//act 1 aesthetic - spring awakening//
the question is: shame. what is its origin, and why are we hounded by its miserable shadow?
-requested by anon-
(pictures used are not mine)

Likable characters in Spring Awakening:
-Ilse Neumann
-Wendla Bergmann
-Martha Bessell
-Ernst Robel
-Hanschen Rilow
-Otto Warmbier
-Bobby Maler
-Marianna “Anna” Wheelan
-Georg Zirschnitz
-Fanny Gabor
-Georg’s piano teacher

Unlikable Characters
-Melchior Gabor
-any of the adults besides Fanny Gabor and the piano teacher

If Spring Awakening Kids Had Tumblr

Otto–ocean aesthetic blogger. Has the biggest following out of everyone and all for posting vague images that I guess remind people of the ocean…:/

Georg–video game blog. He reviews lots of games and starts discourse but only because he’ll win. He has all the knowledge and also sometimes post him covering game soundtracks on piano.

Ilse–has a personal blog and an aesthetic blog where she posts poetry and things that make her feel things. On her personal she’ll reblog things from her friends, mostly Wendla.

Wendla–can’t juggle more than one blog so her blog is just one big stew of everything she likes. Most of her followers are just close friends or pornbots she doesn’t know how to get to stop following her

Melchior–NSFW blog, with the most extreme and unorthodox kinks you’ll ever seen. Definitely furry content

Moritz–runs a meme blog, even makes his own memes, everything is ironic and there’s a lot of self-deprecating humor

Anna–positivity blog. She tries to post every day and I’d say she has an average amount of followers but she doesn’t do it for the following; she generally is trynna put good vibes out there

Martha–posts headcanons for all her favorite shows. One of her posts went viral and it’s all just Little House on the Pratie Headcanons :/ she also posts fanfics

Hansen–has a personal blog where he comments witty comments on all of his friends posts and also has a second blog where he literally just posts selfies and for some reason it’s huge and he gets hundreds of notes on each selfie

Ernst–Sonic the Hedgehog Stan. If there is Sonic content out on the internet (minus NSFW stuff) it’s on his blog. He doesn’t know how he got so many followers

Thea–doesn’t get Tumblr at all like an old grandpa. Reblogged like 2 posts and one of them is that post where guys try on fedoras and other hats and it turns them into m'lady douches or whatever

Melitta–runs a super intense photography blog. She does not reblog things; it’s all original photography and she even has commissions.

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more dwsa headcanons pls!!!!!! ❤️

aaaAAAA !!! anon, of cou r s e! i would LOVE to !! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ i lov my kids
i’m jus gonna do the same layout as my other one bc it’s Neat lol (yet again, credit to @wordofyourbodyreprise for helping me out w these)


  • has a secret star trek obsession 
  • he’s also a huge military history buff
  • def a ravenclaw
  • he smells like a library & old spice bc he’s a ne r d
  • he’s fuckin Tall
  • he does swimming, football, and track
  • he’s totally the philosophical drunk
  • ends up goin to mit bc he’s a Smarty Pants
  • he also ends up getting a doctorate in something (idk,, mb physics??) but doesn’t do anything with it besides teaching at a college
  • has a cat named alexandria (yes after the former library in egypt) but he will veh eme ntl y deny that the cat is his
  • he sings when he’s drunk


  • will stop everything she’s doing to pet a dog
  • she’s a dancer n a rly fukcign good one at that
  • likes to color bc she cannot actually Art
  • she goes to juilliard for a bit before dropping out & then going back to school to become an elementary school teacher
  • plays the flute
  • Does Not Do Running Sports
  • hufflepuff
  • she has asthma
  • she n ernst went to the same catholic combined elementary & middle school
  • that said, they dated to half make sure ernst really was gay, and half to hide that fact from their school
  • talks in her sleep
  • is al w ay s singing or humming something


  • ends up with a collection of deaf animals
  • gallaudet bb !!
  • he’s always twitchy & jumpy and yet he drinks highly caffeinated things anyway
  • got a handjob from melchior once their freshman year (it made him realize he was ace)
  • he’s shorter than his gf (martha)
  • smells like vo5 ocean breeze conditioner, cigarette smoke, and hair gel
  • gryffindor for some reason??
  • he’s still in his teenage emo phase bc he works at hot topic (he used to work w his brother there but alex got fired. from hot topic)
  • he, otto, n mart all live together n they’re ha p p y


