shoutout to ND people with Weird memory

- to the people who can remember every aspect of a situation from a random wednesday in 2013 but regularly forget their families’ faces
- to the people with great short term memory but awful long term memory
- to the people with that the other way round
- to the people who hear “if its important to you, you’ll remember it” when the only things u remember are completely unimportant
- to the people who’s brain seems to flip a coin on whether information they’re taking in will stick or not
- to the people who hear “your memory cant be bad because you remember [X], so you must be lying when you say you cant remember [Y]”
- to the people who cant retain information on their hyperfixation/special interest even though they really want to, and even though they “should” be able to
- to the people who can remember that there’s something they want to remember, but not what that thing is

shoutout to the people with simultaneously good and bad memories; you guys dont get enough recognition (feel free to add on)

Collect moments, not things.

Love people, not material.

Cherish memories, not possessions.

—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin | Instagram