I doodled a little something at like…4 am for dear @arahir! You deserve the best and yet, here I am, throwing doodles at you. One day I’ll make a proper fanart for this fic, just you wait. ;A;/

their pet shark is named Sprinkles and she would like some chicken please

Today’s drawing, mer!Shance 🌊🌊🌊

Lance often goes to a secluded area to sing and relax. He unknowingly draws an audience in the form of a handsome merman.

Dedicated to my friend @sharpshooterlance

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My Treasure (Part 1)

First off, I want to point out that I love mermaid Shiro just as much as I love mermaid Lance so I was fucking dying while I planned this one out. Thank you for this prompt. Apologizes for all the parts I’ve been putting out instead of one long story like I usually do. I hope you enjoy! ❤️

Out of everything that Lance had ever earned, stole or was given, he was the proudest of his ship. She was everything a pirate could ask for; fast, durable, armed to the teeth, and incredibly seaworthy. 

His crew was filled with all the people that he had rescued in the past; whether it had been helping them escape the law on the islands they visited or fishing them out of the ocean if they became castaways. He gave each of them an equal chance to prove themselves as a member of his crew or he would drop them at the next island they came across, it was always their choice.

His right-hand man was a man named Barnes. He never told Lance his last name but at that time he wasn’t really concerned about it, they all had their secrets and it wasn’t any of his business. He had been with Barnes the longest, he was the one who dragged Lance out of the slums when he couldn’t do it himself. He raised him up to be who he was now and although, it wasn’t the cleanest job he could have, it was certainly better than laying to die and rot in the streets.

He was much older than Lance and acted as his father more than a right-hand man. Not that Lance was really complaining, ever since he was young he craved the sort of familiarity of a family that he had always been missing. 

In fact, most of the people in Lance’s crew were older than him. Some by a few years, some by a few decades but no matter who it was, he tried his best to earn their trust and so far it had paid off. They had become his family. He really did have a crew that was worth fighting for. They would give up their lives for him and he would do the same for them.

It wouldn’t always be like that though.

Everything started when they rescued five people from the waters surrounding a recently sunken ship. They weren’t sure who they were or if they were allies or not but Lance couldn’t stand to leave them to drown in the ocean when he could at least give them a chance.

He learned later on that Lotor was the captain of his own crew but the military had sunk their boat and all but the four young woman were left of his crew. Now, Lance wasn’t too unfamiliar with the concept of women who had become pirates but he had never come across one either. To be honest, he wasn’t expecting to in his lifetime. He was worried at first that the men of his crew would try to take advantage of their small number but quickly realized that the largest one; Zethrid could easily rip another person in half and the rest of them were equally as dangerous.

Needless to say, they tried to keep their distance after that.

He agreed to take them to the next island as long as they worked for their stay on his ship, it wasn’t cheap to keep people alive out on the ocean and having five extra mouths to feed didn’t make it any easier on the rest of the crew.

However, they seemed to be grateful for the deal and they made themselves scarce among the bustling activity of his crew. After that, it became business as normal, or so he thought.  

He woke one night to a pulsating pain in his face. He quickly realized that he had been punched by Zethrid and was being ripped out of his bed by his shirt. He let out a yelp as he fell to the floor and barely prepared himself before Zethrid was back on him throwing punch after punch anywhere that she could reach. She reeled back for another hit when Acxa’s hand came down on her shoulder and pulled her back slightly.

“You’re not supposed to kill him, Lotor still needs him,” she said calmly as if she wasn’t seeing a human, being heavily beaten in front of her. Zethrid snarled before huffing and standing up, a clump of Lance’s shirt clenched in her fist.

“Well let’s go then, hopefully, those idiots did their job this time,” she growled before she started dragging Lance from his quarters. It was only when they were outside that Lance realized that a storm was swirling around them. Rain pelted against the deck and thunder and lightning struck in the distance.

He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the military crew standing guard around his kneeling men. They were tied with their hands behind their backs and attached to the person beside them. He tried to call out to them but only a sad croak came out of his throat.

“Ahh, the man of the evening has come to join us!” Lotor smirked, calling loudly over the sound of the rain. At that, his crew looked up and saw their young captain, dressed only in his undershirt and trousers, bloody and beaten blue and black.

“LANCE!” Barnes called out helplessly, struggling against the soldier that held him. He ignored him to look over at Lotor who was slowly making his way over.

“So Lance, I have an offer for you,” he finally said as he stood in front of him.

