michael in the bathroom but it’s cave story and a cover

i did this by ear in about two days! it was nonstop work though and very tiring

i might do more orgmaker covers, or post some originals. who knows 

Be more chill Headcanons

-Rich keeps aloe and burn cream in his backpack, the cream smells like a dry cheap bar of soap and he hates it.

-Michael carries three fidget cubes around somewhere on his person at all times

-jeremy paints his nails

-christine paints Jeremy’s nails cuz she hates wearing it herself but likes doing it

-if rich paints his nails it’s /always/ yellow. Always.

-Eventually Michael puts a patch on his shoe, a little bag of popcorn on his red hightops.

-Jeremy Heere strictly wears espadrilles and converse.

-Brooke and Chloe make it their mission in life to open a daycare

-Jenna is still a closet 2012 directioner. She has.. So much merch..

-Jeremy has a seizure alert dog, a saluki golden retriever mix. The squip left.. Damage.

-Her name is Billy <3

-His seizures are usually unnoticeable to the untrained eye, but sometimes he has tonic clonics and he really hates those.

-Jeremy and rich develop ptsd and had real trouble taking their prescriptions at first to help it

-Jeremy cant use a pill counter, they have to be /in the bottle/ or he gets upset

-Jeremy is autistic and has mad echolalia and tourrettes, it’s the worst when he’s sleepy

-Jeremy stims, like, a lot. He carries tangles and little cell phone charms to help so he doesn’t do the flappy hands in public (but it still happens anyway) he gets embarrased a lot about it and if he catches someone staring he cries on bad days.

-So one time  he tries not to do it and it builds up and he gets frustrated and cringey and emotional and needs lots of hugs from michael

-Michael tells him how much he loves his little quirks and stims and fidgets.

-When Michael finally gets top surgery he’s just in bed for days crying until Jake scores him some valium. This is the first and only secret they keep from their boyfriends.

-When Michael finally comes off it after he’s healed he realizes he’s addicted af.

-he tries to deal with it alone but eventually Jeremy wheedles it out of him. He expects him to be mad but he’s just like, mad supportive and comforting and gets Michael into Group.

Michael in the bathroom

It’s 23:27 and I’m here with some shit to say.
There’s Bob Marley undertones in Michael in the Bathroom.
Why is this important?
Save my baby.

the thing about bmc is that there really isn’t a “villain.” obviously the squip sucks and we hate him, but he’s literally only doing what he’s been programmed to do. sure he’s got an unorthodox way of doing it, but his reason for existence is to get jeremy what he wants: popularity.

in fact, all the characters have flaws that, if fleshed out in a certain way, could make them the villain. jeremy literally makes the choice to cut his best friend out of his life for corn’s sake!

but the thing about it is, the show resolves itself in a way that’s fairly real. though they’re all brought together now because of the squip incident, most of their personalities don’t change much. chloe’s still kind of a bitch, rich is still sex-crazed (though now he’s thinking about the d aye), and jeremy acknowledges that there will always be voices in his head. and that’s okay. they’re still growing up and learning how to be decent people.


Be More Chill in a vague nutshell

That little dance George Salazar makes while singing “I wanna dance with somebody!” in ‘Michael in the Bathroom’ is very unappreciated. Please look at this for at least 2 hours a day so you can fully appreciate it. Thank you.