20110408 Horiuchi Park 7 by Bong Grit
Via Flickr:
名鉄の西尾線を電チラしながらお花見。 @Horiuchi park, Anjo, Aichi pref. (愛知県安城市 堀内公園)

Day 26: Your favorite group/member quote.

“We have to this day and will continue to face new changes and evolution without any fear. How about you? Why don’t you too try to pursue your dreams and the things you love without any fear?” ~Toshiya

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-What is Dir en grey?

Toshiya: Probably, if I were to say it in one word… maybe it’s my everything. 
I probably can’t do anything alone… and that’s why I am in a band. (laughs) I can’t explain it that well…