“That’s Captain Lance to you!” One of his crew members yelled.

“Not anymore,” Lotor laughed. “Here’s what I’m prepared to offer, you can either choose to live and we kill every member of your crew right now or you can choose to hand over your ship and your crew gets to stay safe and you die instead,”

“Kill me,” he said without a beat of hesitation. Instantly, the deck was filled with disapproving yells and screams. Lotor himself had a look of utter surprise on his face.

“How interesting,” he purred before turning to look at the rest of the crew. “You heard the man, you’ll be safe and sound on this ship, under my control,”

“Any last words?” He asked, looking over his shoulder at Lance. He took a deep breath and nodded slightly before facing his former crew. As he started speaking the soldiers prepared the ship to finally set sail out of the storm region.

“Don’t waste this opportunity you’ve been given, take it as a second chance and try to live,” Acxa started tying his hands around his back. He barely put up a fight, knowing that it would be the end soon for him anyway. As Zethrid dragged him up to stand, he stared over at Barnes.

“Thank you for picking me up that day, if it wasn’t for you I’d still be a ratty kid starving on the streets,”

“Lance, don’t do this!” Barnes pleaded looking at him with wide sorrowful eyes.

“I have to,” was all he got out before he was dragged away.

He was going to die. He was going to die and they would never be able to find his body. He was going to die and it wouldn’t be quick for him. He was going to die in pain and afraid.

He stood on the railing of his own ship, waves crashing against the side of the boat as the harsh wind swept along the water. In the distance, lightning struck down and thunder rumbled angrily above them. For the last time, he looked back to his crew with a painfully wobbling smile, the fear of death showing on his face in his last moments.

“It’s been an honour,” he said confidently. 

He watched them, their eyes full of devastation and rage. He could see their mouths moving although he couldn’t hear what they were saying. 

He let out an involuntary gasp as he was shoved from behind and he careened into the water below. All the air left his lungs as he hit the surface of the ocean. He struggled to kick back to the surface for a single gulp of air. His ship, his girl was floating away from him. He cried out as the ship rapidly left his sights, the rain obscuring his view. The salt stung at his open wounds and a howl of anguish finally escaped his throat.

She was gone. The Blue Lion was gone, and he was never going to see her again. 

Even as the understanding of his imminent death made way in his mind, he tried to swim after his home. Tears of fear and desperation coursed down his cheeks, hiding in the rain and seawater that already covered his face.

It only took a few minutes of struggling for his legs to become exhausted and he started sinking. His legs screamed at any movement, his body was sore from Zethrid’s punches, and his heart broke thinking about his crew and ship.

His body sank further into the dark abyss beneath him. He tried desperately to kick back to the surface but his legs were no longer listening to him. Whoever said that drowning was a peaceful death was a liar, he struggled and struggled to break free of the ropes but could only slip further beneath the water. He choked on the water that started filling his mouth.

Just as his eyes began to slip shut he saw something moving rapidly towards him. He saw nothing but silver eyes coming towards him before everything turned black.

