I was really struggling this week. Working way too hard, skipping breaks and meals, not staying hydrated, not showering, not taking my meds. it was bad. even at the busiest times, self-care is so so important. if I needed help, then I’m probably not the only one. all of these lil ideas are small and relatively easy and I highly doing something nice for yourself, even if it’s not on the list. hope you all have a wonderful day/week/year. 

(my personal favourites in bold)

  1. drink some cold water
  2. wash your hands and face with cool water
  3. make some tea
  4. get a blanket and snuggle it around you
  5. snuggle an animal/stuffed animal
  6. buy your favorite candy from the gas station
  7. close your eyes and listen to your fav song on repeat for 10 mins
  8. put on some throwback jams (high school musical, mamma mia, 90s, u do u) and dance around ur room in ur undies 
  9. make a calming playlist
  10. call a friend/relative just to say hi and hear someone else’s voice
  11. rewatch cute/funny/happy clips from ur fav tv show/band/movie on youtube
  12. put on a skirt and twirl (yes boys/agenders/trans u can do this too)
  13. scribble really hard with black pen on a blank page and scream
  14. look at the sky/moon/sunset/sunrise/stars
  15. write
  16. watch kitten/puppy/small animal live streams on youtube
  17. go outside, even if its just by ur front door, and take some deep breaths
  18. eat something - fruit, veggies are best
  19. change ur contacts/clean ur glasses if you wear those
  20. change your underwear
  21. if u can’t get urself to shower, wash off w a damp washcloth/baby wipe
  22. put on a cute/comfy outfit that makes you feel good about urself
  23. dont put eye makeup on so you can rub your eyes & they wont feel heavy
  24. stretch, do some yoga or meditate
  25. get a breathing/meditation app and use it (headspace is gr8)
  26. take a nap
  27. go to bed before 11 pm
  28. brush your teeth
  29. turn off bright harsh lights and use smaller, warmer lamps
  30. unplug. give your eyes/brain a break from screens for a half hour
  31. get one of those pet/family apps/games and care for someone else for a change
  32. find cool people on tumblr and send them anonymous compliments (that you actually think are true - spread love)
  33. find a quote, write it/print it nicely and stick it on ur wall
  34. watch a new movie
  35. boil some cinnamon sticks/vanilla bean for 5 mins so ur house smells pretty. if in ur room, use essential oil drops or candles
  36. make your bed
  37. vacuum 
  38. wipe down ur desk w some disinfectant
  39. clean something - a backpack, small area, fluff ur pillow, put away one shirt
  40. do your makeup all pretty and nice just because/dress up just because
  41. research into your dream job/vacation/city/whatever
  42. open up pages/canva/photshop/etc and make something just for fun
  43. build a fort and crawl under it
  44. find an easy diy and do it/ be proud of ur creative genius
  45. make a list of things that make you happy. stick it somewhere you’ll see it all the time
  46. print a picture of someone/thing that’s pissing u off and throw things at it (tape it to a dart board if u have one)
  47. reread a book that makes you happy
  48. clip your nails, clean the dirt from under them
  49. send some good old fashioned snail mail to someone u like just for fun
  50. take some selfies if you’re feelin it (see #40)
  51. fuzzy socks. enough said. 
  52. make yourself a fancy meal/cocktail/coffee/tea latte/drink/whatevs
  53. open ur window or put on a fan/air purifier. get some air circulating
  54. draw, even if u think u suck. 