  • no one ever rly knows where she is
  • smells like acrylics and pine trees
  • ends up going to yale for art but double majors it and does law too
  • her lawyer ass throws martha’s pos dad in jail for the rest of his mcfuckin miserable life
  • makes it a Thing every week to make sure her nails are short enough ;))))
  • doesn’t trust herself with any pets besides fish
  • she has two named vincent and claude
  • she found out a year after she had them that vincent was actually frida
  • gryffindor
  • she’s the drunk person that you can’t tell is actually drunk


  • she has Birds
  • slytherin baby
  • always smells like conditioner and nail polish
  • she took violin lessons for the longest time
  • for as Tol as she is, she can curl up so sm al l when she’s sleepy or is having a Rough Time
  • plays guitar
  • shows up at melchiors house unannounced sometimes??
  • she doesn’t go to college right away bc she needs a Break
  • it’s ridiculous how much she loves her boyfriends,,
  • like she’s always ready to kill someone if they fuck w them


  • had braces as a kid
  • he’s soooo bad at remembering to wear his retainer
  • he prbly lost it lbr
  • slytherin as well
  • goes to caltech bc he’s Fancy
  • he has a earthy/woody smell w a lil bit of smokiness. no one knows how he smells like that
  • he’s shorter than his bf and it makes him Mad
  • always knows when people are lying
  • he smokes and ernst Does Not Like That
  • as i’ve said before, my boy is depressed
  • bc of that depression + self destructive behaviors (probably learned from moritz) he’s one of the guys who’ll stub out cigarettes on his skin
  • he’s got a big gay crush on chris evans


  • he anxiously taps but it’s always in a three-four pattern
  • bites his nails
  • hufflepuff
  • he has a notebook for pressing and diagramming plants
  • he presses flowers for all his friends
  • he’s got some in a phone case to make it pretty
  • gets ver y loud and swears a lot during sex
  • he’s naturally left handed but was forced to use his right hand in elementary school bc they thought left handedness was the devil’s work
  • he smells like orange ginger shampoo
  • he’s a soccer nerd and also does knowledge bowl


  • he’s,,, a fuckign band student an d a wrestler
  • he gets shit all the time for wresting from his friends (specifically otto)
  • he n otto are gryffindor buddies
  • as mentioned previously, he plays a fuckton of instruments 
  • piano, cello, trumpet, percussion, slide whistle, french horn, oboe, alto clarinet, and my personal favorite, the super bone
  • he ends up with sooo many dogs
  • smells like valve oil and rosin. even after he showers and does laundry
  • he sometimes doesn’t think before he says things and ends up making ppl upset
  • h*cka jewish
  • he got melitta to listen to Emo bands like fall out boy and panic! at the disco but in return, she got him to religiously listen to lana del rey


  • golden retriever guy. that’s all i have to say on the matter
  • smells like charcoal and fire smoke
  • he’s an artsy hoe who likes to do portraits of his gf
  • he knows how to surf
  • ends up going to unc for college, not really sure what he’s gonna do for a career
  • he eventually becomes a pediatric nurse who loves all the kids and sneaks small animals in for them
  • proposes to martha a nu m be r of times but she’s happy with things as they are (she eventually says yes though)
  • he gets really good at being able to calm moritz down when he’s not doing too well
  • would drop literally ev  ery th in g for mo and mart


  • she’s dating marianna wheelan and they’re adorable
  • ravenclaw
  • wendla’s best friend
  • has some kind of Twin Telepathy with melitta
  • she smells like hazelnut 
  • she’s hoh and uses sign in most public situations, melitta usually acts as her translator
  • makes constant closet jokes
  • always has a deck of cards on her
  • she’s got some depression
  • has a combined playbills collection with melitta
  • Huge crush on tom holland
  • gay for brenda song


  • makes terrible puns at even worse times
  • has a te r ri b le memory and adhd
  • loves to just,, sit in small coffee shops to feel the atmosphere
  • smells like vanilla
  • ravenclaw
  • she, hanschen, and thea are all witches (so is martha)
  • loves crystal and candle magic, is really good about sensing auras
  • tarot master
  • she and thea are supposed to follow hanschen out to california for college after they graduate, but melitta ends up staying on the east coast
  • tends to excessively beat herself up about things, even after people aren’t mad anymore
  • never leaves the house without stones and/or crystals
  • always shading, always vague posting


