & strong, and typically have a significant influence over their actions. Privacy and comfort are priorities in their everyday lives; they strive to feel safe, and may be reserved. They can be profoundly compassionate. They value their memories, which are usually vivid & clear, and protect their history.


People born on Tuesday tend to be energetic and forthright, with a vital intensity and passionate disposition that carries them throughout their everyday lives. Taking action and being decisive are important to them; strength of character, ambition, and progress help define who they are. They enjoy exhilaration and feed off adrenaline, so they could be reckless thrill-seekers if they’re able.

WEDNESDAY || Mercury

People born on Wednesday tend to be thoughtful and inventive. Their minds are central to their identity; the cultivation, communication, and manifestation of ideas is often what their everyday lives revolve around. Exchanges are crucial to their well-being, as conversation is their main avenue of self-expression. They tend to be busy-bodies, focused on a perpetually-flowing daily process.

THURSDAY || Jupiter

People born on Thursday tend to have “big” personalities; they’re often open, expressive, & engaging. Being a part of the world around them is vital to their happiness, & that is what their everyday lives revolve around. The pleasures of life are their hobbies. Their minds & hearts are expansive, giving them grand ideas & grand connectivity. The deeper meaning of things is important to them.

FRIDAY || Venus

People born on Friday tend to be charming & generally likeable. They’re polite, graceful, and easygoing, with rather “breezy” and warm personalities which attract others to them. They have a good sense of style & know how to present themselves in appealing ways. Beauty, indulgence, pleasure, & self-esteem are what their everyday lives revolve around. Their values are important to them.

SATURDAY || Saturn

People born on Saturday tend to have solid, responsible personalities. They are focused, determined, and disciplined. They may be reserved individuals with anxious dispositions or a cool, collected mien typically mistaken for coldness. Their strong, definite ambitions and continuous self-improvement are what their everyday lives revolve around. They are dignified, independent hard-workers.

☿ Mercury Signs-Your Voice ☿

Mercury in Aries: The Voice of a Warrior; direct, assertive, the voice that roars before battle.

Mercury in Taurus: The Voice of a Mother; gentle, worrisome, the voice that keeps caution over you like a cloud.

Mercury in Gemini: The Voice of a Shapeshifter; overwhelmingly intelligent, slightly confusing, the voice that brings everyone to the fire to hear his stories.

Mercury in Cancer: The Voice of a Titan; emotional, guarded, strong enough to strike fear in all who oppose her.

Mercury in Leo: The Voice of a Hero; commanding, proud, the voice that lights the torch of hope once more.

Mercury in Virgo: The Voice of a Healer; critical, sensible, the voice that you need to hear.

Mercury in Libra: The Voice of a Snake-Charmer; sweet, melodious, all the right words in all the right places.

Mercury in Scorpio: The Voice of a Vampire; seductive, compelling, pulls out secrets like a vicious riptide.

Mercury in Sagittarius: The Voice of a King; jovial, loud, bubbling with a light that no one can dampen.

Mercury in Capricorn: The Voice of a Queen; commanding, flat, weighed down by the realities that no one wants to face.

Mercury in Aquarius: The Voice of an Inventor; eccentric, uneven, filled with electricity that crackles with possibility.

Mercury in Pisces: The Voice of a Siren; soothing, serene, overflowing with otherworldly melodies.


Super moon full moon

Wow well the upcoming full moon in Gemini just so happens to be a super moon and coincides the same day Mercury stations retrograde December 3rd!
Which means this full moon energies will be amplified and a culmination of energy surrounding your truth. Mercury going retrograde during the full moon will make us take a step back to move forward. It will be a truth teller, a truth revealer, a truth seeker, but will require patience. Things will come to the surface, setting the stage for the new year.