I had to pause The Emperor’s New Groove because I feel too bad for the old man who was thrown out of the palace for ruining the song


he’s so fragile and old

why would you do that you monster

tag meme: list ten faves from ten fandoms and then tag ten people
I was tagged by @kakashifan9 (thank you!)
1. han solo for the original movies, i dunno now
2. karamatsu from osomatsu-san
3. kakashi from naruto
4. bertie from jeeves and wooster
5. bruce banner
6. sid from galavant
7. tenth doctor
8. mccree from overwatch
9. gnorge from the beatles cartoon
10. andy from the office

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Let's play a little game!

Because I’m really curious!

Reblog and put in the tags which Bioware LI you’d choose if you had the option in real life. This could mean AU where they appear in your normal life, or you could factor in choosing between Thedas and space. Give me your headcanons and share your love with me!

Making some care packages for homeless men for #InternationalMensDay

It cost me less than 10 pounds to get new socks gloves and underwear for 5 homeless people. If you have some spare money please do this. These are luxuries that most homeless people can’t afford, and its kind of better than giving them money as they can’t use new underwear to buy alcohol or drugs with.


"Egalitarian" Redditor explains why protesting Michael Brown's shooting would be a "gross misuse of the MRM's relatively meager resources."

“Egalitarian” Redditor explains why protesting Michael Brown’s shooting would be a “misuse of the MRM’s resources.”

External image

External image

“The MRM aims towards improving the rights of all men, not small subsets of men.”

Isuppose none of us should really be shocked that the death of Michael Brown, a black teenager literally shot in the back by a white officer, has caused barely a ripple in the world of the Men’s Rightsers — there are only two small threads on the subject on the Men’s Rights subreddit at the moment, and the only…

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so its christmas now