Listen. The men on Broadway are GRANDPAS.

Lin Manuel-Miranda:

Andy Mientus, surprisingly, is also an elderly man. He bakes things while wearing baseball caps. I mean.

Then there’s Darren Criss. He knits when he gets bored backstage.

And of course Aaron Tveit, the grandpa king, who uses these phrases:

“rad” “beautiful thanksgiving turkey sandwich” “okie dokie” “those subwoofers were bumpin” “swell!” “slammin’ rock music” “all up in my neck business” “go ahead, yuck it up” “oh gosh” “who in the heck”

Conclusion? The best fanmail would be some plain crackers, denture cream and a hearing aid coupon. 

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Musical theatre/ Broadway is typically thought of as being lgbt friendly as there’s lots of gays on Broadway but lemme just say something real quick: yes there’s lots of gay men on Broadway, but how many gay shows? How many gay characters? How many shows with canonically queer main characters and story lines have been slept on? Just look at the Tonys this year! Cause listen, at the end of the day, you can ignore the sexuality of an actor, when you go see a play or musical, the sexuality of the actor is irrelevant, what you can’t ignore however is a clearly queer character or storyline, it’s in your face, you’re watching it, you’re taking it in, it’s part of the story and you can’t ignore that. So yes, the fact that there are a lot of gays on Broadway is amazing but if you think that that means Broadway is diverse in its shows in terms of sexuality, that’s bullshit and you know it

A new everything.

It’s time for a new
The marks of your absence- rough grips
Bruising up my wrists
The loss of those sweet words,
Heavy and carelessly said,
A weight on my chest
Forced breaths
You made me guarded
My smile timid and trembling
A sprained moth’s wing
My hands shook every day
Too much coffee
Too little of you
Until that Monday night
I turned the silver circle in the shower
Your message came in
I could not decipher
The layers of bitter and hurt,
Disconnected and uncaring
I did not try to digest it
I just stepped into the water and let your words unravel me
I cried so hard
I almost threw up, heaving and heaving

You’re a ghost now.

It’s been too many weeks
Longing and missing you
It’s been too many nights
Tears and black ink words
I don’t want to want you anymore
I see your face, a crooked mask
On the faces of the men
Crowded streets on Broadway
Black hats, just like yours from the back
All the parking lots I met you in
You’re everywhere

There’s this memory that’s been skipping and skipping
The longest night
2 a.m.
You kept smiling sweet
“Don’t go,”
You teased
You stood outside my car
I reached out for you through my window over and over
“Hold me again,”
My eyes said

I won’t mark myself as value-less

I used to always be so strong
But with you I was fragile
And I continued into that place
Until I realized you were no longer safe
You turned from my warm soft cabin
To the blizzard outside
And now today I know-
It’s time for a new everything

I won’t be the girl chasing you to please come back
I won’t be the girl hoping you will call,
Waiting up late nights
I won’t carry the heaviness of your wounds anymore
I set you free
And I am ready for the New

I don’t know where I will go,
I just know
It’s time for a new

the right girl - the men of broadway singing about the women they’ve fallen in and out of love with

shiksa goddess - the last five years // what do i need with love - thoroughly modern millie // someone is waiting - company // bonnie - bonnie and clyde // the right girl - follies // what is it about her? - the wild party // how it ends - big fish // il mondo era vuoto - the light in the piazza // easy to love anything goes // some girls - once on this island // her voice - the little mermaid // your eyes - rent // i’ve been - next to normal // thank god she’s blind - the toxic avenger // unchained melody - ghost the musical // it all fades away - the bridges of madison county 


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