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do you know that (7/8) : jungkook edition

Bangtan as things my friends say pt.3

Taehyung: So pigeons do rotate their heads 360 degrees?

Yoongi: The deadly dose of coffee is 13 cups, I’ll drink 14 just in case.

Namjoon: *sitting in a caffeteria with Jungkook*

Jungkook: I feel like I’ve been lied to. This cookie has no chocolate.

Namjoon: *mishearing Jungkook* The world is a lie?

Jungkook: The fuck are you talking about.. My chocolate cookie has no chocolate in it.

Jimin: I’m going to eat lots so I have a nice booty.

Hoseok: My sister is cooking pasta in a kettle. I don’t know whether this is amazing or should I slap her.

Jin: I’m scared to go outside, because seeing me, other’s self-esteem is going to fall.

@ferociousqueak​ tagged me to list the 10 things one of my OCs would have in their bag. Thanks, dear, this isn’t something I had thought about yet!

 Cassandra Shepard

1. A sidearm. With rare exception, she hasn’t gone without one since the Skyllian Blitz. She doesn’t want to be caught unprepared again. 
2. A multitool. Frank Shepard taught her early that there are many problems that can only be fixed with a screwdriver and some omnigel. She’s upgraded on her father’s advice.
3. Omnigel. And lots of it. See above.
4. The omnitool Frank gave her when she completed her first tour of duty. Its hardware is outdated and far surpassed by her standard issue one, but every so often she finds a way of modifying it just enough to justify not having to part with it. 
5. A bunch of protein bars. She doesn’t really know how they keep ending up in there, but she’s always grateful when she finds them after she’s worked through a regularly scheduled meal.  
6. A water bottle. She might forget to eat, but she never forgets to hydrate.
7. Stims, though she’ll frown at you if you ask about them. She’d rather people think she’s a robot that can work incessantly than to think she has a stim habit. This changes a little after ME1. The stims become less necessary after, well, whatever Cerberus did to her.
8.  A datapad that she once loaded up with some trashy literature that she hoped to get to in her spare time, but that she has since filled up with working diagrams of weapon mods she plans to create. It also has some saved correspondence between her and Frank that she reads on rough days. 
9. A lot of trash that she keeps meaning to find the time to sort through.
10. Medigel. If she remembers to replenish it. She doesn’t always remember.

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generatorcat  asked:

JayTim, “kick his ass for me.”

A cross of the legs, a slight pout of the lips. Jason is done for, and Timothy knows it.


Timothy cants his head just slightly, loose bangs falling across his face. Jason scowls.

“I said no.”

He does nothing, just stares. Blinks. Jason’s fingers twitch.

“Fuck off.”

Somewhere behind him, a police cruiser turns on its siren. Jason’s gaze jerks away but Timothy keeps his steady. His eyes won’t leave that red domino mask until he gets his way.

To their left, a man in a ridiculous vigilante outfit with a pink crop top over mesh armor is looking between them, clearly confused.

“I’m not taking the fall for this.”

Jason turns back to him, shaking a gun Timothy knows is full of rubber bullets at him.

“This was your idea. Your heist. You said, and I quote ‘No one will even notice.’ Someone noticed!”

Timothy holds his arm up, dangling the multi-million dollar necklace he couldn’t resist between his fingers. He smirks as Jason snarls.

“Um..excuse me. I can’t let you leave with that.”

“Shut up!”

Timothy can’t help but laugh at the way the vigilante trying to stop them from robbing this museum flinches when Jason turns his gun on him. Maybe if he was observant he’d have noticed the Bat on Jason’s chest.

Timothy pushes himself up from the bench he’s been lounging on and dusts off his slacks.

“Where do you think you’re going?!”

Timothy turns. Smiles. “Home. I can feel my skin getting dry and itchy.”

He’s got a new tattoo, a series of feathers on his ribs. Something he’s refusing to let Jason see until it’s fully healed.

The other man’s lips part slightly, like he forgot about the new addition to Timothy’s body. He swallows and he’s caught. A simple reminder, a promise, and he’s wrapped around Timothy’s pinky.

Jason has a kink and Timothy will exploit it fully.

He reaches up and fastens the choker like necklace dripping with diamonds around his throat.

Jason visibly swallows.

More than one kink Timothy is willing to fully exploit.

“Kick his ass for me, baby.” Timothy waves and fires a grappling hook into the shadows. “And pick up some wine on the way home!”

“Fuck off!” Jason yells back at him before the sound of someone being punched in the face reaches his ears.

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Last movie you watched: Fantastic Beasts
Last song you listened to: I currently have Green Day’s Revolution Radio album on in the background
Last show you watched: The Flash, last night
Last book you read: um…for fun, for research, or for teaching? I was just flipping through my copy of Frankenstein to pull out quotes to give my undergrads for the quote identification part of this final exam, for research/book review work I’m reading Heir of Locksley, and for fun I’m reading Alexis Hall’s Kate Kane novels.
Last thing you ate: coffee and a bagel with cream cheese, but it’s time for lunch, so I’ll probably go make a sandwich after this
If you could be anywhere at the moment, where would you be?: someplace with a lot of books, cats, Awesome Husband, and no final exams to grade. Or Venice in the sunshine.
Where would you travel in time?: for research purposes, I’d check out the 12th century, but I wouldn’t want to live there! maybe Tolkien’s Oxford, to hear him lecture?
First thing you’d do if you won the lottery?: pay off the mortgage, buy ALL THE BOOKS, donate to some worthy causes like Planned Parenthood and big cat rescue organizations, save some for Hypothetical Singular Future Offspring to go to college
Fictional character you’d hang out with for a day: The Doctor from Doctor Who would be fun, and you’d probably live; Bucky Barnes post-Winter-Soldier-recovery would be lovely to talk to, I suspect; Charles Xavier would also be fun but might get you into trouble; um, maybe James Asher from Barbara Hambly’s vampire novels, because you’d get philology and folklore and fantasy in Edwardian England?
Time right now: 1:28 pm

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