Part 1/2/3

Stories Masterlist

Fuck You Brain For Another Goddamn AU

Okay so I saw this really cool Pidge design where our favorite little Green Paladin was a mermaid and I suddenly get this thought literally out of nowhere:
Avian Lance and Mermaid Pidge being secret buddies. Throw in Shiro as Pidge’s overprotective pod member, Matt the Meme Merman who’s chill af and a bit of a lil shit, Avian Hunk, and Centaur Keith and BAM make a reverse Mythics AU with Shance!
The whole idea is Pidge, as a young guppy, gets trapped in a storm and beached on some rough rocks near the woods. Lance, who has wings too big for his body (“You’ll grow into them, don’t worry my fluffy little chick!” “Mamaaaaa I’m not that fluffy!” “Nonsense! Fluffiest chick I’ve ever had.” “I can attest to that, baby bro.”) is wandering the forest after falling from the tree nest where his flock is and finds the beached mermaid.
Both are initially afraid of each other, but Lance who has a heart of gold and is a sweet and helpful child sees that oh no this cute little fish girl is hurt, her back fin is all messed up and oozing which cannot be good, and bravely moves forwards. Pidge scrunches up, since there are stories of Avians spearing Mer from the water to eat them with something called spices, but Lance talks her into letting him see the owie.
He manages to get water on her scales, which is very helpful since she was drying out, and bandages the wound on her fin with his shirt that he rips into strips. He then struggles to carry her into the water, and accidentally falls in the shallows. The shocked look on his face is so funny that Pidge starts laughing, because Lance hasn’t been in the ocean before because his Mana said that it was too dangerous and Avians can’t swim because their wings would get soaked and heavy and drown them, but it’s salty and wet and he loves it! His wings flop out, and the little mermaid splashes him, and they go back and forth playing in the water until Pidge hears her pod trilling her name and Lance hears his Mama calling, and they both say goodbye and leave.
The next day, Lance sneaks back to the ocean and calls around for the mermaid he met the other day, and she comes back and they continue playing.
They become really close best friends, Lance nicknames her Pidge because her real name is way too complicated to say. They complain about their families, talk about their friends, and yet neither can introduce the other to their respective flock/pod because the Mer are afraid of the Avians, the Avians are wary of the Mer, and everyone sees everyone as the bad guy. Until Shiro gets fed up with where Pidge keeps disappearing to, and confronts Lance, nearly drowning him until Pidge and Matt interfere. Matt, as an empath Mer like Pidge, can tell that Lance really cares for Pidge like a sister. Shiro is still wary, but accepts it, and now accompanies Pidge (and occasionally Matt) to meet Lance. Hunk gets dragged into this, who brings Keith (Lance’s other friend/rival who’s a Centaur and a bit of an asshole, but a pretty okay guy to hang with) along, and they all hang out until Lance’s mother finds out and bans him from leaving the nest and Shiro gets super worried, and Keith can’t get anything out of Hunk about it, and it’s a terrible few weeks until there’s a storm and Lance has a fight with his parents and abandons the nest, flying out into the storm and-
Well, I’m gonna fic this anyways, so you’ll just have to see what happens after that ;3
Shance and langst are my strong points, after all!
Plus I love the Pidge and Lance sibling dynamic, and I wanna try my hand at Sassy Meme King Matt Holt™ for once, and I never see Avian Lance, so this should be a lot of fun to write! :3

Sheith Mer!AU idea.  Keith is human.  Shiro is a merman.  Zarkon rules an evil mer kingdom that’s trying to rule the oceans for both Mer and human kind.

Keith and Shiro meet when the ship Keith and his father are sailing on is attacked by some of Zarkon’s followers.  Keith’s father dies, but Shiro is able to drag Keith away from the attack and take him to the shore where he will be safe.

Keith and Shiro end up staying near the same stretch of coast as each other, and grow up to be fast friends, though Keith never forgives Zarkon’s army.  They both end up helping the humans that are building weapons and ships to combat the mer that currently rule the ocean.  Keith for revenge.  Shiro because there are many mer that don’t agree with what’s going on.

One day Shiro stops appearing at the shore they meet on.  Keith looks everywhere but can’t find him.  The other humans aren’t very sympathetic to the loss of his mer friend.  Shiro’s been helpful over the years, but there has always been a suspicion about him.  A lot of people think he’s finally joined up with Zarkon.

Keith splits off from the other humans fighting the mer over Shiro’s disappearance.  He continues the fight on his own though.  Setting  and watching traps along coves and shores frequented by Zarkon’s forces.

Then one day Keith finds Shiro in one of his traps.  Shiro is covered in scars, his hair and some of his scales have started to go white, and his right arm has been removed and replaced with a magic prosthetic.  He doesn’t know where he’s been or what he’s been doing since going missing, except that he was captured by some of Zarkon’s men while scouting something suspicious.

Then plot :D

Lots of Shiro being worried about Keith fighting mer when he can’t breathe under water.  Lots of Keith thinking he’ll be fine because he has sharp harpoons and other tools.  He doesn’t need to be able to breathe down there if he never gets dragged under in the first place.

I don’t think I’ll write this, but if someone else is inspired, feel free.

My Treasure (Part 2)

I feel like I was jumping all over the place in this one, I apologize for that. I hope everyone enjoys! ❤️

All Lance could feel when he woke up was pain. His head was pounding, his face was sore, his body felt like he was run over by wild animals.

He blinked his eyes open and squinted up at the trees that were shading him. All he remembered was the sensation of drowning.

Was he dead?

He didn’t think he would be in that much pain if he was actually dead. But if he wasn’t dead, how did he get there and how did his arms get untied?

He shakily pushed himself up and looked around, the first thought that came to his mind was ‘beautiful’. He was laying on the white sand of a beach cove, as turquoise water lapped at his feet. Sunlight sparkled off the small waves that made it to shore and he could see fish darting around underneath the water.

