Melanie Steinway art

giant northwestern forest spirit/protectorate. Did a lot of research on indigenous plant and animal life for this guy. Possible tattoo design for a good friend. I may have overdone the detail, hmmm…

Just for clarification, this is a PRIVATE design for a client. Do not re-use this image or design for anything, including a tattoo. If you’d like a tattoo design similar to this one I’m more than happy to draw something up, but please do not steal someone’s special design :/ thanks.

EDIT: Thank you guys for all the love you’ve given this guy. I have prints of this drawing available now. They’re 12" x 16" with a white border on 310lb archivable Epson watercolor paper. Send me a message if you’d like to take a print of this guy home! :)


I’ve posted photos of this gem before…but here are some better ones! Shot by my lovely friend Ian Glass. We had a great ol’ time photographing all of my woodburned guitars at once. This is my personal Fender telecaster (a tele deluxe?). Done with woodburning and a touch of acrylogouache paint.  The lyrics wrapping around the side are from the song “Youth” by Daughter, which I find very very inspiring. Thanks for looking guys :) 

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