August 2015 studying-related goals and plans:

I don’t think I like Norman Davies, but I’ve already started those, so I might as well finish them. The book about Sumerians is recommended for one of the classes I’m going to start in October.

hi hello tbh i was kinda lookin for a reason to post a picture of myself BUT also i want u all to look at my face, my adorable dog loving, socially conscious, generally nice person poc face, and send me oNE more message about the way i choose to run my blog, my [absolutely correct] views on racism, or my character!! ok peace and blessings also reblog and like hAHA

  • Player:-rolls natural 20
  • DM:congratulations, you have not only seduced the attacking dragon, but have decided you disliked violence and lived safely and happily wed to your new large, scaled, gay spouse for the rest of your life, leaving your friends to continue their adventures alone.

I schooled some nerds who were drawing some absurdly incorrect layouts of the family’s apartment in Bob’s Burgers. This is hopefully at least 90% right, minus some small furniture details and such.

I added the closet that appears in front of Gene’s room at shows up around season 3, except had to push it out a bit to give Gene’s closet enough room. I also included a bit of the crawl space so Tina’s closet could make sense. I’m not going to do the first floor floorplan since the staircase to the basement in the kitchen doesn’t make any sense. It works fine for staging, just can’t be there if the front of the building is to look accurate.