“How did I get here?” He asked himself eyes darting around the area. He jumped when the trees behind him rustled and he hesitantly looked over his shoulder.

He let out a loud gasp and attempted to drag himself away only for his arm to give out and fall back to the sand.

It was a merperson. A shark merperson. He had never seen on before, or any merperson at all really. He looked human but he knew that it was just his magic that transformed him. The only things that he noticed that were different were the pointed ears, visibly thicker skin, and grey patches on his body.

“Oh, you’re up,” he said walking closer to Lance. Lance watched him with wide cautious eyes and curled up on himself as he approached. He noticed as he spoke that he also had sharp teeth.

As he crouched down beside Lance, he finally got his legs underneath him and attempted to run away only to buckle at the knees. Before he could hit the sand, hands went around his waist and caught him gently.

“Easy there, you’re hurt,” the merperson said calmly and carefully laid him back down on the beach. Lance watched him with wide eyes, unsure as to why he was helping him. Everything that he had heard about merpeople had been that they were vicious, ugly, and would always go for the kill on a human. This one though was gentle and careful, and incredibly attractive.

At the thought, Lance’s face and ears lit up with red.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay?” The merperson asked frantically, squishing Lance’s face in his hands and inspecting it.

“I’m fine,” Lance answered pulling his hands off his face. The merperson was looking at him with worried silver eyes. The same silver he saw before he blacked out in the water. He let out a gasp and pointed at him in realization.

“You’re the one that saved me,” he blurt out in shock. He nodded his head with a smile.

“I’m Shiro,”

“Lance,” he replied slightly stunned. “Why did you save me?”

Shiro blinked in surprise and tilted his head as if the question confused him.

“You were in trouble, were you not? Why wouldn’t I save you?” He asked.

“I-I don’t know really, well I didn’t expect merpeople to be like this,” he admitted quietly. Surprisingly Shiro let out a laugh instead.

“Believe it or not, I’m not like most merfolk,” he said with a quick smile. “I’m guessing you came across the stories that merfolk are dangerous and sink ships,”


“I’m not like that I promise, I just saw a human getting tossed into the sea during a storm, I couldn’t just watch you die,” he said quietly, staring into Lance’s eyes. “Especially after seeing how much you fought for your life,”

Lance’s eyes widened at the serious tone but surprisingly he wasn’t frightened of him. He nodded and looked down at the ground in front of him.

“Thank you,” he said looking back up at Shiro. He didn’t know what else he could say to him besides that. He didn’t know who he was or why he was there that night but at that point it didn’t really matter. He didn’t have anything left now; he was without his home, his family, and any means of survival.

He looked up to see Shiro studying him.

“You can go now, you’ve done your job, I’m alive,” he said with a shooing motion aimed at the merman. Surely, he didn’t want to stay and Lance wasn’t going to force him either. He had done enough just pulling him out of the ocean.

“What do you mean? I can’t just leave you out here alone,” he argued. “You can barely walk, how are you supposed to forage for food? Or find water?”

Lance pouted and looked away again. It was true that it would be painful to get up and look for those things but…

“You shouldn’t have to stay here because of me,” he muttered. “You’ve already done so much for me,”

“Lance, all I did was drag you out of the ocean,”

All you did,” Lance parroted sarcastically.

“I’m a merman, I swim,” he shot back blankly.

“Look I appreciate what you’re doing but you don’t need to help me,” Lance tried and looked away hoping that when he looked back Shiro would be gone.

“That’s unfortunate because I’m going to help you anyway,” he said boredly.

“What?” Lance turned back and only saw Shiro diving into the water.

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He keeps having dreams. He can’t remember what happens in them, only the sensation. Terror. Rage. The taste of blood in his mouth.

It’s too late to drop out of the mission now; they’re two days away from leaving. Even if they had longer, he knows it still wouldn’t be an option. He’s worked too hard for this, sacrificed too much. Quitting isn’t an option.

Still, the sensation remains under his skin, prickling like pins and needles through his right arm.

Some pensive pre-Kerb Shiro 

Title: To Dream Of Water
Fandom: Voltron
Pairing: Lance/Shiro
Rating: Explicit
Additional Tags: Merman Shiro (Voltron), Language Barrier, Sign Language, American Sign Language, Deaf Character, Deaf Lance (Voltron), Alternate Universe - Supernatural Elements, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Shape of Water inspired, Anal Sex, Water Sex, mermaid au

Fic Summary: For as long as he could remember, Lance had dreamed of water. His dreams felt more real than his waking life, a world swathed in shades of blue and green. Twisting, twirling in the water, it was the one place he felt complete, the only place he felt whole and unbroken and entirely himself. It was the only place he felt free. And that was when he’d met him, the man from the sea who would change his life forever.

