Update on Supergirl’s pilot

People are wondering why it hasn’t been picked up yet and if it’s a bad sign.

Well after looking around and investigating this is what we have come up with. It looks as tho post production took longer to finish based on pics and tweets. It looks as tho the pilots final production finished up around last week.

Deadline has been reporting about pilot buzz and this is what  they said about Supergirl on April 18th. 

“I don’t have a good read yet on the two highest profile CBS hourlong titles, Supergirl and Rush Hour. None have made a splash in the early buzz but they were both late and, in case of Supergirl, require extensive post-production. There had been rumors about possible issues on Rush Hour as well as speculation anout Supergirl possibly moving to CBS sibling the CW, which appears completely unfounded, at least for the time being. And while both projects seem to be flying under the radar early on, they come from proven hitmakers, Greg Berlanti (Supergirl) and Bill Lawrence (Rush Hour) behind them.” (X)

Now later that night Geoff Johns post this on instagram

Glen Winter is the director of the pilot and they were obviously celebrating something Supergirl related. My first thought was that maybe they got picked up but now it seems as though they had just finished post production. 

How can cbs finally pick up Supergirl if they had not seen the pilot officially. So that’s why the deadline article had nothing on Supergirl.

Now April 21′st Blake Neely tweeted this

Looks as tho everything is wrapping up for the pilot. Score’s done, post production most likely done now they have to put it together and send to cbs. 

Newest deadline article says this now 2 days ago April 24

“Supergirl also appears to be a contender for a pickup, with the remaining two hourlong pilots, Sneaky Pete and Rush Hour said to be OK while backed by significant commitments.“ (X)

See how they went from Supergirl might move to cw to is likely a contender for cbs in a week.

Now if it’s in on CW or CBS, I don’t care as long as I see this show on my screen I’m happy. I do believe that Cbs will definitely pick it, considering they had a lot of faith in it to give it a series commitment, and all they buzz it has been getting since the announcement.

Rumors are rumors, don’t worry about them. CBS will announce their line up May 13th at the upfronts. 

So just hold your worries in until then. We will find out more about Supergirl by May 13th or before, if they make a announcement. 

And like Supergirl.Tv said 


There are so many people upset with the new costume of Supergirl because she isn’t baring any skin at all. People say that her hands/midriffs/thighs should be bare, and the tights make her look like a grandma. Well, first of all, no. No. Stop sexualizing female superheroes. There are comments on IGN where men say that “supergirl is meant to be sexually attractive to men and now they won’t want to watch the show”. Don’t. Women do not exist to be sexually attractive to men.
For the record, this costume looks pretty badass to me. In an age where everyone has a decent camera phone, Supergirl can hardly afford to be flying around in a miniskirt that literally makes it impossible to fight without flashing someone. The bare midriff? Not professional, or practical. That’s like expecting Superman to be shirtless, and wearing boxer shorts instead of tights. The costume is form-fitting and conservative, like they’re meant to be. It’s street smart, dark, and practical. And it completely complements Henry Cavill’s Superman costume. That one, if you remember, outlines all his muscles, but plays it conservative in the crotch area, unlike the comics where he literally wears red underwear outside his suit. I don’t see why Kara Danvers should be overly sexualized with boobs and bare skin when Clark Kent isn’t?
Black Canary, The Huntress, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Gamora, Black Widow, Mockingbird, these are the female characters from the comics on TV right now, and they all have 21st century pragmatic outfits that help them. Hold the women in the same standard you hold men. That’s what equality is.


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First look at Melissa Benoist as Supergirl. I absolutely love the costume. I cannot tell what her boots look like but I am hoping they have a sensible heel.

Colleen Atwood is the designer of the costume. She is responsible for the costumes on Arrow and The Flash. Her thoughts on the costume:

“In designing Supergirl, I wanted to embrace the past, but more importantly, thrust her into the street-style action hero of today.”

Break.com asks this tough questions, guys.

Earlier this week, the new outfit for the upcoming “Supergirl” series was revealed. And it is (in my opinion) great! No boob cups, no boob window either. Also the bikini styled uniform that shows every inch of skin possible is out (which never made sense to me anyway. It exposes her skin to every danger possible while fighting crime, which is… her duty…) Anyway, this morning, Break.com asked the tough questions to their followers that didn’t even occur to me as a female human

Is she hot enough to play Supergirl????

FUCK, THAT HADN'T EVEN CROSSED MY MIND. Here I was wondering if she had the tenacity to play the character and the real question was if she was too plain Jane! 

Okay, so naturally this really pissed me off and I had to say something. I was the first person to comment and I had a lot to say. It snowballed once I commented and became a game of men vs women which unfortunately says a lot about our society. Though a lot of men where there to defend my comments and call out Break.com for their sleazy and sexist post. Here are some of the comments below. (Mine is the light green post at the top.)

I find it even more disheartening that Break.com defended their article and post even after hoards of people called them out for how disgusting and misogynist it was. 

And honestly it only got worse from there. One “gentleman” posted this image in response to women complaining about the break article. Are fucking kidding me?

While other men accused us women of being hypocrites because we would “feel the same way if a schlub was cast as a male superhero.” However, I could find no evidence of A. male actors beings called into question for his looks rather than his acting ability and B. make actors cast into superhero roles being called into question for their outfits rather than their looks. 

This is a sickening look into our society people of where a young girl who is ABSOLUTELY FREAKING GORGEOUS is only being valued for her looks rather than what she has to offer. This really matters, especially to young girls who are looking at Supergirl for inspiration and hope and don’t need to see society and media telling her she isn’t hot enough. We are almost to an age where young girls can open a comic book without seeing a half naked female superhero. And finally, it is spreading to television and other media. The value of women in comic books and “geek media” are not just for men. We don’t serve to be your hot play thing or eye candy. We want to be more than that. WE DESERVE TO BE MORE THAN THAT.