In which Kurt is surprised Blaine came alone and it gives him the courage to talk about his feelings again (6.06 reaction fic)


Kurt was pleasantly surprised when David Karofsky didn’t walk in after Blaine. Therehad always been a possibility that Blaine wouldn’t bring his boyfriend, butafter Mr. Shuester had told them all to invite anyone they wanted, Kurt had almost resigned himself to having a miserable night of watching his ex-boyfriend with his current boyfriend while his best friend flirted with Sam – and Kurt really didn’t want to know what was going on between them.

“Hey,” Mercedes said and grabbed his arm, pulling him back into the party.

It was nice to have everyone together once more. Of course there were a few of them missing, but any kind of get together was nice.

“Looks like your boy didn’t bring his boyfriend,” Mercedes said.

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