  55. reach out to kids help phone (canada) or a suicide hotline if you need to talk to someone about more serious matters. you deserve help and care and support. (message me if you need resources)
  56. donate to a local animal shelter (if u have the means obviously)
  57. go for a walk/run/bike ride
  58. put on a face mask
  59. take a bubble path
  60. shave ur legs and moisturize
  61. moisturize 
  62. bake some cookies
  63. go on spotify/youtube and find some new music you love
  64. make a really fun upbeat playlist for next time u get the aux cord
  65. scroll through some wholesome or funny meme accounts. whatever you’re in the mood for. 
  66. take some cool pictures of whatever you want
  67. change up your room in any small ( or big) way that you can
  68. teach urself a new skill on youtube (simple like a hair style, or complicated like an instrument, whatever u want)
  69. sign up to volunteer at a library/homeless shelter/soup kitchen/retirement home/daycare center/etc. help those who need it. be giving. 
  70. put on sad music and cry. let ur mascara run. be dramatic. let it out.
  71. put rock music on and stomp and scream throw (soft) things. let it out. 
  72. teach urself the words to a fast rap song thats cool right now so you can impress ur friends/classmates/family
  73. print off some kid colouring pages and dont stay inside the lines
  74. brush your hair, take it out of a ponytail if its been like that for a while, or put it up if its down and in ur way
  75. diy a hair mask (coconut oil) and do that
  76. exfoliate ur whole body and feel like a whole new person
  77. clear out ur phone/laptop. delete old messages, numbers of people u dont like/hang out with, get rid of photos of shitty friends, apps u dont use, etc
  78. find cards against humanity online (or if u have it use the cards) and play with urself - make funny matches just because
  79. empty a drawer (or multiple) and fold ur stuff neatly
  80. do something that will make u sweat (gym, dance, clean) then take a nice shower
  81. take a second to listen to ur body. unclench muscles that are clenched, fix ur poster, massage/stretch tight areas
  82. move to a different area of the house for a little while. clear ur head. 
  83. go out, anywhere. window shop, go to a coffee shop/library and work. people watch if ur broke. 
  84. update your planner
  85. make Pinterest board/real life vision of things that make you happy for when in this situation again
  86. find a youtuber you like and watch their videos
  87. lie on the floor, listen to music and do nothing for a while
  88. give yourself a pep talk in the mirror and then stand like superman for a few mins. sounds silly but it works. its called powerposing. look it up. 
  89. repeating this bc important: hydrate!!!
  90. start a new tv show
  91. order something online so u have something to look forward to
  92. go sit with a family member and keep them company. u dont have to talk to them. 
  93. the app ‘trump dump’ will make u feel better about the current us political situation
  94. read happy news: find stories of students doing something cool, women kicking ass, men being amazing, whatever. bonus points if this inspires u
  95. sort your garbage from recycling and help the environment
  96. smile at people you see just because. smiling is good and nice. 
  97. look at old pictures of u and ur fav people
  98. go through old yearbooks and take a second to appreciate how far you’ve come
  99. go to a park and watch kids play. remember what it’s like to be young. realize you are still young. go on the swings and go as high as u can
  100. play in a sandbox just because u still can

