I don’t hate my body, I love it. We all should love our bodies. Every insecurity we should embrace, it’s what makes us unique… We can change some, but we have to live with most. If learn to love yourself before you make change, it’ll make things a lot easier.
Recently, I had decided to stop doing heavy leg workouts due to varicose veins on my left calf and right inner thigh. I don’t hate my legs because of it. Sure, it looks unattractive at times, but I’ve learned to live with it. We all have live with something.
If you’ve read this, nice. If you haven’t, that’s fine. But if you want, put a ☑if you have an insecurity. Most likely no one will, but whatever.
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Self-Care Band-Aid Tattoos by MotivationalTattoo. Wear one when you are feeling down, to serve as a pick-me-up and reminder. ♥

Some of My Better Self-Care Techniques
  • Read 
  • Write some poetry
  • Write some fiction
  • Write out my feelings in a letter or journal (and then tear it up if I said something mean or need additional stress relief)
  • Punch a pillow
  • Listen to music and sing
  • Write a song 
  • Play my violin
  • Take my pills
  • Have a snack, like fruit or dark chocolate
  • Take a shower
  • Take a nap
  • Do my makeup or try on a cute outfit
  • Go through a list of everything I’m proud of myself for that day/in my life
  • Play with my puppy
  • Go on a walk/bike ride/hike
  • Hang out with my family
  • Watch a movie/tv show
  • Make a list (of things to do, goals, or anything really, just to sort out my brain)
  • Snuggle up in a warm, soft blanket
  • Go find a friend (If I’m feeling up to it)
  • Get something done
  • Get absorbed in some irrelevant research on the internet
  • Take some selfies
  • Cry
  • Remind myself of things/people I’m grateful for and love
I tried to drink it away, I tried to put one in the air
I tried to dance it away, I tried to change it with my hair.
I ran my credit card bill up, thought a new dress make it better
I tried to work it away, but that just made me even sadder.
I tried to keep myself busy, I ran around circles
Think I made myself dizzy,
I slept it away, I sexed it away
I read it away Away, away, away, away, away, away…
—  Solange
Mental Health

Several months ago I decided to see a therapist for the first time in my life for my increasing anxiety and panic attacks. I couldn’t sleep. My resting HR was 110′s, I was running 10-12 miles a day because if I stopped my anxiety would come crashing back in. Eventually I was diagnosed as having PTSD. It was kind of a shock to me. I am still slowly processing that diagnosis. I take care of patients with PTSD so I couldn’t possible be diagnosed with it myself. 

The truth is that even as caretakers we are just as vulnerable if not more so. 

I just want to say. Please take care of your self. Practice self compassion. Take long walks. Enjoy a hot bath. Go out to dinner with friends. Your highest priority patient is yourself. Also, it is ok to ask for help. 

thoughts on OCD

hey tumblr, some thoughts

I see a lot of people complain that OCD is over-represented as a “quirky” illness focused on neatness and etc. While I definitely agree with that, it’s important also to recognize that many people with OCD do in fact desire straight lines, clean edges, specific numbers, and other more or less “stereotypical” manifestations. So yes! It’s very important to make people aware of the other forms of OCD that exist (like scrupulosity), but the more commonly-portrayed obsessions are 100% valid as well. They’re stereotypes for a reason.