“‘I focused on making him a friend, soldier and above anything else a son – Cinderella is primarily a daughter and so the prince was primarily a son. So I focused on that relationship with Derek Jacobi as my dad and brought out all these other elements of his character.’

Indeed, working with Jacobi was one of the highlights for Madden (’I love him to pieces’) […].”

Richard Madden on his characterisation of the Prince and working with Derek Jacobi in Cinderella (x)

You may not like my job, you may not approve of the man I am, but I deserve respect. You cannot place me in the category of “corrupted law enforcement” because of what you have watched on the news and witnessed in person. Trust me…I’m aware of the system….the innocent lives killed because of race, beliefs, and for no fuckin reason. You know what? I constantly live to be the change I want to see happen. I don’t tolerate bad actions from any individual (whether you’re workin with me or not, I’m not gonna let it happen).

I have been doing a lot of self reflecting lately.  I cannot believe today marks the time I’ve started it all.   No fucking regrets.   I can say I’m proud of myself.  Some people will be ignorant, as humans we’ve gotta accept it and move forward at our own speed. I will never lose my passion for creating a better world around me.