“In the Midst of Spring”

Hey Coven, I know it’s been a minute since the last post, but I’m starting to realize that when this happens you can expect something good to coming. With that being said I hope you all like this spring/fashion week inspired look

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Black At It Again 👊🏽

Styled By | Jon
IG & Tumblr: @7thson92

Model | Saïd
IG: saidhenri
Tumblr: @syonri

Photographer | Clifford
IG: kspts
Tumblr: @kaleidoscopespots Twitter: jesuisponge


Crafted By Kings

Styled by: Jon 

IG: 7thSon92 

Tumblr: @7thson92

Model: Saïd 

IG: saidhenri 

Tumblr: @saidhenri

Photographer: Clifford 

IG: kspts 

Tumblr: @kaleidoscopespots

Twitter: jesuisponge



Look By: Jon

IG: 7thSon92

Tumblr: @7thson92

Model: Saïd

IG: saidhenri

Tumblr: @syonri

Shot By: Clifford

IG: kspts

Tumblr: @kaleidoscopespots

Twitter: jesuisponge


“Be careful in the forest, you never know what you may encounter”

Hey Coven, long time not see, heres a photoshoot i did with a few other influencers aka the coven, i hope you guys enjoy.

Instagram: @beingadp @michaelfaucett