  • she’s a hufflepuff
  • smells like a combination of floral and fruity
  • her fashion sense is to die for and everyone goes to her for advice
  • everyone minus ilse that is bc she’s ilse and she makes her own fashion rules
  • would totally make the red carpet her bitch
  • v confrontational
  • lives in a constant state of Denial that she’s related to bobby
  • Mom friend that makes everyone’s appointments for them
  • during the winter season at school, she carries two thermoses around
  • one is hot chocolate and the other is vodka
  • she charges melchior for the vodka
  • she has asthma too and likes to make jokes about “ well thank god i don’t run”

Paradoxical Philosophy of Love by Melitta (UshixOi) [R18]

I don’t know why I did this… It was on a whim, I guess. If I had to choose, I prefer IwaOi over UshiOi. Scanlating yaoi is a one-time thing for me for now. I may change my mind, I may not. I mean, I’ve still got 5 series to update. Plus I still suck at editing manga raws.


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deaf west spring awakening kiddos at pride headcanons!

i couldn’t stop myself

• the whole squad had been planning this for MONTHS they are so ready • like they all have shirts and flags and some of them got SIGNS the mad men •ernst has a sign that says “Trying, Trans and Gay” and hanschen has a “Bi Bi Bi” shirt they are a power couple • anna ties pride flags to her wheelchair
• martha gets SO MANY good pictures of her beautiful squad • Thea and Melitta get selfies with every drag queen they see • moritz is really anxious at first bc oh shit big crowd but then he starts to relax bc of his amazing friends there with him and all the people here are a big ol family and he cries at least twice
• melchi is so into it like he has a bi flag on like a cape and he died his hair pink blue and purple he’s having the time of his life
•melchi and moritz hold hands the ENTIRE TIME and the others are puzzled bc aren’t your hands really sweaty??? what???
• wendla had only recently realised she’s gay so she’s a little nervous?? but when she gets there she’s so freaking excited and happy she’s like a little puppy and lots of people there know how to sign!!! so she has the best time and makes lots of friends
• ilse is a Raging Lesbian™ and is decked the fuck out i’m talking giant lesbian flag, lesbian flag on her cheeks she even chalked her buzz cut lesbian colours she is living it up
• ilse and wendla keep kissing eachother and everyone keeps telling them they’re gross and cheesy but they love them really
• marthas dad would never had let her go to pride but since he was arrested and she was put in a new foster family who support and love her she finally gets to go to pride and be who she is and she cries a lot she’s full of love and emotion
• otto is the most chill like he’s got a shirt and a small flag but he’s still having the best time with his friends and the whole community
• GEORG on the other hand only realised he was bi recently like wendla so melchior is like “dude let me paint you” “dude no” “buzzkill” so he just has a pride cape and small streaks in his hair that don’t come out for weeks so he has that to explain to his parents (the dye doesn’t come out but he does ;;;)))
• hanschen and ernst take SO MANY kissing selfies it’s unreasonable
• hanschen also sends the selfies to his parents to spite them like “hey fuck you i love my boyfriend” and posts them all over social media
• ernst is just happy that hanschen is so proud of him and loves him
• thea is just as hyped as melchior she’s got gay flags all over her and pretty much has a goddamn BALLGOWN made of rainbows
• melitta has a sign that says “i’m PANSEXUAL and that’s PAN-TASTIC” and otto can’t get over it all day
• let these kids be happy and have a good time

feel free to add more i just love this concept lmao

Spring Awakening where everything’s the same except that the girls are on a roller derby team and the boys are all just huge fans of their team. 

Wendla is a jammer and Thea is pivot which is why they’re such good friends. They talk roller derby non-stop.

Ilse and Martha find that roller derby is a good stress reliever and the best way to get out all the pent-up rage.

Anna and Melitta just like any excuse for aggressive competition.

