Posing naked with your hockey trophy is very Australian (Photo)

The Melbourne Mustangs of the Australian Ice Hockey League captured the Goodall Cup over their archrivals the Melbourne Ice on Sunday, the first title in franchise history. 

The celebration was expectedly raucous, the combination of championship elation and Australian birthright. There was booze, laughter, an ice bucket challenge and one of the more, ahem, stimulating postgame images we’ve seen from the Mustangs’ locker room.

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hey folks, so while we in north america argue about ‘who hockey belongs to’ there is a for real hockey emergency happening. as some of you may know i’m a big fan of the AIHL, the Australian Ice Hockey League. now this league is tiny, only 8 teams and it’s run mostly by volunteers in a country that doesn’t really have much of a winter but this crew of people are still passionate about hockey. sadly the owners of one of the original teams, the Canberra Knights, announced this week they are packing up their sticks and calling it a day. they did this without talking to the players who just want to play hockey. the players are now trying to raise the funds to buy the team and get back on track to have there 2014 season (their season is opposite ours like how are season is our, another awesome reason to follow them, hockey all year long).

if you want to help our aussie hockey brothers play the greatest sport in the world check out there fund raiser here.   

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hockey is for everyone and hockey is magic



The Melbourne Mustangs are a mess, and I love them.

You should love them, too.

davetrolland asked:

Hey Kat, which AIHL team should I fall stupidly in love with (even though it's playoffs there and almost over which boo, no don't do that)? I mean, please factor in the important things here like who has the best flow, funniest dudes, and which players have the cutest dogs.

Sorry Melbourne Ice, but I’m gonna have to go with Melbourne Mustangs on this one.

I mean, they have:

  • The best AIHL Twitter
  • The best flow in Australian hockey:

    (This is Viktor Gibbs. He has a red afro. It’s glorious.)

  • Bizarro World Patrick Kane:

    (You can tell it’s Bizarro World Patrick Kane because he’s actually attractive. O SNAP)

  • Ridiculously photogenic hockey players:

    (This is defenseman Steven Belic and goalie Michael James, and they’re really pretty.)


    (You know I love me some Joey Hughes and his long eyelashes.)

  • And cute dogs:

Plus, it helps that they’ve made the AIHL playoffs for the first time in their existence.


it’s a Christmas miracle! Australian hockey ponies, the Melbourne Mustangs, have made their own holiday video and it’s adorable. complete with aussie style pond hockey and a pantless goalie! 


The AIHL final is tonight! it’s gonna be the Melbourne Mustangs vs the Melbourne Ice. this is a crazy rivalry, like hawks and blues level of dislike, so expect this game to be intense. i’ll be up late watching the game freaking out just like another certain pony who has already picked his fav AIHL team. 

you can see the livestream here! (starts at midnight chicago time) 


Bleedorange - On the Road With the Fans Ep.2 | MOAT: Melbourne Mustangs

Hey. You.

Yes, you. The one who’s still awake.

Come watch the AIHL with me in, like, fifteen-ish minutes. It’s bound to be a good one – hometown rivals, with potential playoff implications for the Mustangs, as well as the Adelaide Adrenaline and the Perth Thunder (who all keep switching out of that last playoff spot every week).

Once again, My Little Blackhawk goes down under, just in time for finals! This time with ALL THE AIHL! We got the Sydney Ice Dogs, Perth Thunder, Melbourne Ice, Newcastle North Stars, Melbourne Mustangs, Adelaide Adrenaline, Sydney Bears and Canberra Knights. 

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