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Hello everyone!


GoodbyeTM is a video as much for The Mentalist Cas & Crew than for us, Mentalistas. A way to remember evrything that happened during those 6 years with the show and what it meant to us. In addition, to a way to say Goodbye and thank you to all those wonderful people who worked on the Mentalist - cast & crew- .


So Thank you Cast & Crew for all the work you made on this Amazing show. We enjoyed watching every single one episode and enjoyed the ride with you during those 7 seasons.

The show meant a lot to us and gave us so much. It also gave us a 2nd family with the fandom - and of course, one you part of too-.

THANK YOU for everything!


Special Thanks to William Mapother who also gladly participated


Thank You Valentina for the beautiful Mentalistas Anthem - song at the end just before the very last one-  Download it  -


Thank You The fandom and Elisa to have created the very lovely “The Mentalist Anthem” - last one -  download it 


Thank you also to all the Mentalistas who participated! 






Goodbye The Mentalist!



Victoria-lynn - @totorsg - @GoodbyeTM -



PS: I apologize in advance for the mistakes it might have, I had a lot of problems with Sony Vegas and so a very little time to make it - with Uni and exams too - So I got confused sometimes too, sorry. 

But it is finally done so I hope you will all enjoy it.


It’s a long video -1h07- sorry lol Lot of people participated.

My god I wish I had one of you guys nearby to watch The Mentalist with.

I mean obviously I watch it by myself first due to the intense noises I tend to make. But a rewatch and having someone sit next to me on the couch making the same noises and holding me when I need to be held and crying with me.


Say Goodbye/Thanks to The Mentalist Cast & Crew

Hello Mentalistas!

I wanted to make this post to ask you all if you would have been interested in a little “Goodbye project” for the Cast and Crew of The Mentalist as we know that season 7 will be the last and they will finish filming in a few months.

The basic idea is to make a big video re-living the 7 years of the fandom with The Mentalist:

  • Gathering the experiences we all had thanks to the show (photos of your mentalistas meeting, if you meet someone from the cast or crew, the projects we made, the friendships/bestfriends/soulmates we gained thanks to the show, the reactions we had with some episodes/scenes, the TM places you visited etc…) to show them the great years we spent with them and how the show was important to us. 
  • + your Messages of Goodbye, Thanks and luck for the Cast and crew.

A video with all the emotions, hearts and generosity we can bring to it for the end of a story.

PS: I’ll surely ask if some people would like to help me to handle a few aspect if we do it ;) / there would also certainly have an original Mentalist/Mentalistas song add to the video.

So here it is. Does it sound good to you? would you be in?

So I had this idea...

Now that TM is over, we could create a blog that would be sort of a Mentalist paradise. Like gather all the good fanfiction, gifs, art, music, interviews of the cast over the years, trivia, a Mentalist wiki, news on the actors and all these resources. You know, like a blog that will be constantly updated so that all Mentalistas have a place where this world is still very much alive. Message me if you’d be interested, so we can discuss it further and see how it will work ;)