CUNE S/S 2013 - Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo Collection

Eventhough the designer Hironori Yasuda, named the theme of his S/S show - 気持ち悪い (kimochi waruii) which translates into - “feeling sick/unwell”, the collection itself made exactly the opposite impression! It was youthful, colourful and vibrant. There was a wide variety of prints, including plastic containers, bread loafs, kiwis and of course the brands staple - cute little rabit. I particularly liked the men’s sandals and the printed backpack! The silhouette of the runway pieces reminded me of Prada, so the best way to describe this collection would be - “When Miuccia met Pharrell”! Excellent job, Yasuda San!



SOMARTA S/S 2013 Mercedes Benz Tokyo Fashion Week Collection

Designer Tamae Hirokawa sent her models down the Tokyo Fashion Week runway on Thursday in clothes inspired by botanical motifs. The colour palette throughout the show was very subtle and remained natural, except for couple of cyan blue dresses and tights outfits. There were several variations of the layered dress and very girly lace skirt combinations in soft hues like tiffany blue and pastel yellow. The hair and make-up were really on point and really suited the whole mood of the show. Every look on the podium was paired with the designer’s signature textured lace tights, worn over the shoes, which added some interest to the already solid collection. My very favourite piece was the fairy/mermaid necklace, which reminded me of the G.O.O.D Music “Cruel Summer” album cover!

Photos: Fashionsnap