i’m sorry but jemma’s “i’m not losing you” in the promo to her mother figure is fucking me up big time rn and the episode is still two weeks away just kill me now like we went from may’s “she’s just a kid” to this awesome i didn’t need my heart anyway


Okay. If I didn’t already love Briana Venskus from Supergirl, this moment right here would’ve sealed the deal for Agent Piper. She’s tough, she’s awkward, she’s maybe a little gay. I’ll miss Vasquez’s boss-boner for Alex, but commander-boner for May is even better maybe.

(Also, don’t call women in command “sir” for crying out loud. They’re ma'am, they’re women, calling them sir makes it a masculine title and they deserve better than that. It’s total TV bullshit nonsense that women in power want to be called sir. There was once a Q&A with a female soldier and someone asked if people called her sir. She said, “Some do. But only once.”)

(Also, Piper calling May “sir” does all sorts of things to me, okay?)

Meet the New Boss

🔸Robbie Reyes *swoons*
🔸Daisy Johnson: technically her superpower is seismic wave/quaking abilities but WE all know it’s actually the ability to insert well timed sarcastic commentary into tense situations.
🔸May, oh you sweet gem. Science babies, protect her at all costs!
🔸Heartbroken Mack is more than I can handle. I do not look forward to the emotionally charged reunion he has with Yo-Yo in the future.
🔸Phil pretends to hate the attention he’s getting as the resident SSR history buff but you know he’s eating that shit up. Probably telling Dad jokes and laughing at himself whilst touring the politicians around.
🔸Dayyyum Fitz is savage.
🔸Jemma just trying to casually avoid a massive PR nightmare.
🔸That new director is shady as fuck. Does anyone know if he is comic inspired? I can’t place him.
🔸I am here for these Ghost Rider V Quake scenes. Not exactly comic book kosher but damn fun to watch.