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yo i'd love some sa headcanon spewing

thank u,,??? sm?? i lov

ohh my g osh which ones to do,,, i’m jus gonna do a couple for each of my Kids so hang in there lol (also thanks to @wordofyourbodyreprise aka em for helping me out with a go o d dea l of these)


  • he vapes,, like all the time
  • he hates children but loves babies for some reason??
  • he has te r r ibl e facial recognition 
  • his full name is melchior alwin gabor
  • is a miracle baby bc his mom had a l o t of complications during the pregnancy


  • a few of her bad habits include chewing the skin off of her lip and biting her nails
  • she is Killer at makeup and will give eve r yon e makeovers at sleepovers
  • she smells like the japanese cherry blossom lotion from bath and body works???
  • full name is wendla rose aurelia bergmann, with aurelia being her confirmation name
  • she’s got a liiil bit of bpd
  • angel bb who’s too good for the cruel world
  • she and max von trenk are actually p good friends bc he works at a bookstore by her house


  • he’s v depressed and is schizophrenic
  • he has a hearing brother named alex (lol original rite) who acts as a translator for him
  • he & martha dated for like a wh i le back in like middle/early hs but they broke up but he still lovs her (n now they’re in a happy poly relationship w otto)
  • full name is moritz daniel stiefel (ag ain w the originality lmaooo)


  • she’s the friend who straight up buys sex toys for her friends as Gifts
  • raging lesbian
  • she collects the most insane prom dresses you could ever imagine
  • full name: ilse felicity neumann
  • calls melchior daddy to make him uncomfortable
  • used to have a fwb relationship w my girl martha


  • she steals her boyfriends’ food all th e ti me 
  • she hasn’t been to her parents’ house in like three years bc of Canon Reasons
  • full name is martha amara bessell
  • smokes w moritz n has a Special tattoo otto designed
  • despite having marks on her body that she’s p ashamed of, she’s still not afraid to show some skin bc she’s fl aw l e s s
  • Fashionista


  • BI!!!!!! AS!!!!!! HECK!!!!!!!!!
  • and he’s in Lov with ernst ofc
  • he’s an emotional and verbal abuse victim (from his biological dad) and that’s why he overcompensates w his ego and attitude
  • his bio dad left him n his mom early on but then his mom got remarried & had thea n melitta so they’re only hans’ half sisters
  • he’s the “we get it, you vape” friend to melchior
  • naturally amBIdextrous
  • full name: hans peter rilow
  • if he ever has an office job, he def saves porn to his computer
  • gave max von trenk a bj in the middle of class once
  • Short
  • he’s the clingy drunk


  • he’s gay, karen
  • he has like,, seven siblings
  • fluent in german
  • wendla’s bff
  • he totally lost his virginity at one of melchior’s sleepovers (thnx hanschen)
  • he has severe dissociation as well as ptsd, and ocd. he’s one outcome of what can happen with cherrypicking in the churches poor bb :(((
  • ernst zachary raphael jonathan robel; jonathan being his confirmation name
  • total bottom ex ce p t fo r so me tim e s
  • he rly likes flowers/botany and biology


  • he plays like,, mcfuckin nine instruments,,,
  • likes dogs
  • he’s the kid that everyone thinks is gay but turns out to be unfortunately straight
  • he’s dating melitta???
  • lactose intolerant
  • full name: georg milo zirschnitz
  • is prbly going to julliard 
  • everyone thinks he n otto r Gay


  • he’s an art hoe and the stoner friend
  • knows how to drive boats
  • wants to do smth artsy for a job but actually ends up as a pediatric nurse my boy
  • full name: otto henry lammermeier
  • in the poly relationship it’s rly him and moritz dating martha but honestly?? they’re p much all dating each other???
  • likes to Yell


  • she & melitta r twins
  • she n moritz came up with everyone’s sign names
  • likes to roast her brother
  • know s e v er y thin g
  • full name: thea marie rilow
  • uses text talk Too Much


  • vegan & ace
  • she’s the broadway bb of the family
  • triple threat whom??? more like infi n it y thr ea t
  • she’s classically trained in ballet, swing, ballroom, and tap
  • musical theatre h oe
  • full name: melitta barbara rilow


  • ik a lot of ppl are like “o yeah she’s marianna wheelan” and i see that now lol,, i didn’t realize this when i first got into the fandom so i went to em and was like ”yo. anna’s bobby’s sister” and thus anna marie mahler was born
  • she Hates being known as bobby’s sister so she tells everyone that her last name is pronounced like mah-ler instead of may-ler
  • does wheelchair roller derby
  • scares ernst

oka y that’s it (for now) lol i hope y’all enjoy it <3

send me more musicals to do headcanons for!!