Here we have it, my gift for @Jupitertriton (it won’t let me properly tag you?) for the @shancesecretsanta ! I hope this meets what you were looking for in asking for a Mer!AU. I have to admit seeing The Shape Of Water the other day definitely influenced this a bit haha. Happy Holidays!

When he’d brought the strange fish… person… thing home, netting tangled around its limbs, Lance hadn’t even been sure if it was entirely alive then, much less if it would make it through the night. He’d found the creature tangled up in netting caught around the piers of the boardwalk when he was coming back in from night surfing. He’d gotten Hunk’s help in getting the creature home, filled the tub with water, and dumped in most of his supply of the salt and marine stress coat for his aquarium before maneuvering the creature into the tub. When he’d seen its gills flutter, chest rising and falling with a deep breath as soon as it was in the water, he’d breathed a sigh of relief.

Carefully, Lance had spent hours cutting away the netting tangled and twisted around the creature. Whenever he would pull away a piece of netting embedded too deeply in its flesh, the creature would utter an uncomfortable trill, clicking and clacking with displeasure. It sounded alien, the sounds unlike anything he’d ever heard. Lance had shushed it quietly each time, offering soothing strokes to undamaged flesh until the creature calmed down again.

It was only after a few hours of careful snipping and tugging that he had really been able to see what he was working with. And it was… beautiful.

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quicky cool down sketch of Shiro adjusting to the new Altean arm after his escape

I feel like he’d seek out solitude more after it all. He’s got all the trauma canon!Shiro has plus his whole body went from being warm neutrals to the neons of something poisonous, lethal. No matter what he does, he’s never going to escape the purple of the things and people that hurt him.


My present to @biscochito217 for the Shiro b-day exchange run by @vldexchange! You asked for something with plants and I didn’t really make it all that prominent, but to sum everything up, it’s close to Shiro’s birthday (as he is an orca he only knows migration patterns and which one he was born in) and Lancey got him a little gift from home, an orchid that’s native to Cuba. 

(also no I do not speak Japanese, but I searched for days in a Japanese to English translating dictionary and didn’t use google translate, please cut me some slack since I know it’s probably wrong)

Click on the images for better quality

Rough transcription below the cut!

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arahir’s sheith/vld fic masterlist

as requested! hopefully this will clear things up! i’ll keep this updated and post a link on my page. i’ve organized it into sections based on the mood/genre. all fics are sheith and all fics are complete unless otherwise noted. i tried to make this easy so you can control + F search for “married” or “kuron” or “cop” and see what fic some anon is talking about if you want. fic specific warnings are denoted as below:

🍆 explicit  🔪 blood  💀 not a happy ending ⭐ new/currently updating

angst + drama

go alone, and never speak of this again aka ghost fic 🍆

14k | season 4 au + presumed dead | keith sacrifices himself. shiro mourns, but not everything is lost.

and all that’s left is you  🍆 🔪 💀

15k | canon compliant | keith loses shiro to kerberos and he loses himself.

all you love, you keep aka fake married  🍆 🔪

15k / wip | canon expansion | local mutual pining idiots stuck in a marriage of convenience can’t get their shit together.

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Hush Little Baby

(Takes place before the events of the au so can be read as a stand-alone)

(Happy Birthday @bibisarts one of my fav people in the world)

After leaving the army and focusing all his attention on Lance, Shiro found himself not leaving the house for more than an hour at a time.

Growing up he had always been very outdoorsy, him and his best friend Matt exploring the forest near their homes.
Now, however, Shiro simply didn’t have time, looking after a baby while adjusting to being down a limb was a lot.
He had gotten into a boring routine that consisted of never seeing sunlight and breathing stale air.
Perhaps that was why Allura decided to take matters into her own hands.
“Allura I really don’t think this is a good idea” Shiro looked nervous as Keith was placed in the back section of the baby carrier.

Shiro had never trusted those things, it seemed like you were just asking for your baby to be stolen right from your back while you carried him around like a backpack.

But Allura had insisted he be the one to carry both Keith and Lance since she broke her arm and was unable to carry her own son during their day trip.

