Quick black scratch chin/lip tattoo fresh from the other day at my Melbourne base @oculustattoo - now booking for San Francisco December 7-10 larger USA tour to be planned in a few months. DM or email lunacobra.net@gmail.com for questions/booking #facetattoo #magdragging #melbourne #tattoo #tattoos #blacktattoo #blackink #liptattoo #jobstopper #bodymods #sanfrancisco #travel #bodymodification #lunacobra

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Branding for The Penny Drop Cafe by Pop & Pac

“Inspired by the site’s context, a name and conceptual vision was developed by the graphic design team for an experience not before seen in this area of Melbourne’s East. Pennies provide inspiration throughout; evident in brass menu finishes, the shapes of business cards and coasters, and use of circular elements. Bill folders are reinterpreted as leather wallets. The result is a comprehensive suite of collateral, including custom typeface, menus, coffee cups, stickers, hoarding and signage.”

Pop & Pac are a graphic design studio based in Melbourne, Australia. Their combined passion for all things design has seen them traverse the Australian and UK creative landscape for over 20 years. Along the way they have honed and enhanced their design and creative powers. With experience in agencies that include large international corporate branding giants and local boutique design superstars, their solutions are strategic and unparalleled due to their meticulous craft. Their clients range in scale and kind from hip eateries and boutique products to complete brand implementations for large multinationals.