okay let me tell you a memory of mine that surfaced in my head this morning. I’ve been in love only once; I’ve never really had many chances to find love due to my mental illness, which had me secluded from life. I was on holiday in England and met this boy who was part of the family who hosted me and another girl, he was around one year older than me. I remember one day it was raining, I was feeling very bad due to my mood swings and my italian friend was trying to confort me and asked me what she could do to help me, I thought about it for a bit and then said: “let’s go out under the rain”, I remember she smiled and convinced me to bring the boy along. We walked for hours under the rain and talked about many different things, fed some swans and at one point I was getting in a bad mood again, so the boy whispered to my friend “I think she’s going down again”, and I said “no, I’m not” but actually I was on the verge of tears (mood swings will do that to you) so he cut an hydrangea from a bush and gave it to me with a smile. And I remember I was in love in that moment, it was like a fairytale. Now it may seem stupid and childish, but I remember the magic of that moment so well.

One day, I will see you at the mall and we will hug. The hug would last longer than the time it took us to fall apart.
One day, I will ask how you have been and you will tell that you missed me.
One day, I will admit that I missed you too.
One day, we will unconsciously hold hands and start walking down the memory lane.
That day, our story will start…again.
Truthful Tuesday - Memory Lane

Growing up in the South and being a child of ‘older’ parents (my parents were in their early-to-mid 40s when I was born), some things were just different.  For instance, rather than central air conditioning, the only room with a window unit was my parents room and that was primarily so my father could sleep in a cool room during the heat of the day because he worked at a plant 3rd shift.

My brother and I had a window fan in our room.  Turn that fan on and wedge something into the door to keep it from closing, and you wished you’d have slept with a blanket, comforter or quilt.  Personally, I preferred I preferred one of the handmade quilts we had.

Because my father’s job was manual labor, rarely was their excess money.  So, during the spring & summer months, in fall, we had a large garden.  This helped reduce grocery bills.

Another way of saving money was not using electricity to dry clothes.  In the backyard, my dad had built a clothes line that had to have been 50 feet long.  And there was 4 separate lines strung up.  Using clothes pins, hang clothes on the interior line then the outer line.  More often than not, with a family of 5 (my grandmother lived with us until she passed), the lines were usually loaded down.

But, thinking back, the clothes I remember wearing to school were always soft as a feather.  Even blue jeans had a quality you cannot get from a gas or electric dryer.

I definitely have more conveniences now that I did when I was growing up.  But, I still look back on those times with starry eyes.