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OThis issue is so heartbreaking.  You can tell Tim is pleased to see Bruce and go crimefighting, but his excitement quickly turns to panic when Oracle calls to tell him to head home again.  Tim has to sit there and listen to his dad’s last moments, powerless to do anything to help.  Bruce is in agony, too–he became Batman specifically to prevent little boys from becoming orphans as a result of crime, and yet he can do nothing as he watches his own horrific fate befall Tim, for whom he cares so much.

Tim was finally, finally building a relationship with his dad that was built on mutual trust.  Jack still didn’t like the idea of Tim being Robin, but he’d accepted it as something that his son had to do.  Tim has wanted nothing more than a good relationship with his dad for years, and when he finally gets it, it’s torn away from him all to quickly.

You should absolutely go up and read the text in this story–it’s really tragic, but so well done.

Side note: the other boy in this story is Owen Mercer, who’s just found out that he’s Captain Boomerang’s son.  He’s going to show up in Tim’s life again in the future.

Identity Crisis 5