xo soph

HAPPINESS in my bowl💛✨ sometimes, I have days were I feel empty, alone and really down. I don’t know why, but I do know that I am in full on control of how I choose to deal with those negative thoughts that try to creep into my mind and consume me. I can let them…or I can FIGHT BACK🌟
And by fight back I mean show myself some extra love, do the things that make my soul shine and surround myself with positivity.
For me, this means doing some yoga and stretching it going for a walk, spilling my thoughts onto paper and nourishing my body, mind + soul with some juicy, sweet fruit that never fails to brighten my spirits in some way🌻🌞🍉🍌 I’d love to hear what you do when you’re feeling down?
Sending love to each and every one of you❤️

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hey friends!! this is an extension of my last post, which you can find here, where I talked about navigating high school when you have a chronic illness. Since then, I’ve gotten a lot of asks wondering if their health concerns counted as a chronic illness and what accommodations they were entitled to. Instead of answering everyone individually, I made this post so I could hopefully reach more people who need answers. 

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor and am not aware of every possible limitation + accommodation. These are just the ones I’m aware of, and are a good place to start.

you will most likely need medical documentation to support your request for any of the following!! especially at public schools!!

in the classroom:

  • an individual learning plan - sometimes called an IEP or ILP
  • a classroom aide
  • the ability to record classes/lectures, either audio only or audio/visual
  • the ability to dictate class work
  • a notetaker, or access to teacher notes
  • double of every textbook - one to leave at school and one to leave at home
  • ability to eat and/or drink in class
  • ability to leave class without permission, or without fear of being forbidden
  • priority access to a seat at the front/back of the class for vision/sensory/hearing/etc issues
  • not having to take gym, or only being required to complete the health component and still be eligible to graduate
  • being excused from art or drama classes that are too physically demanding - these are grad reqs at some schools
  • being excused from classes that may be triggering - eg. a sexual assault unit or domestic violence lesson
  • being excused from hands-on science lab work - due smells, allergies, sensitivity, etc.

for tests/exams:

  • extra time on tests - 25%, 50%, 100%, or something custom to your needs
  • a separate test taking space - quieter or smaller space, a more casual space, a different chair/desk,
  • a test taking aide
  • the ability to dictate certain test components
  • a computer for essay or writing-based tests


  • ability to complete any work on a computer where possible, eg. essays on tests, homework, lecture notes
  • use of a calculator when otherwise prohibited
  • use of spell check when otherwise prohibited
  • an online/digital/pdf version of the textbook
  • permission to use audiobooks instead of physical copies
  • permission to use a digital ebook instead of a physical copy - zoom feature, inverse colours, weight in bag

in the halls/around the campus:

  • ability to use the elevator (many schools limit elevator access + elevators are only accessible with a key)
  • ability to carry medications on your person (this is often not allowed, even for over the counter meds like advil)
  • ability to take longer to travel from class to class
  • priority given for an accessible locker (eg. one that doesn’t require you to bend down)
  • a priority parking space close to the school
  • an extra number of allowed absences - ie. not failing out because you miss too much school
  • permission to take breaks in the nurse’s office when necessary - ie. naps, time to lie down, some silence
  • a different in dress code - ie. more comfortable shoes, leggings to accommodate stomas or sensory issues
  • ability to bring your own lunch - some schools (mostly private schools from my experience) forbid this
  • getting a chair during assemblies, pep rallies, or any school event that requires standing

outside of school (homework):

  • extra time to complete homework, or extra time only for big, culminating assignments (like major essays, projects)
  • reduced work load (every other question, only needing to complete enough for a sample)
  • the ability to dictate homework
  • ability to complete homework assignments on a computer
  • double of every textbook - one to leave at school and one to leave at home

examples (!!!!! as in not inclusive of everything) of conditions that could warrant accommodation

  • a mental illness that has been professionally diagnosed
  • a learning disability that has been professionally diagnosed
  • a sensory processing issue/disorder
  • a history of trauma (eg. sexual assault) that has been professionally evaluated
  • a broken bone - accommodations would definitely be temporary in this case
  • a handicap, eg. being in a wheelchair, having a feeding tube, an amputation
  • having a chronic illness, incl. chronic fatigue, chronic pain, diabetes,
  • having an acute but serious illness/disease, eg. cancer
  • recovering post-surgery
  • pregnancy
  • an extenuating family circumstance, eg. a seriously ill family member who needs your assistance frequently

reminder: asking for accommodation, or having one of the above mentioned health conditions does not make you weak. it does not make you lesser. you are strong and brave and capable and deserving of success. you deserve an education. believe in yourself, ask for help when you need it. i’m always here to talk.

love, soph 

Maslow’s Hierarchy Teshuva Style

This time of year, (Elul, Rosh Hashanah, and Yom Kippur), Jewish communities stress the importance of teshuva, which is translated as repentance or return and generally understood as apologizing to Hashem and to other people for any mistakes made over the past year.