“You’re not getting out of this, I can’t remember the last time you saw sunlight, it’s not healthy to stay cooped up for so long, for you or Lance,” Allura smirked as she stepped away from Shiro in time to see him hold Lance a little closer.

The tiny baby was asleep against his chest seeming without a care in the world despite the fact that only half a year earlier he had been in a war zone.

“I just… I don’t know if it’s a good idea to be out somewhere so dangerous with Lance, what if he gets hurt or sick?” Shiro looked at Allura like they were standing at the gates of hell rather than the entrance to the local zoo.

“It’s the zoo, Shiro, unless a lion escapes I think the kids will be fine” she laughed as Shiro pouted.

“Have you not seen the size of the wasps here?”

Allura continued to laugh as she took his hand and dragged him towards the entrance “well the two of you have already lived through something worse than little old wasps.”

Shiro let her drag him along “war?” slipping out before he could stop himself.

Allura turned around with a playful grin “Coran’s cooking.”

That finally caused the tension to seep out of Shiro’s shoulder as a snort escaped his mouth. “You got me there, I don’t know how his poor little nephew Hunk can eat that stuff every weekend.”

“He is a strong resilient toddler, I’m sure he somehow passed that onto Lance.” Allura nodded towards the sleeping baby.

Hunk had been introduced to lance only a few weeks ago but the two had hit it off straight away. Lance had been left with Coran, while Shiro was driving Allura to the hospital for her arm, hr did not stop crying wanting only his daddy to be there and not the strange man with the orange mustache.

Then hunk toddler over and kissed him on the forehead saying “Its ok Lance, I’ll protect you until Mer Shiro and Aunt Allura are home.”

By some miracle, his cries stopped and spent the rest of the evening babbling happily with Hunk.

Shiro hated to admit it, but he was kinda jealous of how easily a freaking toddler got his son to calm down while he had to spend hours holding him to avoid the quiet shattered by wails.

Shiro chuckled brushing a thumb across Lance’s soft brown hair “we can only hope so.”

The two fell into a comfortable silence as they wandered the zoo, Lance stayed asleep most of the time and Keith watched on with relative disinterest towards all the animals.

It wasn’t until they got to the hippo enclosure did Keith really get excited.

So excited that he wiggled in his holder trying to get free.

“Now Keith you know you have to stay there” Allura chuckled snapping a few pictures as Keith reached his little hands out towards the large creatures squealing with delight whenever one got close enough.

“Somehow I think he’s ignoring you” Shiro shot her a smile over his shoulder earning an eye roll in response.

“My little rebel, refusing to play by my rules huh?” Allura poked Keith in the stomach causing him to giggle. “A ticklish little rebel?” she used a teasing voice as she began to tickle him with her good hand.

Shiro while this was happening just stood there awkwardly looking down as Lance began to wake up.

His little blue eyes slowly opened and looked around, as if suddenly realising he wasn’t at the home he knew those same eyes began to water.

“Shh shh its ok baby, daddy’s here” Shiro hushed as he gently bounced Lance up and down hoping to avoid the waterworks.

However, he wasn’t so lucky and only seconds later he began to cry hard and loud.

Keith quickly followed suit though more from alarm at the sudden noise than anything actually being wrong.

Shiro desperately tried to calm down his son, humming to him as he paced back and forth but nothing worked.

He was getting desperate when he remembered something Matt had told him always worked when his little sister was Lance’s age.

Without even giving Allura a clue as to what he was doing Shiro made his way to the entrance to the aquarium.

He didn’t stop as she called his name or questioned why they were there.

Instead, he went straight into the shark tunnel.

As they stood in the middle of the tunnel and Lance continued to cry, Shiro thought maybe he had made a mistake.

Then the shark swam overhead.

It was only a small nurse shark that really wasn’t that impressive, but in that instant Lance’s cries shut off and the baby stares mesmerised as the creature swarm above his head.

He began to babble and reach out his hands like he wanted to pet the predator.

“Looks like little Lance may have found his favourite animal.” Allua chuckled having at some point removed Keith from the holder and rested him on her hip.

“And here i was hoping it would be a lion” Shiro whispered almost afraid to break the trance the baby seemed to be in.

“Guess you’ll just have to buy him a new plush before we leave then.” Allura’s volume also dropped.

The group watched the shark in a silence only broken up by the joyous sounds of the two babies with them.

That night Shiro slept better than he had in months and Lance slept with both his lion Blue and his new shark also named Blue.