Unfortunately all fandoms have people like that, not much one can do really •_•’
And as annoying as it can get, we just gotta ignore it. In my opinion it’s sad, because those people spend more time criticizing the new stuff that they can’t enjoy the band and the work they put in to the max. That’s my opinion at least :)

P.S : HEY EVERYONE!!! I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to be more active as well as post this confession sooner. But I assure y'all I’ll be totally more active :D

I decided to lower the prices once more. The prints are on glossy photo paper and almost dina4 size. You can see the quality of the prints in the videos I uploaded. Payable via PayPal + shipping. If you have any questions or wanna have one, dm me, comment, send me a mail or contact me on LINE (kokoronashi). If you want one, but think the price is too high, contact me as well. I’m interested in what you guys would spend for a print. #twins #Sadie #Mao #tsuzuku #mejibray #ryoga #karma #avelcain #kyoma #revlez