This full page advertisement for Fang (戦国ロック はぐれ牙), 1979, starring Meiko Kaji (梶芽衣子) was scanned from a Meitetsu (名鉄) Bus Lines Guide from August of 1973.

Yes, I paid real, good money for this ad, too. I paid to package and ship from Japan  a Bus Line guide from 1973 for just this page. And I regret nothing.

“Gifu City Walking” ticket, one-day train pass on Meitetsu line.

This cool poster is advertising one of the few ways I see kimono ever advertised in an informal way. Some cities that rely on tourism will suggest “kimono days” and encourage people to come in kimono, or rent them, for walking around the historical part of the town. 

Here they are really pushing a Taisho/1920′s look with the antique kimono with a large, bright pattern (they are “tachibana”, a winter orange) and matching it with a very light geometric obi that echoes the diagonal lines in the background of the kimono design. This bold kimono, with the bright pink in the obi-age, the bright red eri collar, and the sassy men’s hat, is as festive and young as you could imagine!

Let’s go wear kimono in Gifu! :D