Visit Mel Roach’s Tonk’s Island in this short I produced and animated on for Nickelodeon!

Full Credits:
Director/Creator: Mel Roach
Producer: Ivan Dixon for Rubber House
Storyboard, character designs: Mel Roach
Animators: Mel Roach, Ivan Dixon, Greg Sharp, Neil Sanders
Additional colouring: Tina Soggemoen
Backgrounds: Charles Huettner
Creative Consultants: Scott Kreamer and Chris Savino

Tonk, Pip: Christina Puccelli
Island, Additional Voices: Kevin McDonald
Music, SFX: Evelyn Morris

Sound mix: Jonathan Echo

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Over at Frederator we try and keep our promises, especially to you. But sometimes we forget to actually tell you what we’ve promised. So we’re rolling them all out, front and center, right in everyone’s faces so you can call us out, just in case we mess up. 

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Together we stand for independent artists.
Original series.
We all have something good inside.
From creators to you.
Perfectly odd entertainment for perfectly odd people.
Indie cartoons.
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Series 38.2 [mailed out February 23, 2017] 


It’s a Rocko kind of day…

Vine by @melaphantastic! Theme song by the B-52s!


8PM - Fred Seibert 

8.30PM - Mike Rugnetta (Host of PBS Ideas Channel)

9PM - Jesse Destasio (Host of ToyPizza)

9.30PM - Jenn de la Vega (Behind the food blog Randwiches)

10PM - Natasha Allegri 

11PM - Emily Graslie (Host of The Brain Scoop)

12PM - Hot Pepper Gaming (Awesome  Video Game YouTube Channel)

12.30PM - James Baxter & Family 

1-1:30 AM - Hans/Efrain (Bee and PuppyCat Crew)

1:30-2 AM - Ed Skudder/Lynn Wang 

2-2:30 AM - John Omohundro (Voice of Danny from Bravest Warriors)

2:30-3 AM - Natasha Allegri

3-3:30 AM - Mel Roach (Creator of Rocket dog)

3:30-4 AM - Warpstar 

4-4:30 AM - Sam Green 

5-6 AM - Julie Ventura Nail Art 

9-9:30 AM - Braden Herndon (Musician)

10:30-11.30 AM - Liz Chun 

11:30-12 PM - Justin Moynihan 

12-12:30 PM - Random Girl Draws 

1-1:30 PM - Jake Roper (Host of YouTube Channel VSauce3)  

1:30-2 PM - Nachotoonz 

2-2:30 PM - Danielle Ceneta 

2:30-3.30 PM - Nerdache 

4-4:30 PM - Hamish Steele 

4:30-5 PM - Brizzy Voices & Emily 

5-6 PM - Eric Homan 

6-6:30 PM -Frank & Becky 

6:30-7 PM - Sam Lavagnino (Voice of Catbug from Bravest Warriors)

7-7:30 PM - We Love Fine (Place to get all your Bee and PuppyCat merch) 

7:30-8 PM - Hannah Hart (My Drunk Kitchen)

8PM - EPISODE GOES LIVE (With Natasha and Hannah Hart on watching on the LiveStream)

Mel Roach and Bride - University of Virginia - June 1955

* These slides come from a set that was heavily water damaged, only about 18 survived from the 71 in the set.  Each slide was hand labeled and dated, it breaks my heart to find family photos like these damaged, forgotten, and sold at a flea market.


Happy Happy Yay Yay by Mel Roach

Sometimes life is boring. There are lots of ways to chase the doldrums away, but perhaps one of the most fun is to receive a punch in the face from a rainbow. All you have to do is find one of these natural phenomena willing to deliver the decisive blow.