Happy Galentine’s Day, from the ladies of SHIELD!
                      “Ladies celebrating ladies. It should be a national holiday.”

  • Coulson: Melinda May? More like Melinda Bae...because she’s my bae.
  • May: *smirks* Oh, you.
  • Fitz: Let me try! Jemma Simmons? More like Jemma Smittons...because she’s totally smitten with me.
  • Jemma: 😍😍😍
  • Mack: Elena Rodriguez? More like Elena...Rod...Rod...Rod-damn it, I’ll stick to Yo Yo. You’re like a Yo Yo because you always come back to me.
  • Elena: You’re so cheesy, turtle man.
  • Robbie: Daisy Johnson? More like-
  • Daisy: -this better not be a Johnson dick joke!
  • Robbie: ...I was gonna say Daisy Got-Buns. Because you got an ass that DOESN’T QUIT.
  • Daisy: *blushes* Well I HAVE been working out.
  • Hunter: Bobbi Morse? More like Bobbi Divorce because that’s the best thing I ever did-
  • Bobbi: *smacks Hunter on the back of his head*

Dear “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” writers,

Don’t think for one damn second that because I’m focusing more on Fitzsimmons this episode that I’ve forgotten Philinda.

Because I haven’t, bitches, and neither has my gang of at least three Philinda shippers.

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Looking for Agents of SHIELD blogs to follow!!!

I decided there’s not enough AoS content on my dash :) :) :) :) 

REBLOG if you’re AoS trash like me…. specifically for:

  • Fitzsimmons
  • Philinda
  • Fitzsimmons
  • The Actual Cinnamon Roll, Leopold James Fitz
  • Daisy Johnson, Shield’s Resident Cupcake
  • Jemma Anne Simmons, The Woman On Fire, Keeper of Fitz, Real-Life Pop-Tart
  • The Cavalry Most Wounded, Precious Agent and Mother of Three Ducklings, Melinda Qiaolian May
  • Phillip J. Coulson, aka Dad Supreme and Master of All Nerds

Looking forward to some great stuff here on my dash soon :)