I really love revising Literature it makes me so happy? But the sad thing is I hardly get high marks for literature even though I revise so much and I love the subject :( probably still going to take it as part of my subject combination next year though :D


11/100 days of productivity
ft. my school desk lmao

- have a literature exam coming up this friday!
- and did some math hehe

but the merchant of venice essay has got me dead, seriously, no idea how i’m gonna finish under the time limit sigh

A Shakespearean Character Guide to Dealing with an Annoying Roommate

Macbeth: Invite him to a sleepover. Then stab him.

Hamlet: Put on a play that outlines all of your roommate’s annoying flaws. Then stab him.

Romeo: Marry his cousin and try to start a new, peaceful relationship. When that doesn’t work, stab him.

Brutus: Petition your roommate to change for the better. Then stab him with 60 of your closest friends.

Othello: Talk to your friend about the problems you’re having with your roommate. Then strangle him.

Shylock: Make him sign a pound of flesh as collateral on your roommate agreement. Collect on it.

Cleopatra: Set a poisonous snake loose in his room.

Henry VIII: Marry him. Then cut off his head.

Shakespeare modern translation.

Hamlet: *Pretends to be insane and accidentally becomes insane*

Romeo and Juliet: 1st world problems with twelve year olds.

Julius Caesar: Can I have a Caesar salad?

Merry Wives of Windsor: Midlife crisis.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Inception.

Macbeth: How not to get away with murder.

The Taming of the Shrew: Don’t know whether to be offended or to laugh awkwardly. Proceeds to do both.

Much Ado About Nothing: Everyone wants everyone.

Merchant of Venice: Well that escalated quickly.

Othello: A break up song gone wrong.

Every single sonnet: *One arm draped over eyes* The angst that is my life.

Happy birthday to William Shakespeare, born on 23 April in 1564. Here are some of my favorite Shakespeare books: a huge Globe Illustrated Shakespeare, my beloved Complete Pelican Shakespeare (which was used in my university Shakespeare course), some vintage hardcover Shakespeare editions from the ‘40s, and The Merchant of Venice (1892). What is your favorite Shakespeare play?

thinking a lot about the word “company” and specifically how it’s used in intimate settings; also the inherent queerness of company- how queer friendship and romance expressed through sharing space and existing together (whether platonically, sexually, romantically) can be represented in text

also (just personally and for fun) thinking about sondheim’s interpretation of “love is company”, and how that fits into modern readings of shakespearean works 

(in other news we’re reading merchant of venice in the shakespeare class i’m taking this semester and while i still don’t like it, i can appreciate queer readings of the friendships in the play and the concept of “company” ties it together)