My (long-ass) list of Spring Awakening/Video Game HCs

  • Melitta–has a lady boner for literally any female weilding a weapon like a boss ass bitch. She is a huge gamer and also enjoys cosplaying and trying to get her friends into the games she’s into. She has crushes on Fiora from League of Legends and Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn but her heart belongs to Tracer from Overwatch. Her Favorite Pokémon are usually Electric type.
  • Thea–hates video games. She hated all of them because her twin sister obsesses over all of them so she hates them even more but every year Melitta still tries to dress up with her as twins of some sort–the nurses from Pokémon, ice climbers from Super Smash Bros, etc–but Thea never had a good time. She’s just not a video game person. She likes the cute Pokémon she guesses :////
  • Otto–has wet dreams about Morpha from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. There’s something about that water tentacle that he cannot forget….He talks a lot about how he wishes there was an extensive Avatar Last Air Bender game bc he would make a KILLER waterbender. He also only fucks with water-type Pokémon which means his team is always super unbalanced and he’s easy to beat.
  • Ilse–after she was kicked out, she had sever case of insomnia and spent an extensive time obsessing over her second life in Skyrim where she’s an Argonian assassin with her Imperial wife. She has little time for any other games. She tends to choose Psychic type Pokémon over other types.
  • Wendla–her parents never let her play video games because they were too violent but once she moved out she became OBSESSED with first-person shooters and GTA. She has a lot of pent up anger to get out and it helps. She also really loves fairy-type Pokémon.
  • Moritz–plays a little bit of everything. He’s the most eclectic of the group. He’s naturally good at games and picks them up quickly so he can MEME. ON. THESE. HOES. He really enjoys multiplayer games but when he’s depressed all he can really play is Skyrim, for the same reason as Ilse. Parents fucking you over sure is a pain. He is a huge fan of rock type Pokémon, particularly GEODUDE <3
  • Martha–isn’t a hardcore gamer. She likes Sims and Minecraft because of the building quality of the games. She doesn’t like playing with other gamers all that much either. It helps her feel control over something. She does enjoy playing Town of Salem for the lolz. She likes ghost type Pokémon though.
  • Hanschen–nuts every time he sees Bowser. Also he has played every single dating sim possible and knows all of them by name and what characters they offer. Ask him about literally any dating sim. Ask him about Alpaca dating sims I DARE you. He only plays fire type Pokémon but unlike Otto, this doesn’t really damage his chances of winning because fire types are UNSTOPPABLE.
  • Anna–she is such a mom when it comes to video games and really only plays like FarmVille and Candycrush on Facebook. Like she crushes it on Angry Birds and Robot Unicorn Attack but like is it worth it?? She likes the dragon types when it comes to Pokémon but for the same reason Thea does–bc they’re so damn cute!!!
  • Ernst–there are only two franchises Ernst fucks with: Sonic the Hedgehog and Pokémon. He’s one of the only people to completely fill out his Pokedex. He’s also a slut for Wondertrade and favors big/grass type Pokémon. He also stans multiple Sonic fan accounts and argues with sammyclassicsonicfan about which Sonic game is best in the YouTube comments.
  • Melchior–Has his own Lets Play channel that no one follows where he plays Minecraft and Call of Duty. He also really likes old school Crash Bandicoot and cosplays as him bc he is the closest looking thing to Melchi’s “original” fursona. He is an annoying Homestuck so obvi hes real jazzed for the new Hiveswap game. (Under username hard4hussie lmao) Melchior favors dark/normal type Pokémon like the tool he is.
  • Georg–is a Jak and Dexter Stan even though literally no one cares about it anymore. Every year he wears his elaborate Jak cosplay with a stuffed animal Dexter slung onto his shoulder to multiple conventions in hopes that he will meet a hot Kiera cosplayer there. No luck yet. He prefers fighting type Pokémon, with his amazing team including (but not limited to) Hitmonlee, lucario, and a really awful Gurdurr that he can’t bring himself to get rid of.