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part 2! I finally ended up posting it, it’s better than it just staying on my computer so here you guys go!

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Ami a mai világban a “lényeg

- nagy mell

- jó segg

- ezeket minél feltűnőbben kirakni

- flegmaság

- gazdagság

- cigizz, piálj, drogozz

- tökéletes arc

- tökéletes test

- 55 kg alatti test súly

- 165 cm feletti és 180 cm alatti testméret

- póthaj

- smink

- műköröm

- bajusz szemöldök

- és még véletlenül se merj szűz lenni 15 évesen


És a természetes szépség hol marad?!

while i have said some thing regarding po and oogway having similarities for kung fu authority™ and his successor thematic parallels, and how the latter would be a little more informal as a result

how about…….. monkey and oogway similarities/monkey kinda trying to figure out stuff

i mean they were rebellious and kind of an ass in their respective youths and oogway deffos saw a bit of himself in him.

monkey, on the other hand due to his street smarts always knew something was up w him (you dont get to live that old without having a few skeletons in the closet), maybe oogway went thru a similar thing to what he went through– maybe something /worse/, but never questioned him on it.

hes got his theories, but when the scroll scene comes around and hes like “oogway had a /brother/??” id like to think internally hes like, frick my original theories this is gonna be wild


【衣装コンテストの応募は7月5日(日)まで!】 秋からパレード出演が決まったメル♡今から準備をはじめているみたい♪ 〜 サンリオピューロランド

【Entries for the costume contest is until July 5th!】 Mell, whose appearance in the parade from autumn has been decided♡It looks like she’s beginning her preparations now♪ 〜 サンリオピューロランド