Men in make up

  • guy friend:you know we could just let women choose which woman gets onto a dollar bill and it'll never happen cause they'll argue over it for so long
  • me:you do realise who makes up most of our government, right? men.
  • me:now rethink everything you just said. and remember you will be stuck in this car with me for another six hours.

I am really so unimpressed and disappointed by non-Black Muslims who can only respond to the AME shooting in Charleston with “see!!! Double standard! If it were a brown dude, he’d be a terrorist”. We’re seeing black people being massacred en masse in style that sharply contradict any claims of a post-racial society and this is the only commentary you can contribute? Your priorities are marred by selfishness.

Yes, it’s a valid point. White privilege is real and the ways in which this will be covered will exemplify that. This is a point that’s made every time white men shoot up a building. You don’t need to make this point now. We get it.

For God’s sake, it’s the first day of Ramadan. Can you all chill on the shrill disregard for black life for just this month?


This doesn’t happen often to me, but again today some blokes yelled some abuse from their car window as they drove past me down the street.

This is such a gross thing to do, but also, kinda funny to me. It’s like a seven year old who tried to get the last word of an argument by closing the door and running away.

How small has your world got to be to think your tiny, tiny opinions matter at all?

And how insecure must you be with your own masculinity lmao.

Anyway here’s me with the offending outfit, I look fresh to death.

Quite frankly I look amazing and they knew it.


Men Try Women’s Makeup For The First Time