If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, who am I? If not now, when? - Hillel, Pirkei Avot

But for anyone struggling with safety, mental health, abuse, trauma, or a variety of other things, the task of apologizing to Hashem and other people for your mistakes over the year is just not possible. You are important. Your struggles are valid and an important part of teshuva. You might not be doing the same teshuva as a lot of your community, but you are doing teshuva. You are working hard on yourself, work that is difficult and not to be underestimated. And it is work that must be done before you can approach the rest of the pyramid. Maybe in a few years you’ll be able to approach the high holiday season the same way as what can look like most other people are. 

Thank you to those who I talked this idea through with.

🌊✨ Some weekend magic and some weekend lessons I learned ~ 5 things to quit doing right now:
1. Trying to please everyone
2. Fearing change
3. Living in the past
4. Putting yourself down
5. Overthinking
I stumbled across this message and it really resonated with me as something I struggle with a lot, and I thought I’d share it with you💛
No matter what we do, how generous and loving we are, what we look like, what we achieve, we will never be able to please everyone. But what others think says nothing about us.
This week I’m focusing on being unapologetically ME, practicing self love by taking better care of myself and letting go of some of my fears. Embracing every moment and embracing change. Change is scary, but from change grow an infinite number of new opportunities and possibilities🌻
Do you have any intentions for this week?💫

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LOVE YOURSELF enough to do right by YOU🌻💛✨ I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently because of a lot of messages I’ve been getting and because I spent so many years of my life not doing this.
Not loving myself. Hating myself. Comparing myself to everyone else and picking at my flaws. Neglecting myself because I felt it didn’t matter and I didn’t need or deserve the food, rest, help from others, compliments…
IT IS NOT SELFISH to love yourself and put your own needs first sometimes. Because only when you are your happiest, healthiest + most vibrant self can you truly give the most to others🙏🏼
Looking after your body, mind and soul with enough wholesome foods, enough water, enough sleep + doing the things that bring YOU joy are the most important things. No excuses.
If other people tell you different, stand up tall and keep on going. Being unapologetically YOU🌟✌🏼️🐝❤️

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anonymous asked:

What is AvPD?

Hello there. 

AvPD is an acronym for Avoidant Personality Disorder. 

Symptoms of this personality disorder are defined as:

  1. Avoiding occupational activities that involve significant interpersonal contact because of fears of criticism, disapproval, or rejection.
  2. Being unwilling to get involved with people unless certain of being liked.
  3. Showing restraint within intimate relationships because of the fear of being shamed or ridiculed.
  4. Being preoccupied with being criticized or rejected in social situations.
  5. Being inhibited in new interpersonal situations because of feelings of inadequacy.
  6. Viewing self as socially inept, personally unappealing, or inferior to others.
  7. Being unusually reluctant to take personal risks or to engage in any new activities because they may prove embarrassing.

For more information check out our What Is AvPD(link) page, our Information(link) page, and our Answers Directory(link)

- Jay, 

🌞🌿 I just got home after another very long drive, my second last exam for this semester and a very stressful and all round not-so-great day. I’m exhausted and have probably cried my body weight in tears. This is a reminder that’s it’s OKAY not to be okay sometimes. Life can throw unexpected things at you. Life can be hard and uncomfortable. But without these negatives we might not appreciate and be able to recognise all the POSITIVES. All the wonderful moments that make life so special and amazing💫
Sending all my love to anyone else who’s going through a tough time or who’s just had a bad day. Go make yourself a delicious nourishing meal and curl up with your favourite book or movie like I’m doing now❤️
You got this.
We got this.

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thoughts on OCD

hey tumblr, some thoughts

I see a lot of people complain that OCD is over-represented as a “quirky” illness focused on neatness and etc. While I definitely agree with that, it’s important also to recognize that many people with OCD do in fact desire straight lines, clean edges, specific numbers, and other more or less “stereotypical” manifestations. So yes! It’s very important to make people aware of the other forms of OCD that exist (like scrupulosity), but the more commonly-portrayed obsessions are 100% valid as well. They’re stereotypes for a reason.


Brainwaves |
Activate your Theta brainwaves (7-4 Hz) through meditation.
Alpha brainwaves (14-8 Hz) are the gateway.
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