And the title and cover to the graphic novel is revealed!

Gravity Falls Lost Legends will be out July 24, 2018!

If you missed out on all the fun today on trying to piece the cover together, check out the #PuzzlingPines hashtag on twitter!

Cover art by Joe Pitt and Ian Worrel.


On the Brink of a Story - New Artbook! Coming Soon!

  • Hardcover
  • 102 pages (73 illustrations, 29 sketchbook)
  • Shipping will be USA only (at the start)
  • Limited 250 copies
  • I will sign and draw in each copy
  • $40 

Hey guys!!! I got some advanced copies of ON THE BRINK and the quality looks great! I’m so excited!! (they smell good, they pass the test!) 

This will be a special edition run of 250 copies. I will sign each copy, and draw in each one inside the cover so everyone will get a special sketch! (what you get will be a surprise!) 

((For those who find the price tag too costly: I will at a later date, once the first run sells out, make less fancy paperback copies available- these will be available for international shipping as well. They will not be signed or have the special drawings, but at least you will be able to get a copy at some point)) 


There’s a new Infinity War Bucky shirt!

AND IT ACTUALLY SAYS BUCKY! Not Winter Soldier, BUCKY. I can’t believe it.

I spotted it on Amazon - there’s 5 different colors and comes in mens and womens sizes.

(and hey, check out that bracelet - looks like Shuri may have given him some new tech)

My online/Etsy shop is now open!

I’m so very jazzed to finally publicly announce it!!!

Currently I have a variety of Undertale themed merchandise (both classic Undertale and AUs), including prints, buttons, and charms! As I add more items I’ll make little announcements with shop updates :)

Feel free to peruse and ask me any questions you have either on here or on Etsy!




The charms will be sent around mid February!

The front is a secret for now! It will be revealed when you receive the charm! The back is the red one!

EXTRA | Exclusive card ONLY when you pre-order!

Limited amount!

store: milemiru . storenvy . com
(remove spaces)