To clarify a little on my last post and give y’all an update on my life in general:

I’m currently in UCF’s chracter animation program, which was really hard to get into. I worked my ass off to get my portfolio in, and they take about 25-30 people a year. It’s pretty rigorous, but I love that sort of thing! 

Recently, we had to submit three short film ideas. All of us did, meaning 90 ideas were pitched. Of those 90, 8 would move on to the second tier! 

Two of the top three pitches picked to move on were mine! And I feel super blessed tbh, but it also means I can’t post any of my work for either idea. (I also had to give one away completely, which was SO DIFFICULT. I put a LOT of effort into thinking both up and now one just… isn’t mine anymore TnT. 

(But the team who has it is full of talented people and I’m sure they’ll raise it to new heights for the next round of pitches!) 

We narrowed it down to six already, and from there we’ll be cutting it to two, and those two will actually be produced! :D 

Wish me luck… gotta finish a bazillion storyboards. 

I’m also going to be DMing for a bunch of new DnD players! They have no idea what they’re in for! 

i held my breath as Mr. Clean’s face leaned into mine, his bright blue orbs seemingly staring into the dark depths of my soul. he whispered with a smile, just barely hovering over my lips. “use magic eraser to get out those tough stains” my body shuddered in pleasure. 

I schooled some nerds who were drawing some absurdly incorrect layouts of the family’s apartment in Bob’s Burgers. This is hopefully at least 90% right, minus some small furniture details and such.

I added the closet that appears in front of Gene’s room at shows up around season 3, except had to push it out a bit to give Gene’s closet enough room. I also included a bit of the crawl space so Tina’s closet could make sense. I’m not going to do the first floor floorplan since the staircase to the basement in the kitchen doesn’t make any sense. It works fine for staging, just can’t be there if the front of the building is to look accurate.